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Granite: The Underrated Mega-rock

countertopsGranite is great. It’s hard enough to resist most abrasion, strong enough to bear significant loads, able to resist weathering in the right environment, and accepts a brilliant polish, too. This makes granite one of the most indispensable yet underrated materials for construction, design and architecture on the planet.


Most of the granite dimension stone produced in the United States comes from high quality deposits in five states: Massachusetts, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Idaho.


Granite is used for counters, bricks, and tiles. When people think of granite, though, they picture boulders instead of the finely cut and polished slabs they see every day.

More than just the standard uses most people know about, the material is also a top choice for natural displays in homes and buildings. Because of its durability, granite is also the stone of choice for monuments and gravestones.


Granite is used as both decorative pieces and foundational materials in historical and ancient monuments. Several Egyptian pyramids have faces made of this material. Hindu temples in India sport wall designs carved using it, too. The capitol buildings of Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas are all made of granite.


Granite is impervious to everyday wear and tear and can easily outlast anything else that might be in your home. They are however, destructible, and will break if subjected to heavy targeted abuse. Granite counter tops, depending on the structure supporting it, can hold objects weighing more than 200 pounds.

Objects made from granite can also withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not recommended however, to place hot objects near seams, or where two pieces of stone meet. This will not harm the stone, but it will weaken the adhesive agent used to join them.


Earth is the only known planet to have granite, with an abundance found in its continental crust. It is present in almost every part of the globe, with small variations in type and appearance. Because of its high supply, the cost of making granite countertops in Little Rock, AR, and across the globe in general, is low compared to their marble counterparts.

Since it’s easy to get, granite is relegated to a kind of lower seat in aesthetic building material. In time, its qualities start to shine through; granite will rise as the stone of choice and be built into every building in the world.


Inkscape: Creating Incredible Vector Graphics


inkscapeIf you’re looking for an excellent graphics program, then consider downloading Inkscape for Windows 7. Whether you’re a web developer working with graphic designers or a novice with no prior design experience, you can use this program to create incredible graphics and illustrations.

What’s Inkscape?

Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor program, with a wide range of high-end, professional features. It creates and edits files using Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). This is the standard program that W3C recommends.

Inkscape aims to create a powerful and convenient drawing tool that is compliant with SVG, XML, and CSS standards. By using an open and community-oriented development process, it also aims to maintain a successful user and developer community.

Inkscape offers a long list of drawing tools, including quick ways to create shapes, such as rectangles and squares, circles and arcs, spirals, polygons, and 3D boxes. It also offers a collection of interesting sculpting and painting options, path creation and editing options, and some powerful text tools.

Inkscape imports formats, including postscript, EPS, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, and exports PNG and multiple vector-based formats. It also supports Creative Commons meta data, text-on-path, flowed text, complex path operations, layers, node editing, bitmap tracing, and direct XML editing.

Similar to other SVG editors, Inkscape lets users scale, group and ungroup, align and combine objects; apply colors, gradients, and strokes; and trace bitmaps. It also lets users create incredible vectors and web elements, including stunning and realistic designs.

Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), there are a number of free downloadable versions for Inkscape. The latest free downloadable Inkscape version for Windows 7 is Inkscape 0.48.4-1.

What’s Inkscape 0.48.4-1?
Inkscape 0.48.4-1 is similar to the previous version in most aspects. The most notable feature of this version is that it now lets users build it on platforms with new version of the Poppler library.

Inkscape offers more features, especially with the new 0.48.4-1 version. To learn about these other features, visit websites that offer information about Inkscape for Windows 7.

Proper Care for Your Camera

purchasing stylish olympus om-d

purchasing stylish olympus om-dPhotography is popular not just as a profession but also as a hobby. Unlike other fads, however, photography actually deserves the buzz surrounding it. If you plan on giving photography a try, the first thing you will need is a good tool, like those Olympus hi-res digital cameras. And when you get it, you must know how to properly take care of it.

Cleaning Your Camera

Not knowing how to properly clean your camera can damage it. To clean the interior, use a can of compressed air to blow dust off from the inside. Do the same for the lens then wipe it using a lens cloth and a lens cleaner. Use wet cloth for the exteriors, but make sure that you wring out as much water as possible so no moisture seeps into the inside parts.

Storing Your Camera

Where you keep your camera is also important because too much humidity can damage it. The same thing goes for moisture. Too much moisture can damage a camera so it’s advisable to keep a pack of silica gel to prevent condensation. Keeping your digital camera near a magnet is also a no-no because the magnetic circuit could damage it.

Handling Your Camera

You should always remove a camera’s battery after use because if you leave it there, it can corrode and damage the internal parts. Another thing to remember is to carefully store the small parts, such as the lens cap, and memory card as these are easily misplaced.

Cameras are personal gadgets and the pictures they take are works of art on the part of photographers; doesn’t matter if they’re for personal or professional purposes. As cameras may be exposed to the harsh elements, it’s important to make sure they’re always in good condition. Take the time to clean the device after use and check for any damage. Don’t forget to use protective gear like the lens cap and a camera bag.