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Sewage Treatment: An Unlikely Source of Energy

Someone drawing the concept of an energy efficient house Converting waste to energy is still an emerging, yet potent technology. One of these methods uses sewage or wastewater treatment for energy production.

The scientific community has already deemed current energy production rates unsustainable; partly due to increasing energy consumption, and partly because of their inefficiency. Fossil fuels are still the dominant energy source, responsible for an increase of 75% in power consumption.

Creating a sustainable method of reliable, cost-effective power generation has long been a challenge. Alternative energy is increasingly becoming the focus, with waste-to-energy demonstrating considerable potential. Industry experts have calculated that converting all biosolids produced by the United States into biomass energy would generate an astonishing 7 million megawatts of energy.

Compared to the entire wind power capacity of the US, which only amounts to an estimated 43,000 megawatts, sewage-to-energy is not only efficient but also environment-friendly.

No waste in waste

Sewage sludge treatment is the management and disposal process for sewage sludge created during wastewater treatment. Initial treatment via circular clarifier, similar to those on regular water treatment facilities, captures organics and other solids through gravitational sedimentation. The subsequent process treats the wastewater through consumption of the organics by microorganisms.

These plants then use anaerobic digestion for on-site heat and electricity generation, which makes use of the methane gas produced in the process.

Alternatives in algae

Other research probes the use of nutrient-rich wastewater to grow algae. Algae are convertible to biofuel, a viable alternative to gasoline. Utilizing algae in wastewater treatment offers advantages to conventional treatment processes. Among them are its low energy requirement, reduced sludge formation, and algal biomass yield.

Algae-based water treatment also helps eliminate toxic compounds in from wastewater, further proving its benefits in wastewater-based energy production.

Converting waste to energy provide an immense advantage to power generation and lessening harmful environmental effects. Instead of piling waste on landfills, they have the potential to serve as useful, adequate resource.

Prevent Blockages in Your Drainpipes

Clogged PipeIt’s never pleasant when a drain gets clogged up. Worse, this seems to happen during the most inconvenient moments, such as when you’re entertaining a houseful of guests or when the rain is pouring and it’s past midnight. You may not clear up all drain problems or even prevent one from happening forever, but there are ways to reduce the risk of it happening too often.

Pay Attention to Repetitive Clogs

If you have a problem with a clog that seems to keep coming back, even if it’s just once every year, don’t ignore it. Have a licensed plumber do professional drain cleaning. Salt Lake City plumbing companies such as Whipple Service Champions are typically equipped with the right tools to end your drain clog problem, even a remote camera that can show them what’s causing the blockage.

Watch Where You Dispose of Laundry Water

A drain clogging problem that happens frequently in your laundry room may be due to the water discharged from your washing machine. Clothes leave lint in the water after they’re washed, and all that lint can catch in your drain and cause a blockage. To prevent this from happening, install a lint trapper or catcher in your washing machine drain hose. It’s a cheap yet effective way to end the issue.

Dispose of Cooking Oil Properly

Don’t dispose of used cooking oil in your drain. If the oil is hot, it can melt plastic parts of the drain. And when it cools down, it turns into a sticky goo that can get trapped in there. Other food particles that find their way into your drain may get trapped in that sticky mess and cause a clog. Let used cooking oil cool in a coffee mug or bottle then dispose of it properly.

Don’t Trust Your Kitchen Sink Disposal Unit to Grind Everything

Your disposal is there to make sure food particles are ground to tiny bits, but do not overwork it. Scrape all that food from your plates and dispose of it properly, before washing your dishes in the sink. Your disposal’s job is to catch the food your scraping didn’t.

Be Careful What You Pour into Your Drain to Clean It

Not all drain cleaners are safe for your plumbing. Some, such as drain-cleaning bacteria, may be safer than others. But the best way to clear a drain is to call a plumber instead. You don’t know what damage that store-bought chemical might do to your pipes. You might end up paying more for repairs.

A clogged drain can cause more inconvenience than you think. It is nasty, smells bad, and may even cause health concerns. So make sure to avoid causing the clog yourself.

Reasons to Rent Construction Equipment Over Buying Them

Construction EquipmentConstructing an office building or a housing complex does not mean just getting the right building material and creating it. It also involves a viable layout plan, skilled workers, and the use of specialised machinery for removing the debris, transporting the raw materials, and carrying out excavation and demolition. The collaboration of all these factors can help in constructing the structure of your dreams.

