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Well Water: Ways to Keep it Potable

Water dropletMonthly bills come, and they always take a huge chunk out of one’s earnings for the month. Your bills often include credit card payments, mortgages, as well as utility bills. Lowering your expenses in any of these payments would mean adding something to your savings, no matter how little.

This is the reason why more and more Park City homeowners are investing in the installation of water wells to serve as an alternative water source. However, Exterra Drilling Services says that a degree of care should be taken when consuming water well. Here are ways you can keep well water potable.

Have it tested

Natural ground water contains bacteria that can be harmful to health. Upon installation, you should have your water tested. The government mandates owners to have their well water tested annually by professional bodies to ensure safety.

Proper test interpretation

Homeowners may misinterpret the results of the test once released from the lab. If there are any doubts about the results of the test, always ask for their proper interpretation and explanation from your local health department.

Protect well from physical contaminants

Bacteria and contaminants are not only found underneath the ground but also above. Make sure to prevent foreign objects from entering your well through installing locks and covers. Only open and expose your well when necessary.

Be observant

Annual testing is not enough. As a homeowner, you should know your home's environmental conditions. In this case, you should know the state of your water resources. If you observe changes in color, texture, consistency, or taste, you should inform the proper authorities immediately.

The use of wells is on the rise as more homeowners see the significant contribution it makes to one’s household, not only financially but also in their daily life. Be a responsible well owner and keep your well water safe for consumption and general use.

Feel and Listen: What Your Driving Experience Says about Your Vehicle’s Condition

DrivingIt is easy to take some minor signs of problems for granted while driving, particularly if your favourite tunes are playing in the background. You enjoy the music, and you keep your eyes on the road. The question is, do you even bother to listen to your car and care about how it runs?

From now on, pay attention to your vehicle’s performance and condition to ensure safety on the road. Watch out for these signs to avoid the risk of an accident and all the inconveniences it can bring.

Wheel Alignment

Every mechanic would tell you that proper wheel alignment ensures smooth handling and a comfortable driving experience. It makes your tyres last longer and keeps your wheels pointed in the right direction, letting your car remain as efficient as it was when you bought it from the dealer.

So how can you tell if your wheels need an alignment? LRC Automotive suggests that you take your ride to the nearest repair shop when you hear or feel the following:

  • Squealing tyres
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Crooked steering wheel when driving straight
  • Car pulling to the right or left

Brake Service

Your safety depends greatly on your brakes. Screeching sounds, pulsating brake pads, soft pedals and abnormal shaking or vibration are signs of serious problems. An experienced mechanic can tell what is wrong with your brake system or whether it needs repair or replacement.

Engine Tune Up

Stay attentive and watch out for even the smallest signs of engine problems. Have your car serviced if you notice the following:

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light
  • Frequent stalling
  • Rough idling or acceleration
  • Difficulty starting the car
  • Misfiring engine (may be due to a worn spark plug)


Does your vehicle get a bit clunky when you are shifting gears? Something might be wrong with the transmission system. It is better to spend a few hours in the service shop than endure the problem every day and risk your safety.

If you love your car, you will do everything to keep it looking good and running smoothly. It takes attentive ears and keen eyes to do this, so stay alert and resolve problems before it is too late.

Buying a New Car? 4 Good Tactics to Use to Lower the Price of the Vehicle

Car Dealership in KalamazooDealing with a supplier by throwing each other’s tactics to meet the desired price is a usual scenario when buying a new car. There is no shame in asking for a lower price when you know that some sellers are also doing their best to get the most money from you.

Seelye Ford and other car experts list some good tactics to lower the price of your preferred car in a Ford dealership in Kalamazoo or anywhere in Michigan:

Research on the best price of your car

If you have a prospective car in mind, research its value in the market. This way, you know what to expect before talking to a car dealer. If they offer a price that is higher than what you expect, tell them that you will only buy the car with your designated price. Don’t let their negotiations faze you until you get a yes if the price you think is reasonable.

