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Web Design Principles: Creating Better, Simpler Layouts

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Many web designers believe that “simplicity is beauty,” especially when creating web design layouts. A website doesn’t have to use all the design elements. Minimalism is a classic trend and preferred by site owners, as it focuses more on the browsing experience than appearance.

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Here are some tips to help simplify your website:

1. Organized – Remove all the clutter and keep the important content. An “About Us” page can help you explain what your website is about, so you don’t need lengthy text on the homepage. A feed to your old or most popular posts is okay, but limit it to three. Remove ads if possible.

2. Preview – Good web design makes a landing page effective. Give visitors what they’re looking for by including previews of your products and services. They have a tendency to click the “Read More” part if they want more information. This way, you won’t overwhelm web pages with lots of details.

3. Navigation Links – Most visitors spend their time on the top-most part of a website. Include navigation links, leading to the home, about us, services, and contact pages to make browsing easier. A search bar is also highly advisable.

By implementing the principles of web design, visitors can navigate through your website easily. This way, they can find what they’re looking for and give your site a visitor count.

Low-Flow Saving: Shower By the Gallon

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The average American household uses a hundred gallons of water every day; a full quarter of that amount just for showers. Low-flow showerheads can lower your water usage by about 50-70% and any local plumbing service can install them easily.

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But, some people are skeptical because low-flow shower heads work by limiting the pressure expelled during your shower. This results in less water flow, in which case people will simply take longer showers, nullifying any savings you might have had.

Do They Really Work?

Rest well in the fact that low-flow showers really do work, even if you take longer showers. A standard showerhead uses three to five gallons per minute. Taking the twenty-five gallon figures from earlier, the average shower time would be a minimum of five minutes.

A low-flow showerhead typically uses two gallons per minute or less. During a minimum five-minute shower, the low-flow head will use a total of ten gallons. If shower time is doubled to ten minutes, water usage will only amount to twenty gallons, saving you five gallons even if it took double the time.

You will also have less need for plumbing repairs as low-flow shower heads aren’t subject to the same water pressures as regular showerheads.

What Affects Your Energy Consumption and Costs?

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Many business owners are finding their energy bills overwhelming because they’re not aware of the factors affecting their energy consumption. You should understand how exactly your pieces of equipment work and how much energy they consume in a given period. This will allow you to project monthly bills and develop a plan to reduce them. Consulting with a company that offers energy assessment services is ideal if you think you can’t handle the job yourself.

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Here are the two things that determine or affect your energy consumption:

The Type of Electronic Devices You Use

Have you ever thought that your appliances have a great impact on your energy bills? This is particularly true if you’re using old devices and those that don’t comply with energy-efficiency standards. Your commercial energy assessment service provider may suggest or offer products that will reduce your consumption.


Your air conditioning system will work if you have a properly insulated building. Installing high quality thermal insulation materials is the best way to make sure hot or cold air won’t escape and help you save on energy costs.

It’s time to create a greener and more efficient commercial space. Look for the right company to work with and buy efficient appliances or insulation materials to get started.

Have a Share of the Mobile Pie through Responsive Web Design

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need to utilize the latest technological developments to compete with larger businesses. Today, there is a rapid increase in the use of mobile devices for business management. To maintain rankings, you need to redesign your site to accommodate these devices.

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Below are some benefits of responsive mobile web design:

Fluid Content

With a responsive web design, viewers don’t need to scroll through long lists and menus just to find the information they need. The content moves smoothly across all screen resolutions and devices.

Increased Conversions and Sales

If potential clients can access your site easily using any device, the likelihood of them going to a competitor lessens. Good web design enhances user experience. If they like your site, you’ll benefit from increased sales and improved conversion rates.

Increased Search Engine Visibility

With a responsive design, you can manage one site with a single set of hypertext links. This reduces the time it takes for site maintenance and allows you to focus on link outreach with a good SEO strategy. With a responsive design, you don’t have to waste a lot of resources in low-level duplication of content across sites. You’ll boost rankings, as your content appears on a single site.

Responsive web design is important to establish market share and keep ahead of your competitors. Look for a web design firm in Guelph to help you create a site that works.

Texting While Driving: A Growing National Concern

texting while driving

Fatal crashes on New Orleans roads happen frequently. Known risk factors for road accidents and related injuries include speed and alcohol. Even cellphone use has become an emerging concern lately.

To raise awareness and prevent unnecessary tragedy, there are safety organizations that inform and educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving. Many cases, however, still go unreported even with the large number of personal injury attorneys in New Orleans that are ready to help.

texting while driving

Many states have implemented laws and strategies intended specifically at teens and new drivers to curb mobile use while driving. The need for professionals like a New Orleans personal injury attorney has become a practical option.

Although it may be challenging to avoid every distraction completely, here are some ways to reduce distractions:

Manage your time

Rushing tends to promote distraction and taking unnecessary risks. Leave a few minutes early so you can arrive at your location stress-free.

Save it for later

Don’t check phone conversations in heavy traffic, even if you’re on hands-free mode. Pay full attention on the road to anticipate and react to potential road accidents.

Pull over

When you grab food on the go, take a few minutes to park and eat. Use this time to check your emails, messages, or return some calls.
You’ll encounter other factors that will compete for your attention as you drive. The trick is to prioritize and focus solely on your driving.


Three Filezilla Features that Boost Your File Transfer Capacities

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The Internet has brought many good things to society, and one of these is relative ease of sharing files. Users have enjoyed uploading and transferring important documents over the Internet to another domain, regardless of distance. This means, business and even personal transactions can be done through this virtual means.

download filezillaIt’s no wonder many have been downloading File Transfer Protocol programs (FTP) like Filezilla free download for Windows 7 and other platforms for the past few years. If you are looking for an efficient and secure means of moving files, check out some of the features Filezilla offers.

Folder View and File View

Handling and transferring documents can be quite tricky. You might be sharing the wrong file before you know it. A graphical interface can eliminate that trouble; it gives you more control and easier navigation. You simply have to drag and drop the file you need to transfer.

Transfer Queue and Site Manager

Another concern for most online users is queuing files. You don’t want to manually transfer each document and sit in front of your computer the whole time. With a transfer queue feature, you have more time to do other tasks. You can easily see which files are being transferred or queued.

Manage Bookmarks

You don’t have to manually pore over your bookmarks anymore. Applications like Filezilla free download for Windows7 can help you manage your bookmarks better.

Knowing the features of FTP programs like Filezilla can help you in various ways. Take time to study the application to make the most of its functions.