The specialised equipment used includes several types of machinery; to meet this need there are many companies that offer construction equipment and excavator rentals. There are many benefits in renting out such machinery and equipment rather than buying them. Some of the benefits are discussed here.

  • Saving up on the investment and maintenance

Renting the construction equipment will help you saving money as you save on the investment you will make on purchasing them. It is true that it is only a one-time investment but it can eat into your finances. Moreover, if you need these machines only occasionally, it is best to rent it.

If you buy them, it is possible that they will remain idle for long periods. You can also save on maintenance if your rent the machinery, which can be very high, especially if they lie idle for long. If the machinery breaks down, you should get it repaired if you own them. But if you rent them, your duty is only to keep it safely, as maintenance and repairs will be taken care of by the rental companies.

  • Pick the right and modern equipment

When you opt to rent them, you can pick the suitable, the latest and most productive construction equipment. This is not possible if you buy them; as buying the latest equipment every time you need them is not feasible. The rental companies maintain and give on hire the latest equipment, so renting them is a more efficient option.

Finally, when you rent an equipment, the rental company will cover the insurance and any other tax that might be required. But if you own the equipment you should shell out for insurance and licenses too. Thus hiring is a better alternative to buying construction equipment.


Metal Recycling: To You and the Environment’s Benefit

metal recycling
Metal surrounds you everywhere here in New Zealand. Metal is used for construction, plumbing, sports equipment, and many other areas and industries. With the amount of metal used by people, it is vital to practice metal recycling. Metal recycling benefits the environment in many ways, such as ore conservation or energy conservation.

The Real Winners of Recycling

Indirectly, people also benefit from metal recycling. Through it, you are able to continually use metals without fears of metal reserves running out. At the same time, there will be more energy for the future use since energy conservation is one of the benefits of metal recycling. With these benefits to humans, you can choose to help protect the environment through metal recycling.

Metal Hunt

You can give scrap metal that you have to companies in Auckland such as Metal Salvage Services Ltd. Some metallic materials, pieces, equipment are easy to spot. Nonetheless, to give you a basic guide to the types of metals you can salvage here is a short guide.


The first type of metal you can salvage is ferrous metal. Cast iron, heavy steel, light grade steel, and ferrous inorganic materials are all ferrous metals. They are heavy and magnetic. Things belonging to ferrous metals include construction steel, car bodies, and brake drums.


Non-ferrous metals are the second salvageable category of metals. Aluminium, copper, lead, brass, and stainless steel all belong to non-ferrous metals. These metals are significantly lighter. They are more valuable as well than ferrous metals.

Non-Ferrous Materials

You can find aluminium in mag wheels, pots and pans, registration plates, window frames, and brake boosters, among others. You can find copper and brass in piping mainly. Stainless steel is used for sinks, for example. Finally, lead can be found in piping as well as batteries.

You can identify metals you can give to recyclers with the previous guide. The more you bring the, better for you since recycling companies pay people for the metals they deliver. You may not earn that much from metal recycling, but you may earn enough to buy small things you need.

Whitening Your Teeth: Aim for a Natural-Looking Result

Dental Clinic in Highlands RanchWhen your smile is yellow, dull, or stained, teeth whitening procedures and products can brighten its hue. In most cases, improvements to two to three shades are enough to see noticeable changes in your teeth’s color. Note that your goal should be focused on having white teeth that still look natural.

Cosmetic dentistry experts in Highlands Ranch note that the degree of how white your teeth can get will depend on a variety of factors. It may depend on the type of bleaching method used or the level of active ingredients or bleaching agents present in the whitener. Sometimes, your teeth’s natural color and the way you respond to the procedure may also affect the results.

Dentist’s Methods

Laser or light-activated procedures often give the most dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. The only downside, of course, is that it is more expensive than other whitening treatments. There is also a custom mouthpiece made by your dentist. You will need to wear the appliance for several hours a day for about two weeks. It is cheaper than laser whitening, but the results are not immediate.

Over-the-Counter Products

There are also whitening products available in supermarkets and drugstores. While they are more affordable, they have lower concentrations of bleaching agents and active ingredients. This means that produce less dramatic results. Some whitening toothpastes may only remove surface stains, but not actually whiten teeth.

