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Termite Types: 3 Kinds That Infest Your Homes

Termite InfestationTermites and ants are often confused with each other since they have similarities in appearance. While ants are relatively harmless, termites are not and can cause damages to your home. Therefore, distinguishing termites from ants is important.

Before hiring termite control, Greenside Pest Control suggests making sure that your home is indeed infested with one. Termites have uniform sized wings and straight antennae, while ants have larger wings in front and smaller ones at the back and have elbowed antennae.

Below are the different types of termites that people commonly find in their properties:

1. Drywood

Drywood termites are the easiest to identify because of the hexagonal pellets they leave behind. These types of termites eat untreated wood from within and eventually create a hollow. Your infected wood can wither and fall down when touched. This type of termites is destructive one and can only be eliminated through fumigation. Drywood termites are found in wooden window sills, walls, and floorings.

2. Subterranean

Subterranean termites, on the other hand, survive in a damp and moist environment. Therefore, this type is mostly found underground. Subterranean termites are the most destructive because they work fast and they work large. The queen and king termites have many workers that work from the soil around your homes towards your properties through mud tunnels.

3. Dampwood

Dampwood termites are the least destructive of them all. They’re often found in highly moisturized places like water leaks and woodpiles around your home, thus their name. This type is also easier to identify because they are larger than subterranean and drywood termites. Your wooden furniture, floors, and ceilings are prone to dampwood infection, especially if you don’t maintain the humidity in your home.

Knowing the type of termites that invade your home can help your termite extermination company identify the right kind of treatment to keep your home termite free.

4 Small Things That Could Cost Your Company More Money

professional cleaning service in Salt Lake CityWhen you’re running an SME, you need to make every dollar count towards your brand’s success. Any wasted resource can mean capital that could have been spent towards marketing, hiring another assistant, or even a launch event.

What you may not know is that the most harmless thing could be the reason you seem to be spending too much on overhead expenses. Here’s what some experts say you may be doing that is bad for cutting costs:

1. Failing to maintain your appliances.

When you don’t clean your air-conditioning and heating units, they use more energy. A full refrigerator or a dirty microwave oven at work also consume more electricity. Make sure that you hire the most trustworthy office cleaning company that Salt Lake City has to offer. They should clean your appliances to make them work efficiently and a lot more.

2. Working in a dusty area.

When you have to deal with a huge quantity of inventory, especially paperwork, your office can gather dust. If your employees have allergies, then you’ll find that you lose productivity if they’re always sneezing or feeling awful. If your workers get sick too often, consider cleaning your office to minimize bacteria and dust.

3. Leaving all your equipment plugged in.

Always unplug your computers, fax machines, heating units, copy machines, printers and other equipment when you’re not using them. They still consume electricity and if you add up those little costs every month, you’ll end up with an amount you wish you had at the end of the year.

4. Wasting paper and ink.

Training everyone how to use the printer efficiently and giving your employees a quota of supplies every week can help reduce waste. Replacing your old printer might also be a good idea since many printers today have smart technology that uses cartridges that produce less ink.

Maintaining your office regularly can really help you save money and can make your workers healthier, work more productively and even gain more clients. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Seal Coating is Preventive: Setting Expectations and Limitations

Asphalt Background

Asphalt Background

Asphalt seal coating is one of the most effective preventive and maintenance measures for your driveway. It fulfills its purpose when the proper type of pavement sealer is applied, at the right time and interval.

But like everything else, the process of applying a sealer is not magic. It can be beneficial to your asphalt driveway in many ways, but too often, contactors oversell its capabilities to customers who don’t know any better.

Here’s the truth: seal coating services provide nothing more than cosmetic enhancement and protection for your driveway. And, with the right application, it might just extend the driveway’s lifespan by 20 years.

Here’s What Seal Coating Will Do:

  • Add aesthetic appeal to the pavement
  • Protect your driveway from gas and oil spillage, oxidation from the sun, and deterioration from de-icing chemicals
  • Seal small cracks
  • Help melt snow and ice faster because of its deep black color, which retains heat from the sun
  • Create a smooth surface that makes sweeping and cleaning the pavement so much easier
  • Extend the life of a driveway by 20 years if used as part of a preventive maintenance program

Here’s What Seal Coating Will NOT Do:

  • Provide structural value for an asphalt driveway that’s been neglected for 10 years, eroded, and covered with cracks
  • Level or repair low spots
  • Add many years of life to a deteriorating, neglected asphalt driveway
  • Resurface asphalt
  • Protect the asphalt with only one coat of spray

Why Seal Coating is Still a Worthy Investment

Even by realistic standards, seal coating is still a worthy investment.

