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Jobs in IT Give the Biggest Salaries in Auckland

Jobs in Auckland If you finished a college degree in an information technology course, you should look for job vacancies in Auckland, New Zealand.

A recent Absolute IT report revealed that those working in the city’s industry earn more than their counterparts in other areas. The median base salary rate for IT professionals in Auckland amounted to $84,750, even higher than the rate in Wellington.

Nationwide, that rate also surpassed the median base salary of $80,000, according to the report.

Stable Salaries

While the country’s median base salary for IT jobs remained stable in the past 12 months, Auckland’s salary growth allowed it to become the highest-paying region for the IT sector for the first time. However, factors such as a limited number of skilled workers and cost of living—Auckland is the fourth most expensive city in New Zealand—have played a role in the increase in wages.

As employers also compete to clinch highly qualified candidates, you can expect to choose from several job offers if your credentials are best suited for the job. These companies are not just willing to pay more, but also intend to add bonuses and certain benefits.

Jobless Numbers

The number of people without jobs in the country rose to 5.2 per centin the last quarter of 2016, primarily due to migrants moving into New Zealand in pursuit of employment. The employment rate also increased, although at a mere 0.8 per cent.

Some economists attributed the increase in unemployment due to New Zealand’s strong economy continues to attract foreign people to try their luck in the labour market.


New Zealand’s unemployment rate could make it harder for you to find a job, but having the right attitude and mindset should be one of your priorities. Those who succeed in getting out of employment are not just skilled; they also do not give up readily when faced with failure and rejection.





4 Common Construction Cost Estimation Mistakes to Avoid

Computerized Cost Estimation

When it comes to cost estimation in the construction business, accuracy is the name of the game. Small mistakes, especially when dealing with expenses, can punch holes in your construction plan. This is why you shouldn’t take this lightly or put it on the back burner for so long.

The worse thing that can happen than a construction job gone bad is not knowing why it happened. Often, it all leads to sloppy cost estimation. Here are some estimation blunders you would want to avoid at all cost:

Not being on the same page with your client

A construction plan should be agreed upon by both parties. Make sure you understand what your client wants or ideas they want to happen. Get down to the details and don’t stop at sketches. Only when you have a clear plan can construction estimating be done.

Rushing the job

Cost estimation can be time-consuming, especially if you’re using a stick method. It’s better to take things slowly and get the estimation right the first time than rushing the job and paying for consequences later. Many industry experts use computerized construction estimating platforms for more accurate computations.

Not understanding the market

When doing cost estimates, you need to have a feel of the market. Material demands and pricing often fluctuate. They could catch you off-guard if you don’t pay close attention to what’s happening. It’s also best to know the logistics of getting the materials, as it can affect a project’s cost.

Not considering newer computing platforms

The construction industry has come a long way from doing estimation everything by hand. Now, there are a lot of reliable computing estimating software that can help you make efficient and accurate estimates. This saves you from common problems associated with doing estimates longhand.

Accuracy comes after careful planning. You want your construction business to be known for making your clients’ dream projects come true —​ not ruin them. It all starts with a good cost estimating practice and proper planning.

Managing Aviation Fuel Costs for Aircraft Businesses

The Aircraft Business

The Aircraft BusinessAs aviation fuel prices rise — either because of inflation or contributing global factors — owners of general aviation and business aircraft face the never-ending task of adjusting their fuel costs to keep clients happy without losing out on profits. Given the situation, it seems like a problem that won’t go away soon.

There are, however, ways for aircraft businesses to minimize profit losses brought about by the increasing gas price and even save money. In a survey conducted by the National Business Aircraft Association, almost 98 percent of aircraft businesses stated fuel expenses were a concern — and they responded with these actions to cut costs.

Slow Down and Lighten the Plane

According to Aviation consultant website Conklin & de Decker, conserving fuel by flying slower is a good option, especially for those who can accommodate the additional time on their travel plans. In addition to slowing the plane’s flight, aircraft owners can save more fuel by lessening the aircraft weight and drag. To decrease drag and increase flying efficiency, owners should do their best to keep the aircraft clean.

Install the Right Flight Management App

A Fixed Base Operator (FBO) management app, according to My Flight Solutions, can help FBOs and airline owners stay on top of their business’ needs. Equipping aircraft with the right management app can, in fact, increase efficiency throughout the air traffic system by letting operators and pilots take advantage of more direct routing. Better yet, more direct routes would eventually lead to lower fuel consumption.

