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Lovely Wedding Rings With a Long Lasting Charm

Wedding ringWedding rings are symbols of love between spouses. This is why many couples carefully choose their wedding rings. They go for unique designs to better symbolize one of the most important days of their lives.

When you think of wedding rings, what immediately comes to mind are wedding bands made of gold or silver. Wedding Ideas Mag stated that platinum, gold and silver are the most common materials for wedding rings. But did you know that there are wedding rings available in different stylish designs? If you want to make your wedding truly memorable and special, a lovely wedding ring exuding with lasting charm might help. For sure, you will love to wear this beautiful ring for a lifetime. These are some of the styles available for you.


One of the most popular stylish wedding rings comes with small, yet beautifully crafted, roses made of gold. Oftentimes, the band they are attached to is made entirely of gold with a traditional hue of the precious metal. The roses, on the other hand, have a slightly pinkish or rose gold hue, allowing it to stand out from the band. The design also varies from a ring with only three roses and diamonds in the center to another with roses intertwined around it.


You can also get a diamond encrusted wedding ring shaped like tulips intertwining and forming a loop. Some of them are made of 18-karat gold while others are created using pure silver with petals covered with small diamonds. Other designs available are two lemniscate or infinity signs bent together to form a ring and flowers sitting on meeting points of the sign. If funds are not enough for custom-made rings, try visiting jewelry shops, as they sometimes have vintage wedding rings for sale.


If you want a unique wedding ring to mark an important special day, then you can go for the knotted styles. Most of these types have no encrusted stones on them and simply look like wide or tight never-ending knots forming a circle. Some of them come in two-toned design, with one band made of silver while the other is made of gold. There are also those that instead of intertwining bands, they are made of a single wide band engraved with crisscrossing designs.

Diamond Encrusted Band

A traditional golden wedding band, made special by encrusted diamonds circling its entirety, making it more elegant and charming. Usually, these rings have a recessed center where diamonds are then placed. You will definitely love to wear this ring on your wedding day and beyond. After all, diamonds are the hardest known substance out there, which could symbolize a love that lasts.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how a wedding ring should look like. While it has been customary for a long time to wear simple wedding bands, this does not mean that your ring should also be like it. You choose a different style and design, making your wedding more unique and memorable. For all you know, you might just stumble upon the very style and design that you are looking for.

4 Unique Proposal Ideas to Ask the “Marry Me?” Question

marriage proposalIt’s not every day you’ll get the chance to ask the love of your life to be their forever. That’s why when the time finally comes, you would want to make it memorable and special to show how true and sincere you are in expressing your true feelings.

Once you’ve worked up the nerve to ask that million-dollar question, you might as well come up with a creative and romantic way to pop it. To help you, here’s a list of unique marriage proposal ideas that will leave a big impression on your special someone.

A Look Back to the Past

Have a trip down the memory lane and take your sweetheart to the same place where you first met and dated. Reminisce the fun times, and then do a little reenactment. When the time is right, you can finally pop the question and give her the ring to close the deal. They will surely appreciate all your efforts to set up the surprise proposal.

Take Advantage of the Holidays

Holidays are for spending the fun and good times with the people you cherish the most. This can also be the right time to propose. You may either hang the ring’s box like an ornament on the tree or make it look like one of the gifts underneath and wait for the big reveal. As soon as they open the box, both of you might be too overwhelmed to react or do anything, but don’t forget to ask the most important question. This is indeed the most unforgettable holiday present you can ever give to your lover.

A Special Massage Service

Another unique way to make a sweet and sincere proposal to your significant other is by giving them a personal and sensual massage. Don’t forget to save the left hand for last. As you finish off, slowly slip that precious custom-made engagement ring you’ve bought from a Salt Lake City jewelry shop and be ready to do the spiel and deliver your proposal speech. Whatever diamond it is, AAA Jewelers says that a ring on itself can leave your dear beloved speechless and awestruck.

Play the Game of Questions

The card game “Cards against Humanity” is pretty much a trend right now. Other than a fun way to pass the time, this can also make a great marriage proposal idea. After enjoying two to three rounds of the game, you may start including words and phrases related to the wedding until the card of “Will you marry me” finally appear. This time, reveal the card and the ring that you have and give it to your partner then repeat the question yourself. This will indeed leave your sweetheart clueless until it’s time to say it.