Walk away if necessary

Don’t let their empathy talk trap you into buying an expensive car that could only be worth less than what you gave. If they cannot meet your reasonable price, then it is time to look for another car dealer.

Talk to many dealers

Don’t stop negotiating with the first dealer you talked to and strike the deal. Venture on other options by talking to other car dealers. Let them know that this and that dealer gave you this and that discount. By letting them know the other dealer’s sales talk, they will offer a more favorable option for you.

Purchase at the end of the month

Car salespersons have their monthly quota to fill. You might chance upon a salesperson who is desperate to sell two or more cars by the end of the month and is willing to lower the price for you.

With these smart tricks, you are now armed in purchasing your dream car at any dealership near you. Why not get started today?

Can a Fancy Car Help You Make More Money?

Fancy CarThere are people who believe that it’s the clothes that make the man. While it can be wrong to judge a person based on how he looks, in business, you really need to dress to impress. That’s why power dressing has become the norm in the corporate world. And in some cases, the image goes just beyond the clothes. The car you drive can also affect your image. In this case, can a fancy car really help you make more money?

Attracting the Right People 

Some people believe that in order to attract the right kind of people, you need to build a lifestyle that is desirable. For instance, businessmen are often seen in cars that exude power and trust. These cars help them gain other people’s trust because of the image they build. On the other end of the spectrum, it makes sense to drive a truck rather than a sedan if you’re in the agricultural business. You need to become what you are selling.

You need to be your business. Of course, the car you drive must be in tune to the business you are into. If you are in the market for buying a new ride, keep this in mind when you visit car dealerships.

Lifestyle Marketing

It’s all about lifestyle marketing. The difference between the wealthy and the average person is how he or she uses the money to his advantage. The average person thinks of money as the thing that he or she exchanges for services and products. The wealthy person thinks of money as something that he or she can use to make money.

In this theory, a fancy car can then help you make more money through lifestyle marketing. Remember, you need to become what you drive and build the image that you want your customers, competitors and colleagues to see.

Is Your Heating System Ready for the Holiday Cheer?

Heating SystemWinter is coming – literally. Is your heater ready to fight the cold that’ll try to seep into your home? shares that heating problems during winter can be an awfully uncomfortable experience, especially when the temperatures get too low, as this can create dangerous conditions in the house.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

People need a constant reminder about being mindful of carbon monoxide leaks. The gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, this can greatly affect indoor air quality. These usually seep out of cracks caused by damage sustained by the heating system, but these can also occur because of age – maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

Once it builds up indoors, it can poison to people, as well as animals. While everyone is at risk for CO poisoning, those with existing respiratory problems, infants, and the elderly are more likely to get sick from inhaling the gas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares that over 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning, more than 4,000 are hospitalized and over 20,000 people end up in the emergency room.

Rattles, Whistles, and Clangs

One of the reasons you need to schedule routine maintenance is that to avoid any noise coming from your heating system. These sounds may be the result of the wear and tear within the system.

Cycling Heat

Dirty or clogged filters cause inadequate air flow, which may result in the unit shutting on and off frequently or overheating. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause this.

Loss of Heat

This is one of the most noticeable furnace problems – the sudden loss of heat. The reasons behind this may include a broken ignition system and a broken pilot light – which are repairable but may require the help of qualified technicians.

Before cold air engulfs your home, it’s better if you had someone check your heating, as well as other HVAC systems for problems. Addressing these issues early ensures home comfort throughout winter and ensure a “Happy Holiday!” for you and the family.

Bad Credit and Need Auto Financing? Get a Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad Credit Auto Financing in Arkansas Finding auto financing with flexible terms can be hard, but it is a greater challenge if you have no or bad credit. To get a loan, lenders accept applications from borrowers with a certain score and a good debt-to-income ratio. However, getting a suitable bad credit car loan in Arkansas with a financial lender could get easier if you consider the down payment required, the condition of the vehicle, and the length of the repayment term.

