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Proper RSA Training: Help Your Patrons Have the Best Celebration Possible

rsa course online

Alcohol server training is more than just learning the difference between drinking for fun and going beyond your limits. People working in the alcohol service industry who underwent this training program acquire the ability to prevent sales to minors and spot underage drinkers. They can also recognise signs of intoxication, avoid problematic situations through effective intervention, and deal with refusal situations with increased confidence.

Once you understand the responsible service of alcohol, you can help patrons enjoy their time at your venue.

rsa course online

Taking Care of Your Patrons

Despite the fact that RSA Training is mandatory across Australia, there is no need to see this course as a check-box item to becoming employed in the hospitality industry.

There are several ways you can utilise all the skills you’ve learned in this course. This includes the best methods to identify and correct patrons who drink more than their standard drink per hour. Remember, prevention is key! Your security staff should not permit any intoxicated persons to enter the venue. So, after they pass through your doors, it is your job to look after their wellbeing.

Create an added personal touch by keeping track of the number of drinks a patron has consumed. Also, keep an eye on them throughout the night. Notify all staff members if you feel they might be there for a “big night.”

If your patron has a comfortable, safe night out at your venue while still being able to enjoy themselves and have a few drinks, you can be sure that they will come back.

It’s in the Name

There are many aspects to the responsible service of alcohol, but the main principle lies in the title of the industry you work in. Be hospitable! If you look out for your patrons, they will look out for you.

If you haven’t completed your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course yet, enrol in RSA online courses from leading hospitality industry trainers. Choose carefully which courses will suit your needs.

Wedding Photos in Style: Designing a Unique Photo Book

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A lot of planning goes into making a wedding absolutely perfect. It is not just about your hair and gown. You need to think about so many details such as guests, food, and decoration, among others. You also have to call in a professional wedding photographer to capture all the amazing moments. The only thing left on your list is to plan a uniquely designed wedding photo book. As that item that will help you relive the day for years, its needs extra attention. Here are some great ideas from Zookbinders so you can keep the memories of your special day as fresh as ever:

wedding photo books

Create a theme

Instead of just compiling the photographs in a chronological order or at random, having a theme would make the photo book appear cohesive. The theme could be anything from colors to seasons. You can even tell a full story, starting from the time you met to the time you tied the knot. Alternatively, you could make good use of some quirky ideas like cartoons, cars, and superheroes to help you string the pictures together.

Monogram the photo books

If you’re keen on personalizing your wedding photo books, nothing could be better than monogramming them and giving them away to all your guests. This concept is something even your guests can enjoy.

Use unique covers

In a traditional photo album, the main function of the cover is to keep the picture sheets together. While these are already attractive, you can still make further improvements. In fact, if you use the right program features you can create a photo book cover

Quilt the photographs

Another great idea is to present the pictures in a quilt form. Collage a number of photos together according to a theme and make these pictures tell a beautiful story. You could even use a canvas print for the collage and give your photo book a very stylish feel.

Marriages are made in heaven, as they say. As for wedding photo books, if they cannot be made in heaven, they can at least be made to look heavenly with these fresh ideas!

5 Useful SEO Tips to Achieve Better Website Visibility

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Search engine optimisation is the process by which a website’s features are enhanced to build a good reputation and rank better in result pages. There are many ways to achieve better website visibility. Here are five useful strategies that top SEO providers utilise for increased online presence.

website visibility

Setup a Sitemap

One effective means of attaining better website visibility is through the configuration of a sitemap. This is a listing of all the working pages on your website. You can do this via the use of a content management system that has a plug-in, which can automatically generate the data you need.

Proper Content Description

The content is optimised with the use of URLs that are in line with the page title. For example, if the page features content about bags, then the URL will also feature the word “bags” like Another way to let search engines know about the published content is by providing a good description on the “meta tag.” When using a blogging platform, an SEO plug-in or an add-on is utilised to offer an easy means of providing a description of the post or the page itself.

Provide Useful Content

In the Internet, content is king. If your website doesn’t offer anything significant that will be of good use to the end user, it won’t achieve good rankings. Renowned SEO companies such as Bambrick Media can customise the necessary content you need. By doing this, your website’s content will not only be of high quality but also easily recognisable by search engine spiders. The best way to provide good content is to understand what your site visitors want to see. You can do a survey to better analyse what type of content is most appealing to your target audience.

Optimise Videos and Images

Like text, images should be properly described to let the search engine know that they’re relevant. Never publish an image file as image.jpg. Instead, rename it properly. If the image shows shoes then rename it as shoes.jpg. The same is true for videos published on your site. The name of the video should tell exactly what it’s all about.