Whatever proposal gimmick you choose, the most important part of a marriage proposal is to convey your true feelings towards your special someone. Proposals are not entirely based on money you’ve spent or how grand it looks like, it is more on the expression of how much you want them to be part of your life from here on forward.

Painless and Effective Ways to Enhance Your Beauty in Your 30s

Painless Beauty Enhancers in UtahWhen women hit their 30s, keeping their beauty routine is a major concern. The faintest appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is enough to cause worry among the maturing ladies. Reaching the 30s marks the beginning of visible signs of aging; the skin isn’t as supple as before, and the usual beauty and skincare routine just won’t do anymore. Still, going under the knife may not be a good option, as the procedures can be painful. What painless, or at least not-so-painful, and effective beauty options do you have as a 30-something?

Dermal Fillers

At the first mention of injectables, many immediately associate them with stinging pain. While you may experience minimal pain while getting dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles, it’s not going to last long. Those who had fillers and botox treatment in Utah agree that the numbness and stinging only lasts for a few days at most, and the effects are almost immediately visible.

The 30-something ladies can choose botox to reduce fine lines around the eye areas, especially near the temples and under-eyes. It’s advisable to have it every six months.

Natural Hair Products

Marriage, the kids, and a booming career may overwhelm the modern woman, and as you mature, you may be losing your supply of natural keratin and protein. This results in a slew of hair problems, such as falling strands and dryness. Natural hair products that can moisturize your scalp and bring out your hair’s shine are must-haves. Virgin coconut oil and aloe vera gel are two of the most popular all-around natural moisturizers that are worth the try.


The right makeup can make a maturing woman look younger. For the 30-something, divert the focus from fine lines around the eyes to the eyes themselves by applying eye makeup in neutral hues. Cover up those dark circles with concealer for bright and youthful peepers that look anything but aging.

Updating your beauty routine as you reach your 30s doesn’t have to be painful. These virtually painless and effective beauty enhancers prove that.

Buying Virgin Hair Extensions? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hair Extensions It’s fascinating to see how quick celebrities can change from one hairstyle to another. Your fave celebrity may be announcing the inspiration behind her new pixie ‘do one moment and then flaunting her mermaid curls at her next event.

Hair extensions are the key to quick, Hollywood-style transformations. For natural-looking extensions, virgin remy hair from reputable suppliers such as is your best option. Before you go out to buy hair extensions for yourself, here are some things you need to know about authentic products:

What is Remy Hair?

“Remy” is a hair extension manufacturing term: The person collecting the hair gathers the hair into a ponytail and then cuts it just before the hair tie. They gather the hair in this manner so they can distinguish the root end from the tip end. Doing so will help preserve the hair’s texture and cuticle direction. After cutting the hair, the professional then washes and disinfects the locks before preparing it into wefts.

Virgin natural hair is remy hair that never went through harsh washes, bleaches, perms, or dyes. It is also comparably easier to maintain and style.

Finding Quality Virgin Remy Hair

There are a lot of hair extension products out in the market. How, then, do you make sure that what you are purchasing is authentic, quality remy hair?

  1. Color

The first thing to ask the supplier when looking for virgin hair is to ask about the available colors. The hair should come in a color that’s considered “natural” in its country of origin — it should not be “deep pink” or “ash gray” unless you specifically asked the supplier to dye it that way for you.

  1. Origin

Make sure that the hair extension you are considering is locally made. If you are buying Brazilian hair, for instance, check if the extensions are likewise made in Brazil. If the seller claims that the extensions were from a country that does not relate to the type of hair, request to see a certificate of authenticity. By being cautious, you can make sure that you bring home authentic virgin remy hair.

To achieve a red carpet-worthy look, it pays to ask the right questions about the authenticity of your extensions. While synthetic hair can be cheaper, it may not blend well with natural hair and allow as much freedom when styling.

Trendy Clothing: Guide in Dressing Up in Western Style

Western Style
Have you ever tried watching those bull riding sports or activities? Aren’t you in awe of the stylish attires spectators wear? Whether you are a spectator or a participant, everyone looks good in their comfy trendy clothes.

Cowboys are usually known for their perfectly shaped hat. In the 1800’s, choice of clothing for the cowboys is important because it plays an important role in their job or in their daily activities. People admire the women’s western wool vests at A.A. Callister, as well as their pointed chic boots.