What Options are Available?

Regardless of your credit profile, finance companies offer two types of financing for car loans: used and new car loans. J P Capital Auto Loans says that usually, the financing for a new car has higher interest rates and harsher borrowing terms. Depending on your situation, you can either acquire a secured or unsecured bad credit car loan in Arkansas.

Secured Credit Car Loans

A credit car loan is referred to as secured when the vehicle to be acquired guarantees the loan repayment. Usually, the interest rate for a secured loan is low and fixed throughout the repayment period. Additionally, to get a secured bad credit car loan, you need no or little down payment and an approval rate of above 95 percent. Lastly, the amount you can receive for your vehicle financing will vary depending on your collateral.

Unsecured Bad Credit Car Loans

Unsecured bad credit car loans have no collateral thus posing a higher risk for the lender. This, in turn, prompts the lenders to make this option more expensive and unaffordable to the majority of the borrowers. The lenders offer this type of loan in smaller amounts and in high-interest rates to lower their risk of loss. Unlike secured loans, the vehicle has no pledge and the lender cannot repossess it in case of default payment.

With the current economic situation, lenders are more than ever willing to offer financial assistance to customers of the different credit profiles. Often, your credit score plays a huge role in deciding how much loan you can get; however, in case of bad credit, lenders take into account other factors to determine your credit worthiness. Go past your credit score and drive today.

4 Practical Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

Car Repair in Saint JohnsA car repair is like a dental appointment. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or you’re pretty flush these days. You need it. Your car needs it. Your safety and your family’s safety depend on it.

Here are some ways on how to save on car repairs:

Choose wisely

Same with dental clinics, not all car repair shops are made equal. What most people fail to do is to check the shop prior to their visit. And it’s not like you can blame me. Most people don’t visit car repair shops unless they need to. But you need to choose the right shop for the right job. So it’s best to scout and drop by and have a friendly chat or inquiry even before you bring your ride for repairs or checkup. See how skilled the staff is. There should be a system for comings and goings. If it doesn’t feel right to you, look for another car repair shop in your area.

Ask for a referral

There is nothing more powerful that word of mouth, in fact, it could be a car repair shop’s best advertising. Ask your friends for referrals. You can also check forums or automobile groups in your area for repair shops who do well.

Foster professional relationships

One of the ways to avoid long-winded repairs is to find a mechanic you can trust and stick with him or her for as long as you can. Working with the same car expert will remove the need to go through the car’s long repair history, if any, and go straight to the work. The same advice applies when finding a healthcare provider.

Watch and learn

While there are many YouTube videos online for simple car repairs, watching a mechanic at work is better. Feel free to ask for tips and learn how to do simple repairs yourself to save money and time. But be careful not to DIY everything, especially if you have little know-how on the subject.

Car repairs can be a great nuisance in life’s daily hustle and bustle but you can’t do without. Another way to save on car repairs is to avoid getting a lemon. Cars are a huge investment. Be careful when getting used cars because you might end up paying more in repairs compared to just buying a brand new one.

Car Dealers: Choosing the Right One

Car DealerYou have finally chosen a model, make and colour of the car that you want to purchase. The next problem lies in where to buy them. There might be a lot of car dealers available, but only a few would be able to give you your needs. There are various things to consider to avoid purchasing your car from the wrong dealer.

Things to consider before choosing a car dealer:

  1. Price

Check the price of the car that you want on the brand’s website. Then, compare these prices with car dealership companies. The more dealers you have talked to, the better you would understand which deal to take.

  1. Availability

Not all dealers have stock at hand. They might have the make and the colour, but not the model that you want. Do not be swayed by sales talk and compromise. Instead, research for dealers that have the exact car that you want.