Utilize Fuel Tankering

Some operators opt for tankering fuel, a process of purchasing fuel for cheap and transporting it on board the aircraft to avoid having to pay for expensive fuel elsewhere. This process would only work, however, if the added weight to the aircraft does not compromise efficiency to the point where fuel consumption is greater than the fuel saved by tankering.

These suggestions help reduce fuel expenses and lessen the risk of negatively affecting business revenue. Minimizing fuel costs will always be a constant struggle for airline business owners. Thus, business aircraft owners should always apply these cost-cutting fuel measures and keep track of the current fuel prices.

Know the Importance of Being in the First 3 Pages of SERPs

SEO Specialists in BrisbaneWhen you have a website, it is important that you seek an SEO specialist to make sure it lands on the first three pages of search engines so that you can maximise its revenue-generating potential.

Do you have a website? Chances are you already have especially if you have started your business just recently. Now next to this most basic question is this, “Where is your website on SERPs?” If you answer, “I do not know,” then there is a little problem that needs to be solved here. Why? If you do not have an idea as to where your website is at the moment, particularly at what page of SERPs, then your business has not yet reached its maximum potential.

Much Coveted SERPs

Do you have an idea what SERPs are? According to Small Biz Trends, Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs, are basically the pages where Google or any other search engine provide the results for the terms that you searched. Take Google for instance, have you noticed that when you search something, there’s Page 1, 2, 3, and so on? These are the pages and the resulting websites which Google came up with are the “results.” This is why it is SERPs.

Page 1 Wins the Race

Think about landing on page one of SERPs as a race. Why? Those websites that land on the first page are often the ones that end up being clicked by users. You must have experienced searching for something on Google and you simply clicked or “Opened in New Tab” the top five results on the first page. This is highly understandable because people today are busy and would not have all the time in the world to check out page two or three. In fact, best practices dictate that your initial aim is to land on the first three pages. After this is established, aim for page one and you will never go wrong.

The Journey Towards Page One

While being on Page one is basically the goal of every website, it is not a walk in the park. Google and other search engines have certain metrics that a website needs to comply with. An SEO specialist at Bambrick Media understands what these metrics are and they are equipped with the knowledge and experience that would be essential to fine tune your website. Remember, you are competing with millions of websites out there that are also vying to land on page one for a certain search string.

More Visits, More Revenues

According to Entrepreneur, if your website does not generate a lot of traffic, then it follows that your site is not also earning much. Remember that the more traffic your website gets, the more that it can generate income for you. So try to consult an SEO expert, so that you can be assured that your website parameters are in accordance with what search engines require.

Now it has become quite clear why your website would require professional help. Without one, you may not be able to see your website reach its maximum potential in terms of revenues or visit. The goal here is to be in the first pages of SERPs so that you will get more traffic. So start now because time is of the essence.

Benefits of Becoming a Paperless Organization

Paperless OrganizationWe are living in the age of the internet where information can be accessed with just a click of a button. So it makes sense that business, hospitals, and organizations should make that shift to becoming paperless. It’s not just about saving Mother Nature. If you go paperless, you also ensure that the information you’ve accumulated over the years from your clients, customers and patients will survive for generations (even forever) and despite security threats and natural disasters. Here are more benefits of becoming paperless.

Lower Costs

Paper is expensive. In fact, it can be said that it will become a novelty in the coming generations. With everyone shifting to the virtual world, rarely do you see organizations that still keep their files on paper. Of course, getting a software for this, such as an electronic medical record (EMR) software, may cost a lot. It’s easy to dismiss it as a cost rather than an investment but in the long run, it will help your business lower its expenses, says an expert from Raintree Systems.


These kinds of software solutions are all about convenience. Regardless of how structured your filing system is, you still go through a huge amount of files before getting to the one you need. With a paperless software solution, you only need to type in the keywords and voila, the information is displayed on the screen.


Paper is paper. In the unfortunate cases of fires and flood, years of records can be destroyed in a flash. Software solutions provide organizations with the peace of mind that their files are kept safe, forever, as long as they employ best practices in terms of cyber security, one of which is creating regular back-ups.

If have a practice in physical therapy, an EMR software can really help you not just improve your business efficiency but also prepare for growth.

Do Audiophiles Hear Things Only They Can Hear?