Longevity of Results

The bleaching results may last for a few years, but daily care is important. Those who don’t smoke and don’t drink coffee or tea can enjoy the effect of whitening procedure for up to five years. If you, however, regularly drink coffee, tea, wine, and other teeth-staining foods, you are likely to see changes in your teeth color in a year or so. Touch-up treatments may be required.

It is easy to eliminate stubborn stains and brighten your smile with professional bleaching. If you’re considering a treatment, ask your dentist about the right method that will work well for your situation and budget. It is also important not to be obsessed with whitening, as this can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Background Checks: Checking Out the Best Practices You Can Follow

Background CheckBefore hiring a new employee, it is important to conduct a rigorous background check to know whether they are capable of performing the job at hand. Some job seekers, in order to get a job, resort to untruthful statements and exaggeration to meet the standards of the employers. According to a 2014 Career Build Survey, 58% of hiring managers have caught a lie in resumes.

To avoid future headaches on troublesome employees, here are the four best practices for employment background checks:

Online Background Check

Before conducting a background check, be aware of the state’s law against discrimination in employment. Conduct a background check after the first interview. The Internet allows any employer to access online service to look for national police history and check criminal records. Fast Police Checks suggests considering the criminal records of an applicant only if it will be a hindrance for the job. It’s best not to discriminate since people change.

Social Media Third Party Mitigator

To lessen the violations of the law, most hiring managers use a third party to conduct the social media screening. The social media behavior of their applicants may often mirror their ability to work in certain environments and may contain history that could have contributed to a positive or negative outcome if ever they were employed.

Contacting Past Universities and Employers

The applicant’s history with their university and employers can give hiring managers a general idea of how they are in their general surroundings. In conducting this, the hiring managers should ask first for consent from the applicant to avoid complications.

Conducting the Reference Interview

A professional interview with the reference could give employers first-hand knowledge of the history of the applicant. It could explain the inconsistencies in the resume and employment history and pinpoint several faults and strengths of the applicant.

Employers should consider the tips above to make certain that they are hiring the best person to fill in the available position in their company.

What to Consider When Choosing Your HVAC System

HVAC System Maintenance in Hernando Are you building a new home in Hernando County, Florida? One of the things you’ll have to go over in your construction is the HVAC system of your new property. Planning for an air conditioning and heating system installation can be a pain in itself. But doing it right can mean year round comfort in the Sunshine State.

There are a number of different systems in the market. What system should you get? Here is a short guide.

Heating Efficiency

Florida may have warm weather. But there are times when the temperature drops, so you’ll still need heating. Choose a system based on efficiency. You can get 80% efficiency heating systems that have simple unit designs. On the other hand, you can also get 90% or higher efficiency heating systems that are more reliable and more updated.

Type of Heating

You can also decide based on the type of heating. First, you have the single-stage system, which only turns on and off. Second, you have the two-stage system which has a high and low setting; this type is more efficient and flexible. Lastly, you have the modulating system, which allows you to adjust the heating, at any point, between on and off.

Air Conditioning Factors

For your air conditioner, choose a system based on efficiency and capacity. On efficiency, consider a level starting from 13 SEER, the minimum legal standard. On capacity, work with your HVAC provider to determine the needed capacity relative to your home’s measurements and insulation values.

Maintenance Matters

Now you have to decide on a maintenance agreement with your HVAC provider. To choose, determine the cost of one maintenance session, and then compare it with the cost indicated in a maintenance contract. You can also do a background check on the service provider to ensure its credibility and reliability.

Once done, you can finally rest and not worry about your HVAC system.

How Social Media Can Help You Exceed Your Target Market’s Expectations

Social Media Marketing in Red HillIn today’s digital landscape, you must realise how valuable having social media marketing is. Without investing in digital marketing and advertising campaigns, you may experience a huge loss in your market share.

There is an increasing number of social network users in the world. Through the incorporation of social media marketing in your campaigns, not only you will get the attention of your target market, you can also win their trust and loyalty. Use this strategy to meet and exceed your customers’ expectation.

Meeting and Exceeding the Quality of Service Your Customers Expect

One of the most important responsibilities of each member of your organisation is to prioritise customer satisfaction. You need to ensure everyone who wants to transact with your business will be happy with your products or services. Digital marketing experts from made4media recommend establishing an excellent means of communication with your team and your target market.