  1. Service Standards

A good dealer should be able to put your needs first, says Boettcher Motors. A company’s service standard is reflected through its promptness in replying, availability for appointments and attentive to you needs and queries.

  1. Perks

There are many car dealerships, but the perks they offer can help distinguish one company from the other. Some offer free carwash services, oil change and tire alignment for a period of time after your purchase. Others do not offer anything at all. Know the perks they can offer and include this factor in deciding which car dealer to buy from.

  1. Financial Assistance

A dealer that has a good financial department can help provide you with financial assistance, such as loans and tie-ups with banks and insurance companies. This factor is important as it would be easier for you to find the appropriate car loans for your needs.

Like in any deals, it is important to thoroughly read the contract before signing. With all these in mind, plus a little more research, finding a car dealer that can give you your dream car is just a step away.

Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti Car Owners Prefer Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-Driving CarA MaritzCX survey revealed that owners of Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti cars are more interested than others in using the technology for their luxury vehicles.

The poll solicited input from more than 12,300 cars owners between May and August 2016. Approximately 27% of the respondents said they are willing to buy self-driving cars once the technology becomes feasible.

Owners of Toyota and Chevrolet automobiles came in third and fourth, respectively, as around 20% of those polled showed interest in buying autonomous cars. Drivers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s Jeeps and Ram vehicles were the least keen on buying self-driving cars, with less than 10% of the poll’s respondents.

Robotic Drive

Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti car owners are more interested in autonomous vehicles partly because of the luxury brands’ marketing campaigns about the technology, aside from their cars with already available semi-autonomous features like automatic brakes, according to Shawn St. Clair, MaritzCX survey author and global syndication director.

St. Clair added that owners of these two luxury cars also believe that the technology would improve safety for such vehicles. However, those who drive mid-range brands remain unconvinced about the breakthrough.

Freestyle Driving?

Nearly half of the survey’s respondents are still not confident about the idea of self-driving cars. Hence, winning their support poses a challenge to car manufacturers. It’s not that hard to understand why since they see the technology as a gateway for potential risks.

Some of these threats relate to safety such as equipment failure while on the road and difficulty in assessing traffic situations. Further, going digital means inadvertently offering potential security loopholes for hackers to steal information.

Despite this, the automobile and software industries are working double-time to reassure consumers and resolve the flagged concerns, prior to deploying self-driving cars.

It’s important to take note that in the end, it’s up to the car owners if they want to relinquish control of the steering wheel.

More About the Deal, Less About the Car: Why a Good Financial Package is Better than a Great Car

Car Dealer in ManukauIt is a principle for car dealers to earn more. This is why many of them usually consider expensive selections as the best buys. What is not to love with owning the best, right?

A minivan for a couple seems like the wrong choice. A crossover for a 20-something is just wasteful. And pick up for a family is misleading. These may be loose comparisons, but it does not take away the fact that people buy cars they do not need all the time. Remember: the best will always have a premium.

As a tonic, a number of will not push to you ‘better’ deals. There are several things to consider when looking for the best deals. These criteria should help you:

Focus on Financing

More than anything, try to ensure that you are getting a car that you can pay for in the future. To do this, focus on financing. The car you want may not have a financing that fits your budget. As such, you must look for cars in other price brackets, preferably the lower ones, which should have more flexible options.

That End-of-Month Thing

While it would be time-consuming to watch price trends on cars, it may pay off to heed the end-of-month myth about lower prices. Dealers want to reach goals, and they set strict deadlines on clearing a certain amount of sales. With that in mind, try observing price fluctuations on the dealer of your choice.

Test the Car the Way You Would Use It

Buyers know this curse well: when they test drive, they focus on what the car can do, not what the car can do for them. They end up focusing on the new features and the ‘feel good’ factor that their current car does not have.

Ultimately, they buy a car for the wrong reasons. Prevent it from happening by using the car the way you want it. This way, you know if the vehicle will serve you well or just charge you for being brand new.