It provides protection against asphalt’s three biggest enemies: water, sun’s UV rays, and vehicle oil. These three things shorten asphalt longevity.

Oxidation from the sun, rain, and snow, as well as freeze and thaw cycles, all contribute to the deterioration of the driveway. They cause the binders to crumble and chip away, exposing the next layer of binders, only to repeat the process all over again.

Without treatment or a seal coating, the asphalt surface deteriorates until it fails completely.

Seal coating, if done right, can slow down this process and prolong the life of an asphalt driveway. What’s more, it can seal small surface cracks and renew old asphalt surfaces that have dried and weakened with age.

For you, this means saving thousands of dollars from replacement costs.

It’s worth noting that seal coating provides a stunning black surface ideal for painting lines and markers on your driveway. Because of its dark color, it attracts more heat from the run. The hotter it gets, the more pliable and crack-resistant it becomes during traffic.

It’s also worth emphasizing that seal coating is only as good as its application. This is where an experienced and competent contractor comes in. You can do the job yourself if your driveway is in fairly decent shape and you are willing to go through the trouble of buying the right materials and following the suggested guidelines.

Remember that there’s more to seal coating than rolling a layer of sealer. If you don’t have the commitment or the basic knowledge of seal application, best turn to the professionals.

To make the most of your money and get the best results, find the right people to do it.

Civil Engineering Accomplishments That Help Save Valuable Crops And Lives

Dam in Australia

Dam in AustraliaDams are among the most important structures in Australia. These are considered as civil engineering accomplishments that save crops, livestock, and most of all, the lives of people in Australia, without which, survival may be hard.

Engineering has always made a huge difference in the lives of humans. It has made life easier and has in fact been known to contribute to the survival of humankind. The accomplishments of engineering have allowed crops and livestock to flourish, which eventually made it possible for humans to exist both in ancient and modern times.

Growing Crops

According to Aus Thru Time, Australia is the driest continent on earth. Because of this, growing crops is not a very easy task. Without the proper irrigation and water source, crops tend to die, which will soon leave the population hungry. Thankfully, great engineering minds came up with the dam. Yes, that’s right. Dams play a huge role in ensuring that there will be crops that would grow and feed people.

Dams and Crops

So what is the role that dams play in growing crops? Well, for one, according to the Australian Water Association, dams benefit domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors. They act as the huge water reservoir that keeps farms irrigated. With proper irrigation, crops are watered and they get to fight off the heat and the dryness of the atmosphere. Not only will the crops benefit, but livestock, which also requires water to survive will benefit as well.

More Dams

With the population simply growing each year, more crops would be needed to satisfy and serve the demand for food. In the same vein that there would be more dams that will be utilised to cater such an expansion. Companies that will be constructing these dams can make use of estimating software for civil engineering like Pronamics to ensure that proper estimates are made, which would eventually lead to the dam being finished on time. This will be the most likely outcome since the estimating software will help in eradicating issues that are often associated with improper estimates.

Indeed, dams are among the finest civil engineering accomplishments that have made a huge difference in the lives of humans. Without the ingenuity and skill of the engineers, the dams would not have been erected. Crops and livestock would not have been able to survive.

The Role of Temporary Fencing in Controlling Crowds During Large Events

Temporary FencingLive concerts and other huge events are highly profitable for the venue owners and the organisers, but they can also be difficult to manage. One main concern would be crowd control. Fortunately, there is variety of tools and ways to secure an event; temporary fencing is a prime example.

Here are some situations wherein temporary fencing plays a big role in keeping the crowd and venue secure.

Keeping Non-Event Goers Out

Live events held in open areas would require some sort of deterrent for those who have not bought any tickets. Temporary fencing, which Superfence highly recommends, can provide an enclosure that would keep gate crashers out. Some might insist on entering by climbing fences, but augmenting your security with proper event staffing should take care of that problem.