When getting ready for rodeo season, plan on your outfit. Consider the basic clothing styles, culture, and your overall look.


Check on the shape as well as the material these hats are made of. There are felt hats and straw hats. Though felt hats are more expensive, it is more durable and definitely looks better.

Shirts or Dresses

It doesn’t matter whether it is a long sleeved or short sleeved button down shirt, they never go out of style. Cowgirls in dresses are the perfect sight. For you cowgirls out there who are confused on picking your outfit, you might want to check on the weather to guide you. You may want to add leggings or the women’s western wool vests just in case it gets cold.


Ripped jeans or shorts are always the winners in any rodeo event. Just make sure that it is not too tight or too loose.


Next to style is the comfort. Choose the boots that are both comfortable and eye-catching. Because rodeo events or activities may require a lot of standing, walking and dancing, flat boots may also be an option.

Try to mix and match trendy fashion pieces: the color, the style, the print as well as how comfortable it may be. Stick to the simple classic dress code. This is the most important rule in dressing in rodeo style.

Better Than Diamonds: Why Go for Alternative Gemstones?

Engagement Ring They say diamonds are every woman’s best friend. While this old adage seems trueto some extent, a diamond is not the stone that you can give to your partner during your marriage proposal. Here’s why opting for alternative gemstones is a wise decision.

Reduced Cost

Historically, the De Beers Company fuelled a high demand for diamonds as the top jewel for engagement rings. This resulted in a huge increase in diamond prices across the globe. Other jewels, on the other hand, kept a more reasonable market price.

Some people cannot find any practical reason for buying diamonds for engagement rings. explains that a wedding ceremony and reception can be both memorable and affordable. Choosing a less costly alternative to diamonds is a practical move, as it allows soon-to-be-married couples to manage their wedding expenditures, such as the venue rental, caterers and outfits.


Diamonds are difficult stones to shape because of their hardness. This is what makes them expensive as well. Choosing a “softer” gem like amethyst, pearl, opal, or jade as your engagement stone is far more practical, as you can create unique markings on it for a more personalised look.


Choosing other jewels to go with your engagement ring is a unique way of showing how much your loved one means to you. You may choose gems that go well with your partner’s eyes, her birthstone or even her favourite colour. These materials do not require the same type of frequent polishing and tending as diamonds, which means you can wear your ring all the time. You only need to clean them after a few months or occasionally, depending on the stone you have chosen.

Gemstones, precious metals and other unique materials can be a better option for you and your beloved when shopping for an engagement or wedding ring. Choose the one that fits your story and personal preferences. After all, the true priceless one is not the ring you bought, but the person you want to wear it.

Trendy Highlights: Exude Style and Confidence with Balayage

salons in Jumeirah

The new year is here, why not undergo a total transformation? A little experimentation never hurt anybody. If you want to start small but make a big impact, try starting with your hair. Your hair is, as they say, your crowning glory; it says a lot about you – your personality and your style.

You can change your hair in various ways: you can cut, colour, perm and straighten it. If you want modern, natural-looking highlights, then a balayage might be the hairstyle trend you are looking for.

What is Balayage?

This is a highlighting technique applied freehand, unlike others, which uses caps and foils to get the desired shade. By definition, this comes from the French word meaning ‘to paint or sweep’. Colourists only apply the balayage on the surface, which creates a softer effect compared to colouring through sections of hair.

This method gives the colourist more freedom as to where to place the colours, as compared to when they use foil, which requires precision.

Will It Work for You?

Why should you choose this highlighting technique? Well, it is low maintenance, since your roots are rarely touched and they look better with more sun exposure.

Whether you are sporting natural – wavy, straight or curly – or colour treated hair, it is not too late to switch to balayage; the results will be just as gorgeous. Whatever your hair colour is, it is the perfect highlighting technique to add depth and dimension to your features. Think of it as contouring for your face.

If you are not sure if this style will work for you, then places like Roots Salon may be able to help you.

Whether you are getting a haircut or colouring your hair, consult with experts before you make a decision, as they know which style suits you best, and make sure your money is well spent. Schedule an appointment at your local salon and greet the new year with a new look.

