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Lessons from the 2014 West Virginia Chemical Spill

Chemical Spill When it comes to storage tanks for industrial chemicals, a small leak can spell disaster. In January 2014, for example, a ruptured storage tank at the Freedom Industries in West Virginia caused 5,000 gallons of a chemical used in coal processing to spill into the Elk River.

The Aftermath

The contaminated river has been just upstream of the regional water company’s intake pipes, and as a result, nearly 300,000 residents lost their source of clean water for days, some even weeks. Due to the lack of supply of safe drinking water, schools and businesses closed down.

The spilled chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or MCHM, also caused headaches, breathing difficulty, and eye and skin irritation.

Charges & Settlement

In December 2014, a federal grand jury charged the three owners of Freedom Industries three counts each for violating the Clean Water Act. The indictment stated that the owners and managers of the company did not meet “a reasonable standard of care to prevent spills.”

In January 2017, a settlement over the case started.

Built to Meet Standards

The indictment also stated that the company owners failed to make the necessary repairs and improvements to ensure environmental compliance.

Depending on what the tanks will contain, owners should focus on whether their tanks have modifications to store particular liquids. Although not all states require API Standards when it comes to building and maintaining aboveground storage tanks, the API-650 and API 653 tanks have the engineering properties to ensure safety.

Aboveground storage tanks should also withstand natural conditions such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, high winds, and extreme temperatures.

Vigilance during Crisis

When inspectors from the Environmental Protection Department arrived at Freedom Industries, they said they saw chemicals leaking through a dike, and no cleanup was taking place. Company owners should maintain a strict code when addressing a leak problem. Company personnel should have the proper training to proceed with cleanup in a systematic way to prevent further harm towards humans and the environment. Its staff should also have the training to safely stop the leakage and proceed with the cleanup right away to prevent further harm towards people and the environment.

Enjoy the Ease & Convenience of Buying Steel Online

Buy Steel Online The use of steel to build, beautify, or enhance structures is a common practice dating back to the medieval times. Today, new uses of steel continue to emerge along with its rising demand. World Steel Org stated that steel spurs economic growth. Due to this huge demand, it’s sometimes tough to look for the right steel product using the conventional means of shopping.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible for everyone to shop for steel products at the comforts of their home. How do you do it?

Pick your category

First, you need to select your steel category. There’s a lot to choose from and they differ depending on your use or application. You can shop for square bars, aluminum tread brites, equal or unequal angles, flat bars, tubings, and much more. Even steel products used in huge construction projects, like beams, rebars, floor plates, and huge round bars are available to buy online.

Choose your size

Next is choosing from a list of available sizes for your chosen steel products. If you select unequal or equal angles, online stores may present their existing sizes from the smallest to the biggest. In some cases, you may need to call the online seller for a quote because some of their steel products may need to be custom-made. This is true for beams where the dimensions you require may be unique. In case you want to buy a steel pipe, you can expect available sizes right away since this product is common.

Select your preferred length

Deciding on the available length may be the last step — unless you have a special request or instruction to the provider. The shop will show you the price per foot length, as well as the current price for the selected span. They will also ask for the number of lengths you wish to order. When you’re done, you can add everything to your shopping cart. All you need to do now is to check out, pay, and wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

Consumers love online shopping because of the convenience. Regardless of the industry, you’ll soon be surprised that everything you need is within the reach of your fingertips.

Right Ways to Set up a Home-Based Handicraft Business

Home-made handicraft

Home-made handicraftSelling stuff from home has moved beyond starting a lemonade stand or the seasonal garage sale. Nowadays, you can sell everything from lovely mason jar lamps to paper cut arts and used appliances straight from your home. Start your home-based handicraft business in Utah with these tips:

1. Know your market

Before starting anything, identify your market. Check craft shops for locally made products sold by your competitors.

Join different online pages where people sell custom-made baskets, bookends, and even art prints. You can already list your products there while connecting with people with the same interests.

2. Etsy is the place to be

Etsy is an online market that people from all over the world can access. Its mission is to help small business owners, especially those concentrating on custom, handmade crafts, to sell their products online. Everyone knows that products on Etsy can be trusted; if you sell on Etsy, it helps your reputation as well as your business.

3. Don’t stop at Etsy

Etsy is a popular place for people selling handmade items, making it helpful for you. However, it can also be the home of your competitors. It may be difficult to stand out, especially when you’re just starting the business.

This is why many people prefer their own website. If this is the approach you want, contact the nearest digital agency in Utah to help with your PR and advertising needs.

Some people do not use this option because it is slightly more costly. However, hiring a third party digital agency could be a great investment. You have a website that’s all yours and showcases only your products.

The handicraft business today has been slowly evolving and people have found buying handmade things to be more attractive. Start now, develop your reputation, and carve a niche for yourself.