With properly developed and implemented social media marketing campaigns, you can easily and continuously respond to your potential and existing clients. Since most consumers nowadays want to get the best value for their money, they usually ask many questions. With that in mind, use all of your social media assets to promote your business and talk to your customers.

Establishing Roots Online and Reinforcing Them for Greater Authority

Your social media marketing efforts greatly contribute to your brand’s online presence and authority. Regardless of how well developed your website is, you are just wasting precious resources if the public does not even know it exists.

To get the attention of social users, maximise the use of your social media campaigns. Some of the best tricks include updating your content regularly, sharing valuable and interesting information, launching new products or services and providing details about your current promotions or deals.

You can only exceed your customers’ needs and expectations if you know them. Use social media to communicate with your target customers and promote your products and services.

How to Find the Best Mortgage Rate in Prove, Utah

Mortgage Rate in RivertonFinding the best mortgage rate in Provo is just a single aspect of the multi-faceted process of finding a lender. However, once you find the lender that offers the lowest rate, you are one more step closer to hitting your goal.

It’s no secret that buying a house can be one of the scariest, most unnerving things you’ll have to do in your life. But once you find the perfect house and the best financing option for your needs, you soon realize all the stress and confusion was worth it.

Here are the steps you need to do to find the lender that offers the best mortgage rate for you.

1. Clean up your credit.

The higher your FICO score, the better. The lowest rates are offered to buyers with a score of 760 and above, although you can qualify for a home loan if your score is at least 620. However, with better credit, you can count on lower interest rates and more loan choices.

2. Do your comparison shopping.

Don’t just rely on a lender recommended by your agent. Look for them yourself. Online tools such as Bankrate and Zillow are both good sources of loan rates. You can key in your information and they will provide a list of lenders offering the lowest rates for your situation.

3. Offer a huge down payment.

Paying more upfront can save you more in monthly mortgage payments in the long run. Lenders consider a 20% down payment as low risk, giving you better mortgage rates, while a 5% down payment elicits higher monthly payments.

4. Consider adjustable rates.

If you’re planning to stay in the house for a short time, go for an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), then sell your home before the lender adjusts the rate. Making fixed mortgage payments with high interest for 30 years doesn’t make sense if you plan to stay in the house for only half a decade.

Finding the best lender can be complicated, but you don’t have to drown in the confusion if you stay organized and informed. The best lender should be able to give you the most competitive rate and provide the most seamless and stress-free process for you.

3 Reasons You Need a Security System for Your Homes and Business

Security System in Tauranga Early in 2016, a news report included Central Tauranga in the list of New Zealand’s Top 10 places most likely to be robbed or assaulted. The figures were based on the findings from the Statistics New Zealand. In 2015 alone, Central Tauranga reported 167 victims of assault, robbery and sexual assault in public. The recorded rate was 14 times higher than the entire country’s average based on population.

The news stresses the need to for increased security in residential homes, commercial buildings and establishments. Here are 3 no-nonsense reasons why you need to get security alarms in Tauranga or anywhere in New Zealand for both your home and business.

  1. It protects your home and your entire family

The most obvious reason for getting a security alarm system is that it protects your family from intruders. In Erwin Blackstone and Simon Hakim’s book, Securing Home and Business, they explained that homes that don’t have any security systems are 2.7 more likely to be ‘targeted by a burglar’. By simply having a visible security camera outside of your establishment or homes, it helps deter any wrongdoers for the fear of getting caught on tape.

  1. It protects your home and/or establishment from arson

Security products such as CCTV cameras can help prevent any potential arsonist. Security cameras are now able to capture footages of wrongdoers, which make it then easier to pinpoint and catch them in the act. Security cameras also help monitor activities within and outside of business hours. In cases of accidental fires, response teams can get to it faster because it is being monitored 24/7.

  1. It helps you manage electricity usage

A security system can also help you monitor electricity usage in both your homes and commercial establishments. This is great for households and business owners who want to maintain low energy costs, but that’s not all. The system can help you turn off lights or electrical appliances that you forgot to turn off before you left. Another great benefit is the ability to turn on heating and/or cooling equipment before you walk inside your homes. No more freezing or sweating in the hallway.

There are many more reasons why you need a security system in your property but these three are the tops ones you need to remember. It’s a great investment that not only protects your property but also helps increase its value in the market should you decide to rent or sell.