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Design an Italian-Style Garden Perfect For Your Home

A Rooftop GardenMost Italians take pride in their relaxed attitude. They enjoy taking breaks outdoors, eating slowly to savor all the flavors in their food, and sipping their espresso in coffee shops rather than walk around with a to-go cup of coffee.

This “chill vibe" translates into almost everything Italians create. One example is their traditional garden. This planned space is specifically designed to reflect their beautiful, relaxed lifestyle through carefully selected plants, private spaces, and complementary garden planters.

Italian Gardens in a Nutshell

Italian-style gardens are all about symmetry. Elements are arranged to complement each other as opposed to hog the spotlight individually. While English gardens favor sweeps and curves, Italian gardens tend to follow the “geometric route” with beds shaped in squares, rectangles, or triangles.

The primary goal of creating an Italian garden is to achieve balance and order and highlight beauty in simplicity.

Design Highlights

A traditional Italian garden is especially attractive because of its seamless combination of aesthetics and functionality. Everything exists to serve a purpose.

Some of the most common elements of a traditional Italian garden include:

      •    Water Features

               Water features may come in the form of a marble-paved pond, a chalice basin, or a wall fountain.

      •    Frescoes

               Frescoes often depict scenes of winemaking or Roman ruins for posterity.

      •    Statues, Columns, and Ruins

              Italy is famed for its rich history in architecture. You can capture the basics of Italian design in your garden with statues, columns, and ruins.

      •    Garden planters

             Italian gardens are often adorned with plants like evergreen, boxwoods, and junipers. While there is a minimal incorporation of flowers, the garden maintains its aesthetics with beautiful and durable planters like Tuscan clay pots, Mediterranean oil jars, and Terra Cotta baskets.

After designing your garden ala-Italiana, enjoy planting vines, roses, and other plants that soothe your senses. Soon enough, you will be lounging in your DIY piazza with your friends and family. Add some cheese and wine and relax like a true-blue Italian.

Rooftops Gardens: Outdoor Spaces in the Inner City

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop GardenThe city has very little in terms of green, outdoor spaces. Grey concrete, bustling roads and high-rise buildings do not leave much for gardens and greenery. Gardens were only for country homes, where they have space to spare.

However, a growing trend in the construction of rooftop gardens is underway. Formerly bare rooftops now have flowers and other ornamental plants. Outdoor furniture and beautiful sun awnings create a comfortable space where shade and light interplay with each other. Coupled with gorgeous views of the city below, rooftop gardens provide a perfect solution for those who want to spend time outdoors even with limited space available.

Versatile Spaces

Thanks to improved technology in awnings and windows, rooftops are no longer limited by the seasons. According to Accessawnings.com, winter garden awnings provide a controlled climate. The addition of a glass area and a retractable awning turns roofs into a versatile outdoor space that works well for any weather. This allows homeowners to use the space even when the weather is bad.

The best rooftop gardens come with a substrate that allows plants to grow naturally. Proper drainage and waterproofing materials prevent moisture from damaging the structure below. Converting the area into a green roof is essential, as a hard concrete flooring of a rooftop would not be conducive for growing plants.

When green roof conversion is not possible, adding a few potted plants to your rooftop is enough to add a little bit of greenery to your space.

Better Life with Outdoor Spaces

Rooftop gardens are in demand. To make apartment blocks more attractive to buyers, English developers are adding rooftop gardens as communal areas. Gardens and outdoor spaces are associated with a better life, as it provides an opportunity to take a break from the demands of city life.

Rooftop gardens are also conducive for socialising. It provides a space to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. Good company and a generous amount of sunlight is what make rooftop gardens so appealing.