Audiophile in Singapore

Audiophile in SingaporeYou likely know one person who considers himself/herself an audiophile. Everyone knows the type: that person who owns pricey, high-end headphones and earbuds, or one who takes pride in his $1000 hi-fidelity subwoofer system that makes the ground shake due to its bass. Casio Singapore is among the top companies that deal with this kind of hi-fidelity audio stuff.

And then, there’s you, content with whatever headphones or MP3 files you listen to on your device. There’s no difference between what you and an audiophile listen to, right? Such a question is tricky, but there might be an explanation.

Is Hearing Ability Unique To One Another?

There’s this age-old ‘maxim’ that goes: “Everyone hears things differently.” Maybe it’s enough explanation as to why some people prefer the sound of the $300 Beats by Dre headphones over that of a $1500 Sennheiser HD800. Well, this may not be exactly true, but you get the gist.

Trained and untrained listeners from different social backgrounds were asked to test different-tiered headphones. The results are as follows. Between two audiophile-grade headphones and a highly commercialized hi-fi knockoff, listeners preferred one headphone regardless of listening background and social profile. And that headphone is the one with a smooth response, an extended bandwidth, and a bass that could simulate the output of a loudspeaker in a listening room.

The “Obsession”

Audiophiles can be incredibly obsessed folks. They’re enthusiasts like everybody else of the same mindset, albeit of their own chosen “field.” Speakers can easily fetch for five digits in this hobby of theirs. And one thing about audiophiles; they like it personalized. They often insist that their systems should sound the way they want them. But there will always be the itch to upgrade and tweak, to achieve their standard of perfection in sound.

How do they want it, you ask? It all lies in immersion. What they often want is a sound that is enveloping and enrapturing; one that pleases the senses. But then, this sensitiveness to sound can be unique to anyone—some may like to keep it as it is, while others would want to push the boundaries. It then reverts back to the concept of “hearing things differently.” Maybe audiophiles are just born with that acoustic sensibility that not everybody has.

Things You Need to Know about App Development

Apps Development in DenverIn Denver, the need for businesses that specialize in application development services is very high. Tack notes that in the technologically advanced world of today, people are hooked on the convenience of mobile applications to assist them in their daily lives.

With shopping applications for looking at the best prices in stores, map applications to avoid traffic and find your way around places, it is no surprise why people can barely take their hands off their smartphones.

That barely scratches the surface. Investment in the development of new apps to make life easier and more entertaining for consumers is definitely a smart choice. However, you must also be aware of what kinds of apps are popular and actually sell before you invest in any development.

Here are some of the most popular kinds of apps typically used today.

Game apps

One of the downloaded and overused applications is game applications. These apps are quite profitable. Whether your game application is pay to play or free to play, one way or another, you are bound to make some serious money from it.

Ever since the development of fresh new games for smartphones began, many gamers have been spending a lot of time and money just to get the best upgrades and to progress in their respective games. Some of the games aren’t even that complicated.

Social network apps

If you are not spending most of your time on the new game app you downloaded, this could be because you are spending it on something else on your Smartphone. Social network apps have been one of the most downloaded and constantly used applications since they hit the app store on your smartphone.

These applications keep you connected to the people in your friend list and allow you to chat, call, or even video call for hours; making communication with your friends and family that much easier. It is no wonder these applications were on the top of the list consistently for that last 5 years.

If you are looking to invest in the development of a new application in the future, you might want to consider how these kinds of apps succeeded in getting consistent downloads and frequent usage. Learn from this and you are bound to make it big in the app development business.

Competing with Online Stores: How to Modernise Your Shop

Modernising Your Online Shop in SingaporeThe increase in the number of retail businesses going purely online these days has become a reason for concern for companies that are invested in brick and mortar stores. What makes the competition tough is the convenience of online shopping — it’s usually faster than traditional shopping; there are more choices and it’s easier to browse them; etc.

To make your brick and mortar retail store remain competitive in this kind of atmosphere, here are some suggestions from worth looking into.

Make Shopping Less Stressful

Whether your store is a big box or a small operation, there are ways to reduce the stress that people encounter whenever they come to you for what they need. At grocery stores, for example, knowing the flow of people can help. You can open more cashier terminals as needed, use barcode scanners to make ringing up people’s purchases faster, and display your goods in a way that encourages easier shopping.