Establish Authorship

When you establish authorship, it will not only lead to increased visibility of the site. The search engine will also redirect to you as the maker of the content. This can be done by creating a profile on the search engine and then linking the profile to the site.

Yellow Metals as Investments: The Sole True Asset in the World

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Everyone wants to secure their wealth in the form of safe investments. They look for options that will constantly appreciate and keep them financially stable. Investing in precious metals, especially the yellow variety, is perhaps the oldest from of financial investment that has stood the test of time.

buying gold coins

A house or any other form of immovable asset also appreciates considerably. It involves some liabilities such as repairs, maintenance, and taxes, among others. But you can avoid these by investing in precious metals. Compared to jewellery pieces, buying gold bullion is a better idea due to its immense worth. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Yellow metals can beat inflation often, as their prices always tend to soar. Even when crises seem out of control, these precious metals can hedge you against inflation. This kind of immunity will lend security to your investment.
  • Gold bars, coins, and bullion can turn into cash easily by either selling them to jewellers or in the market. This global market is open 24 hours a day. The sellers can range from manufacturers to financial organizations. But make sure that you invest in pure and certified yellow metals only. Jewellery might be difficult to sell and fetch a much lower rate. This is because the actual value of metal in them is much less than their original price due to the cost of designing and artisanship involved.
  • Another advantage is that the market is transparent, so it is easy to find the going price. The prices are fixed each day. One look at the newspaper or an online website is enough to know what your investment is worth.
  • Small and big investors can make this investment as the graded metal come in weights starting from 2.5 grams to one kilogram. Different sizes are available and anyone can buy authentic metals in reputable places.
  • Finally, gold is an accepted asset across the world. So, you can always get the true value of your investment anywhere.

No “Identity Crisis”: Understanding the Importance of Branding to Businesses

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Symbols have been used widely in our everyday lives since ancient times. They communicate depth of information to convey ideas in an appealing manner. In fact, symbols have replaced words in many a billboard, hoarding, and road signs. According to Voodoo Creative, modern businesses have clearly understood the power of the symbols. So, they’ve incorporated it effectively in the promotion of their company’s products and services.

logo design

Improved Brand Image

A well-made logo design is an important part of a company’s brand image. Many advertising companies help businesses create a symbol to make them more recognisable. When combined with a couple of relevant letters and symbols, this can convey loads of information about your business. Customers find it easier to remember a symbol, allowing them to identify your company’s brand name faster. This empowers businesses to visually communicate their business brand through graphics.

Regardless of their size, businesses understand the importance of a high-quality company symbol. Owning an exclusive symbol for your company is the same as building a brand name for your products. A good symbol is vital to project a positive image about your brand. Customers view a company with an established symbol as a reputable business. Their products are preferred over generic ones. As the symbol is visible on business cards, office stationery, websites, and vehicles, among others brand awareness increases.

Increased Online Presence

Many online products allow you to create a professional-looking symbol you can use offline and online. These websites have a large database of symbols and fonts to choose from. Even if your business is small, investing in creating a symbol will be beneficial in the long run. A good knowledge of web development can help in the successful creation of a company symbol.

You can use these symbols on your web pages, too. An appealing symbol, which conveys the attitude of the company and its products, will drive targeted traffic to your websites. The symbol is the face of the company. That’s why having a unique one will lure people to see more of the website and its products. This will allow you company to compete with the best in the industry.

The Way to Increased Online Clientele: Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

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Every business needs a well-designed website to attract millions of Internet users searching for products and services before making a purchase. A website, however, should go beyond design aesthetics and focus on adequate advertising and optimization support. Many agencies in the market offer responsive web design services to businesses. Each comes with its own level of expertise, cost, experience, and abilities. Choose the right one that suits your company requirements and, more importantly, your budget. Some of the following pointers will help you make the right choice:

web design services

• Timely delivery is important. A company can promise a lot, but the real test comes only after analyzing the results. If the company is unable to provide you a definite date of delivery, look for someone else. After all, time means money in business, and this shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

• Flexibility is an important requirement. Each business is unique, and the strategies for marketing vary significantly. The best bet is to choose someone who has prior experience in your industry. This will make the task a lot easier.

• A firm should be able to create a website from “nothing.” There are many templates available in the web, and most agencies simply use them instead of customizing a responsive web design for you. You miss the whole point of having a business website when pre-existing templates are used. Creating from scratch is best method.

• There should be verifiable references from previous customers. Most reputable agencies have a separate section for client testimonials. Read the feedback from their previous clients to check the quality of their services.

• Only good designers will be able to ask questions to understand your business requirements. Effective exchange of ideas will result in the best product.

• Check their portfolio. Most agencies will provide you links to their previous work. Visit them and study those websites even if they’re not exactly related to your business type.