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Low-Flow Saving: Shower By the Gallon

December 13, 2013 Admin 0

The average American household uses a hundred gallons of water every day; a full quarter of that amount just for showers. Low-flow showerheads can lower your water usage by about 50-70% and any local plumbing […]

commercial energy services

What Affects Your Energy Consumption and Costs?

December 11, 2013 Admin 0

Many business owners are finding their energy bills overwhelming because they’re not aware of the factors affecting their energy consumption. You should understand how exactly your pieces of equipment work and how much energy they […]

texting while driving

Texting While Driving: A Growing National Concern

December 5, 2013 Admin 0

Fatal crashes on New Orleans roads happen frequently. Known risk factors for road accidents and related injuries include speed and alcohol. Even cellphone use has become an emerging concern lately. To raise awareness and prevent […]