Black Market Braces and Rubber Bands: The DIY Trend

Dental BracesHaving perfect teeth is now the norm and those who are unfortunate enough to have crooked and misaligned teeth are either looking for ways to straighten their chompers or leaving them alone. Whilst leaving them alone can lead to health conditions that go beyond the mouth, there are those seeking help to straighten their teeth to beautify their smiles.

Various orthodontic appliances are available on the market and these include braces, which come in ceramic and traditional metal; palatal expanders; and Invisalign braces, clear aligners that have great before and after results.

DIY Braces

Sadly, some people are taking matters into their own hands. Do-it-yourself braces are now the thing and different materials are used as alternatives to orthodontic appliances to straighten their teeth. These started after the trend blew up and went viral on video streaming sites, such as YouTube.

The cheapest and most common items used for DIY braces are rubber bands and they use these by placing them around the teeth in an attempt to push teeth closer together, especially for gaps. Another thing that these people use is dental floss and some of them even buy black market options.

The Consequences

The most obvious reason you should not opt for DIY braces is that it is dangerous and it can damage your teeth and your gums. Just how bad can the damage be, you ask: there are a number of possible complications that can occur, such as gum damage, tooth loss, tooth fractures and root damage. As for serious medical complications, non-sterile items can cause bacteria spread an infection into the bloodstream.

As for those bought from the black market, you are not even sure if the materials used are safe and sanitary. There is a possibility of its parts coming loose and you can even swallow these.

Getting braces may cost a bit of money, but imagine the damage DIY braces can give you. You may need more than just braces to get your smile back.

4 Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Bride from AustinDuring a wedding, every single eye will be directed to the bride and the groom. This is a much-awaited day of celebration because you’re finally tying the knot and starting a life with your soul mate. As a bride, you have to look your best and put your best foot forward not just for the guests but more importantly, for yourself.

Here are some things you can do even before the big day comes to look like a million bucks on your wedding day.

Get Manicures Regularly

The moment you post on social media and start telling people that you’re engaged, one of the things you’ll always hear them say is if they could see the ring. Of course, their eyes will focus on the ring, but it wouldn’t hurt to get your nails primed and pampered to match the beauty of the ring.

Whiten Your Teeth

Your smile will take the spotlight throughout your wedding day. That’s why you can try to improve it just a little bit by whitening your teeth. This will help you become more confidently beautiful in front of the camera. Use whitening toothpaste and strips, plus do away from coffee, soda, and tea if you can.

Taking Care of Your Hair

If your hair is dry or you have many split ends (or if you have pretty much any problems with your hair), then it’s time to visit a hair stylist to help you get the treatment you need. Luscious and silky hair will definitely look good in a bride. You must also hire a stylist in Austin who can do your wedding hair to help you look your best, Red Stella Salon suggests.

Start Working Out

The wedding planning will keep you busy, but you should still try to work out and be more toned for your wedding day. Working out will not only make you look sexier. It can also detoxify your skin and give you a boost of energy and, plus endorphins will help you handle stress better.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely be the best-looking bride ever.

A Guide to Fangirling: Getting Your Virtual Boyfriend to Notice You

A concertYou go crazy when his music video pops up on the TV screen. You clutch at the nearest person for dear life every time you hear his song on the radio. Your family and friends think your obsession is ridiculous, but you would not want your life any other way.

When, one day, he finally holds his concert in your country. You are beaming with excitement when you held the ticket you bought from, let’s say, The Ticket Merchant. Now is the time to come up with Plan A to C for him to notice you.

Plan A. Dress in an outrageous costume

The secret is to always stand out from the crowd. You know you will do anything for him, so try to think of an outfit that the other fans would not think of. Dress up in a wedding gown, his favourite food or you can even dress like him. Your creativity is your limit. After all, you know practically everything about him; use that to your advantage.

Plan B. Carry a noticeable banne

Think of a witty statement, a creative drawing or his name in huge bold writing. MTV shared some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd with the help of your banner. To be more noticeable, install battery-powered led lights that will be a perfect distraction during his performances.

Plan C. If all else fails, scream loudly when it is silent

You have to time this one out because you will be filled with so much emotion that you cannot think clearly. It is pretty easy and is a sure win if you do it right. For instance, during his introductions to a certain performance, shout “I love you” loudly and he will surely scream it back.

You will go through a lot of preparation before the concert, but it will be worth it. It does not even matter if all your plans fail because you will never forget the feelings you get during the concert.