Keeping the Lines Organized

Line organisation is a common problem in events because of the huge number of attendees. Temporary fencing can serve as a guide for lines and a funnel for crowds, helping the organisers monitor the number of attendees and manage the direction of the crowd. You can remove the fence when most of the spectators are already in the venue.

Keeping Event Goers from Entering Restricted Areas

Temporary barriers are a perfect tool for crowd control and management. Some attendees might get lost or get curious and end up entering restricted or potentially dangerous areas. Organizers can avoid the risks by installing proper warning signs and using temporary fencing to prevent access to these places. Adding a few more security personnel can improve safety within the restricted areas and the entire venue.

Safety and security are primary concerns for event organizers. Experts recommend that event venues and organisers install temporary fencing if they are hosting an event that involves a large audience. It is a good investment, as it will keep the participants safe and will make the occasion successful.

Bead Blasting Your Guns: Is it a Good Idea?

Bead blastingAbrasive blasting has earned a place as a fine yet abrasive cleaning procedure that couples the thoroughness of sanding with the power of mechanisation to yield an effective and adaptable cleaning technique. The intensity of the clean varies depending on the material used. Quartz sand or tiny metal filings are perfect for heavy duty tasks while fine detail projects like gun polishing use spherical glass balls, silicon carbide or stainless steel.

Why Bead Blasting

Bead blasting guns will give you the reliability of abrasive blasting without gauging out the detail on the gun. This makes it a perfect approach to cleaning expensive collector guns that have either corroded or gathered tough dirt over time.

Bead blasting will not only retain the patina but also keep the high precision components of the gun in the right dimension. This is especially important to collectors who intend to keep the gun around for longer and each abrasive clean would count in the long run.

Different Bead Blasting Options

The most common approach that will work on your gun could be air blasting with the beads. Even though it needs more energy than its counterpart, wet bead blasting, the fact that you leave your gun dry is a plus in fighting corrosion.

Post-Blasting Cleaning

The tiny beads tend to remain lodged in the cleaned item calling for a thorough cleaning before reassembly and using. The regular gun cleaning procedure is efficient in removing regular grit and dirt. This should be more than enough to rinse off any remaining beads and leaves your gun usable.

Since bead blasting is easy to scale up, most gun owners would prefer blasting multiple guns at a go. In this way, you might land a discount from the cleaner. Moreover, you should consider working with a contractor who has experience in cleaning guns. Having bead blasting equipment isn’t guarantee that he or she will do the job right.

Purchasing Triggers: The Secrets to Dominating the Online Marketing Industry

Online MarketingThere are hundreds of online marketers and retailers around the world, and they sell thousands of different items and products over the Internet every day. With a competition this tough and huge, how can you make sure that customers will choose and buy your products?

It is important that you know what factors customers consider every time they shop. This is for you to convince them to buy your products instead of your competitors. Understanding buying triggers and working around them can help you guarantee a sale. Here are some examples:

  1. Price – Customers want to get their money’s worth, and they will not hesitate to switch to a different seller that offers a lower-priced product. As a retailer, PriceManager and marketing experts recommend having a competitive price monitoring system. This is to ensure that your product pricing is within market standards to prevent you from losing another customer.
  2. Product Description – Apart from photos of the items you’re selling, a detailed description can help customers in making the right decision. Be factual and truthful in describing, so customers know what they are getting. A comprehensive product description gives customers an impression that you know what you are selling.
  3. Customer Feedback – Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can affect consumers easily, and many of them usually take the advice of previous customers when buying a product. If your website has many positive reviews and high ratings from previous clients, it is likely that customers will buy from you.
  4. Perks on Total Cost – If lowering the price of your products isn’t possible, you can still entice customers by offering extras that will make their purchase worthy, such as discounted shipping fees, free delivery charges, or additional bonus items.
  5. Convenience – Online shopping is supposed to be easy, so don’t give customers a difficult time. Make sure that all items are on-hand and are readily available for shipping.
  6. Transparency – A common fear among online shoppers is that they might not get the items as promised. By stating a clear warranty and return policy, you can make the customers feel comfortable in proceeding with their transactions.

Online marketing can be difficult and the competition can get serious. Being aware of what your customers look for when they buy an item sets your business way ahead of your competitors.

Get a Better Grip on Your Pest Control Business, Use a Robust Software

pest controlWithout proper controls, your pest control business could easily go under. A closer look at all strategies you use to rein in pests should be in order. While pesticides maybe convenient, history will tell us they may not be the best alternative. 

