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Robots And Dogs Get Along Just Fine But Man Remains Its Best Friend

Dogs have been man’s best friend for as long as anyone can remember. But is that about to change? I’ve recently come across a news article that says change may be just around the corner. It seems like dogs have begun to get friendly with the robots according to a recent study published by the Animal Cognition.

robot and dog

Apparently, as long as these automatons act human-like, even if they look like gym equipment with monitor for heads and nothing at all like humans, and display friendly behavior towards the pooches, the canines would respond positively towards them. The dogs have been noted to interact with these robots, as if they are their masters.

I honestly hope that this isn’t true. I don’t want robots to replace humans as dogs’ best friends. I mean, dogs are dogs. They wag their tail in amusement and excitement at almost everything. A part of me even believes that no matter how far advance in technology we get, this will never happen because dogs are living creatures and they deserve love that only another living creature can provide.

Dogs will always be man’s best friends and a few short years of robot interaction can’t ever erase the millennia that these loyal guys have been at our side.

Fishing As Past-Time May Not Be A Good Idea Today

Just this morning, I’ve come across some sad news. It seems like the Coldwater fish population in Montana has been steadily decreasing along with the developing climate change. I’ve been troubled when I read the statement of a long-time fisherman named Todd Tanner, claiming that the number of trout and bass has dwindled significantly. I know that fish are highly sensitive to temperature changes, but I kept hoping that the anecdote is just a story and that it may not be as serious as it seems to be. Unfortunately, even the National Wildlife Federation is saying the same thing. What’s worse is, the environmental group thinks that the situation is only going to go downhill as time passes.

coldfishI know that as an individual I may not be able to do anything that would significantly turn this tragedy around. But I think that if we work as a community, we can do something to change what’s going on. Erasing some of our carbon footprint, if all of us are in it, may just be what the Coldwater fish of Montana needs in order to survive.

There’s Money In The Boxing Arena

mayweather and caneloHow much are you willing to pay to watch your boxing champion fight? Surprisingly, some people are ready to shell out $29,000 for a ringside seat! The fight of the year, as a lot of people call it, took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez.

The two boxing greats went head to head. In the end, Mayweather takes the win, causing Alvarez the first loss of his boxing career.

And that’s not the only reason this boxing match is the talk of the town. When I said I won’t pay $29,000 for a ringside ticket, I didn’t mean to say that I don’t want to watch the fight. In fact, I would have loved to if I had that much money. The contenders seemed well matched and I had a feeling that the two would have an exciting bout. Most people felt the same way and as a result, that match became the record-holder with the highest pay-per-view price of around $70, earning more than $150 million in TV sales revenue alone.

The gate price for the Nevada match has also been declared as a new record, collecting more than $20 million dollars in seat sales. With all this money, it’s no wonder a lot of people are looking into boxing as their sport of choice. I think that figure alone can motivate anyone into whipping their body into shape and trying their hand at boxing.

Right Mindset Puts Rasmus On Top

You’ve heard it before. Having the right mindset can make anything possible. I myself am a believer of this. Colby Rasmus, the Blue Jays center fielder, seems to be benefitting from this belief.

The baseball superstar has done very well and homered in four straight games since returning from his injury. It seems like all the struggles he undergone the year before has finally come to an end.

Colby has always been a very talented baseball player. No one can question the way he plays the game. His biggest issue was, however, his own personal demons, and his inability to handle the relationships with the people he works with. He even admitted that in spite of a very successful year in his baseball games, what he thinks is his greatest accomplishment are the important life lessons he learned while playing for the team.

In my opinion, the mental and emotional side of a professional life will constantly be a challenge. We will always be faced with people we don’t get along with, but needs to continuously interact with. And I think we need these people. These people are instruments in shaping our patience and in making us into better and more matured individuals, tolerant of the world around us.

There’s No Place Like A Cool Home

I’m sure that by now, most of us are aware of the growing climate change due to global warming. For those who have no idea what global warming is, it’s the continuous rise in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere because of too much carbon dioxide. As a result, ice caps are melting, causing floods, and well, the climate change itself is wreaking havoc on the Earth’s overall ecosystem.


Now there’s word going around that scientists have discovered ways to combat this through geo-engineering. It’s a way to deliberately manipulate the Earth’s climate. They proposed a number of ways, one would be to reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and the other is basically just methods on how they could deflect the sun’s rays.

The thing is, many people are vouching against these untested methods because they think those who are responsible for producing all these noxious emissions will somehow get off the hook. That may be true, but I don’t think this is the time for those sentiments. Scientists have created a system to somehow save the planet and I say we take advantage of it. I do hope that this new technology goes into operation soon.

Your ‘Likes’ Now Protected

What if I told you that I got fired because I liked a Facebook page? You probably won’t believe me, and yes, I couldn’t believe it at first either. But there are actual cases like that happening in real life.

likeI stumbled upon an article on the Internet about a man getting fired because he clicked the ‘like’ button on the Facebook page of his boss’ rival candidate. B.J. Roberts, the sheriff of Hampton, who allegedly fired his employee over the Facebook ‘like’, has seen his employee’s action as a show of support for his political opponent.

For this reason, the judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA, have decided that people who show political support online should have the same protection as those who show political support through real-life actions.

I think B.J. Roberts may have been offended over the fact that his own staff is vouching for his adversary to win the city sheriff election, and I don’t blame him. He probably only reacted the way the CEO of Coke would react if you show him you’re drinking Pepsi. It’s an act that can be interpreted as disrespectful. Personal political inclinations, however, should also be taken with respect. He should have kept in mind that choosing who to vote for in the elections is his employees’ choice to make, not his.