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Four Reasons Becoming a Lawyer is the Best Profession in the US


It is no secret that the United States has many lawyers. In fact, in 2011, there were approximately 1.22 million lawyers in the country and the numbers keep on growing.

Practicing law is considered one of the most thrilling careers in the Western world. Modern technology has provided ways for more people to study law including the offering of legal studies courses in collaboration with universities and colleges as well as paralegal online programs.

But why are so many people answering to the call of the law? Here are 4 reasons why there is no better profession than practicing law.

  1. A legal profession is profitable.

Based on the 2013 figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor of Statistics, lawyers are the 21st top-paid professionals out of 820 other occupations. In the list, attorneys may fall behind some medical-related professions and top executive jobs but they are way ahead than hundreds of other workers including geoscientists, pilots, and even financial managers.

  1. The legal profession commands respect.

Lawyers have a long history of high respect in society. They are often considered highly esteemed individuals. They also venture into other fields. Some lawyers go on to become politicians, judges and legal advisers to top companies. In the 2012 Forbes’ 500 list, 46 out of 498 CEOs hold law degrees.

  1. The legal profession can help you build relationships with influential people.

This is especially true for corporate lawyers who go on to represent interesting people in the business world. The chance to work side-by-side for and with people of great influence is afforded by the practice of law. The same cannot be said fully about other professions.

  1. The legal profession provides a venue for continuous learning.

Laws change. And with each amendment, you need to update and study the new laws in place. The legal profession provides a venue for people who like to pursue continuous learning. For some, it can be quite challenging but for others, the intellectual challenge can be highly rewarding.

Are You Ready To Pursue Legal Studies?

The legal profession is not for everyone. It is especially not for people who don’t like to read and strategize. If you’re up for the challenge, consider the pursuance of legal studies and watch how far studying the laws can take you.

Complete Your Education Online

Online School For many people, they take for granted the freedom they have to go to school and get an education.  They forget that not everyone has the time, resources, or the ability to finish their education.

However, The American Academy says there are options available for those who want to pursue their education beyond the four rooms of the classroom. If you want to join online high school classes, but are unsure of how to go about it, here are some things you need to do to prepare yourself.

1. Be honest about your reasons for taking an online course.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a  high school online program,  make sure that you are honest about going back to school or even why you want to take an online course instead of regular school.  You should also discuss this with your parents why virtual education is for you.

2. Visualize your goals and objectives.

Try to visualize your goals and objectives for yourself. Choose one that fits your plans and schedule. Make a list of the things you can accomplish and stick to them.

3. Seek help and advice.

Ask professional advice on which online program would fit your desired career path. Ask your school counselor on how you can switch from a regular school to an online school, and what would be the consequences of your decision.

4. Choose an online program that is duly certified.

Choose an online school that will give you the proper certification and diplomas for your chosen career path. Some online school programs may not have the right certification that you need, so always check whether they are certified.

With preparation and discipline, you can complete your education and achieve your academic dreams.  Just remember: some plans in life may not work, but there are other options that could help you go back on the right track.


On Academic Milestones: Are Graduation Celebrations Passé?

Graduation CelebrationEducation has always been an important aspect of any person’s life. One goes through at least a decade of learning to gain the credibility warranted for a degree. To attend a university and complete a course is not an easy feat. For this reason, families celebrate the graduation of their beloved.

Paying for the education in itself is already hard work. Imagine the student loans young people incur just to continue their pursuit of knowledge.

Alternative online loan providers in Australia, such as Rapid Loans, are among the sources of funding students tap to access quick loans. Unlike traditional ‘brick and mortar’ lenders, online providers of quick loans allocate money mainly for people in need of emergency funding. This means their loans are easy to apply for and are processed immediately. Students who seek to finish their university education appreciate the help quick loan providers give.

However, students have more than the tuition to think of, especially when they are candidates for graduation. When a student is strapped for cash, and a loan helped pay for his or her last requirements, finally making the march entails a grand enough celebration. Unfortunately, typical celebrations these days can be quite costly, and the student has no more room in his bank account for additional debts.

Other than the decreasing interest in formal education, is this the reason graduation celebrations are turning into a thing of the past? Are millennials no longer as interested in recognising an academic milestone due to the expense that comes with it?

The Different Ways of Celebrating Your Graduation

Celebrating your graduation does not have to be a bacchanalia of sorts. You, too, have to understand how there are more expenses in the future whilst you job-hunt. There are a number of affordable ways to glorify your academic achievement. Here are two:

  • Going out to dinner with the people who have been instrumental to your achievement is a meaningful gesture. It can also be a show of appreciation and gratitude. Begin with recognising the efforts and contributions of your family, friends and professors before partaking of the food that is representative of your hard work and struggles.
  • Opening a bottle of champagne at home with your friends and family after a simple meal can be symbolic of your victory. Make a short speech and take photographs.

Do note that the important thing about graduating is that you are now ready to face the real world. Simple graduation celebrations will never be out of date, and will serve to always remind you that you can achieve something when you work hard enough. So, go and celebrate in whatever way you can!