It’s incumbent therefore that the right pest control methodology be used. And why running your business with a nifty software is key.

The End Doesn’t Justify the Means

When DDT was first used as a pesticide right after WWII, everyone hailed it as heaven-sent. It didn’t take long for it to be a choice pesticide for many as the chemical is toxic enough for a wide range of pests – not to mention cheap.

However, DDT today is considered a toxic substance as use of the powerful chemical was banned in 1972. To the horrors of the public, a monumental study by the United States Public Health Service over restaurants and institutional meals found DDT present in every single meal reviewed.

While DDT’s fate sound extreme, it shows getting your methodologies in order as a pest control enterprise is paramount – exactly why the Environment Protection Agency constantly reviews pesticides.

Employing the Right Strategy

Fret not, however; utilizing business software for pest control, suggests, could be just the leverage you need to save your day.

For starters, the robust set of codes will allow you to handle your office more efficiently. As order management, marketing, reporting is all integrated via the business software you will have greater time to tackle on what best strategy to use to do away with harmful chemicals in your business. Note that the right strategy is a dealmaker – defining your enterprise way above your closest competition.

Also, know that using pesticides shouldn’t be a convenient choice but rather a ‘last choice’ when all else fails, Green Advisor details. Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, for instance, you will be able to incorporate certain aspects of a facility’s operation to curtail the necessity of using pesticides.

With a pest control business software, excellence shouldn’t be a tall order for your pest control enterprise.

Which Stove Should You Pick – Electric or Gas?


StoveNo kitchen is complete without a stove. However, what kind should you buy? It is actually a choice between two types: gas and electric. Both have their own pros and cons, so the better one depends entirely on your personal needs.

Every homeowner faces the decision between these two stove types. Before you pick one, it is best to know the qualities each one offers:

Gas Stoves

The biggest advantage to using gas is that it is simply better to cook with. There is a reason almost all professional chefs prefer to use gas stoves and ovens. You get an immediate, constant flame that you can easily adjust, and the heat cooks food much more evenly. Homeowners that love to spend time in the kitchen will definitely appreciate the difference.

Gas cooktops in NZ are also more cost-efficient if your home already has a gas line. Over the long-term, this amounts to major energy savings. Finally, you will not have to worry about not being able to cook during a power outage.

Electric Stoves

Many homeowners love how easy to clean an electric stove is when compared with a gas one. Electric stoves are also significantly less expensive. When you consider that you will not have to install a gas line, too, if you do not have one yet, the immediate cost savings are definitely attractive.

Safety is a bit of a mixed bag; not having an open flame means that it is less likely to burn someone or something by accident, but a still-hot electric element is not very obvious to the naked eye compared to actual fire.

Lastly, electric stoves take up less space and can even double as a counter when not in use, making electric stoves great for amateur cooks with smaller kitchens.

You need to consider a number of factors when purchasing a stove and ensure that what you buy fits your lifestyle.

Importance of the Clarifier Component in Water Treatment

Clarifier Component

Clarifier ComponentClean water is an important resource. We often take it for granted because it comes out so easily out of the tap. However, there is usually more in untreated water than we want, which is why a water treatment facility in a community is essential. For home use, however, you need different types of water treatment systems for specific problems. The clarifier part always has an important role.

Water problems

The type of treatment system you choose will depend on the water problem you have. The most common problem is hard water, which has too much calcium and magnesium. It could be clogging up the pipes, damaging water heaters, and other household equipment.  Other reasons for water treatment is to improve the smell and taste of drinking water, and to prevent discoloration of clothes and surfaces.

Water treatment systems

There are many types of water treatment to improve the water quality for the home. The main purpose of water treatment systems is to remove sediments and minerals that may be harmful.

The most popular include:

  • Carbon filtration
  • Distillation
  • Ion exchange
  • Reverse osmosis
The role of the clarifier

Each of these systems will always have a clarifier component. The clarifier is usually at the first stage of treatment, where it collects large bits of stuff you want to remove before it gets to the actual filter or treatment stage. By removing the worst of the problem, the clarifier part helps keep the filter working in top form.

Water treatment starts in the industrial facility in the community, but it does not end there. You can make sure your water is safe with the right treatment system in place. Clean water at home is necessary to keep your household safe.