Another reason people choose to stay at home and shop online is parking. Some stores simply have terrible parking options: the area is dark; there aren’t enough parking spaces; there are no guards to keep vehicles safe. Make sure you study how to make your parking area safer and more convenient, so people can park quickly and safely, and leave in the same way.

Have Your Own Online Store

The best way to compete with online stores is to have one yourself. These days, a shop without a website is viewed as obsolete. Use your website for posting sales events and the like, and to sell goods of course. Before you do this, however, make sure your business is equipped with everything that’s needed to run an online shop. Customer service is important, so an online shop with bad service isn’t going to be any help, either.

There’s nothing wrong with taking that leap of faith and modernising your store operations. After all, you can only survive if you roll with the punches.

Enhance Your Online Presence with Search Engine Optimization

PR CaffeineWhenever you see a commercial on the television, are you easily drawn to the product that you would head to the store to buy it? Chances are you would just let that invitation pass. Nowadays, it is more common to gain knowledge of different products and services through the Internet.

This means that people will have to search for the particular thing they are looking for on their computers. So the question you need to ask yourself is “have you been using search engine optimization Minnesota yet?” If not, then there is very little chance you are grabbing any attention in cyberspace. In order to be more effective in your business, you certainly need to make adjustments.

Be a Big Player in the Internet

SEO is a combination of principles and techniques geared at making your business more visible in the Internet. Specifically, this would be in the form of a website that you own. Since people are simply typing things up in search engines, what you need to be appear on the list. More so, you have to be on the top page because this is where people usually take their pick.

You ought to know that companies have grown to recognize this aspect of marketing. If you do not join in, it will be harder to catch up and get ahead later on. Do note that there are various ways to go about it. Basically, you should strive to go by safer methods like “white hat SEO” as suggested by, search engine optimization company in Minnesota.

SEO is a Major Part of the Big Picture

This route will be more powerful than unruly shortcuts and spamming. At the same time, when algorithms in search engines are changed, you would not be badly affected. So if you were on the top page, you would not be easily pushed back.

Once you have decided to move things up with your visibility through SEO, do not forget that this is just one step of marketing, albeit crucial. When people land on your website, you need to have what it takes for them to stay and be interested. So after your site has been optimized for search engines, do note that there are a few more steps to the finish line.

Gamers and Techies Would Appreciate These Holiday Gift Ideas

Holyday Gift Ideas

Holyday Gift IdeasYuletide season is coming, and one of our great dilemmas is thinking of gift ideas which we could give techies and gamers alike. Some worry about their ideas not being appreciated, as one may be alien to the hobbies of these kinds of people.

Furthermore, one might be afraid of buying them an item, say, giving a gamer a copy of a game the latter already owns. So here are the top five holiday gift ideas to give gamers and techies.

1. Game controllers or accessories

A specialized, themed, or custom controller is less likely to be bought by a gamer when he is into collecting as much games possible, or when he is busy downloading DLCs and expansions. However, a gamer might truly appreciate it if given an extra controller which can be used alternately or for multiplayer or co-op modes.

2. Board game adaptations of famous video games

Worried to buy a game which a gamer might already own? Then board games would be the perfect thing to give as a Holiday present. It is less likely for a gamer to buy a board game when he is into video gaming. Nevertheless, a hardcore gamer would really appreciate a board game adaptation of his favorite game which could be added to his collection.

3. Random IT accessories

While gifts such as mugs, towels, socks, and random household items serves like a Holiday cliché, why not upgrade it to the more useful, timely ones? Perhaps one would really appreciate receiving a random flash drive, hard drive, or perhaps you can buy a Cisco sfp-10g-sr from to supplement a techie’s IT hardware arsenal.

4. Gaming action figures

Buying a dedicated and hardcore gamer a commemorative statue, figurine, or an action figure of his favorite game would truly be a treasured gift, as you would somehow bring into reality his passion in that alternate cyber world in which he lives in as he lays his hands on the controllers.

5. Ultimate Edition packages

It has been in the bandwagon of huge gaming industries and big gaming titles to not only offer the game itself, but to include with it some enjoyable themed items in a single package. Often times, ultimate edition of games include a commemorative statue, the game’s official soundtrack, poster, art books, metal cases, and themed accessories. It is like giving a gamer an ultimate gaming experience.

With this list, gifting your gamer and techie buddies will be a walk in the park.