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Granite: The Underrated Mega-rock

October 31, 2013 Admin 0

Granite is great. It’s hard enough to resist most abrasion, strong enough to bear significant loads, able to resist weathering in the right environment, and accepts a brilliant polish, too. This makes granite one of […]

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Inkscape: Creating Incredible Vector Graphics

October 30, 2013 Admin 0

If you’re looking for an excellent graphics program, then consider downloading Inkscape for Windows 7. Whether you’re a web developer working with graphic designers or a novice with no prior design experience, you can use […]

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Proper Care for Your Camera

October 14, 2013 Admin 0

Photography is popular not just as a profession but also as a hobby. Unlike other fads, however, photography actually deserves the buzz surrounding it. If you plan on giving photography a try, the first thing […]