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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Selling Your HomeFound a new home to move to? Congratulations, just in time for the new year! Well, that must mean that you are going to sell your current home soon. If you are, when are you going to?

Some property owners think that as long as there are many houses on the market, joining the bandwagon would be a splendid idea. What they overestimate is the amount of waiting time before their homes are sold. Unless you are working with known agents, such as Prestige Real Estate International LTD, it might not be that easy.

However, there are certain times or seasons that may help you turn some heads.


This is where you’ll find a sudden surge in market listings, as owners who prepared their homes throughout the winter will start to launch their marketing campaigns. While there is more competition at this time of year, sellers are more confident of their chances of securing a purchase. The average selling time during this season is 35 days.


Despite the tidy lawns and thriving gardens, this could be one of the slowest seasons compared to winter and spring, but that does not mean that their prices change as each season passes.


As the weather becomes colder, the real estate market gradually becomes quiet, as homeowners are holding off selling their homes until lawns and gardens are ready for spring again.


While it is true that homes go in and out of the market year-round, a home listing may be a bit slow during the winter holidays, which means less competition. With the right tactics, you can lure a large pool of potential buyers.

There are certain household characteristics that can only be featured during winter and home staging really helps entice potential buyers. Make your house more inviting by lighting a log fire that provides a dramatic ambiance, which people can only see on a cold winter day.

Whether you follow a seasonal market, ultimately, the choice is up to the seller and buyer. Timing it to a certain time of year does not guarantee that you will get the best deal as houses sell all year anyway, but it is good to keep up with trends that may affect people’s perception of your property.

A Fibreglass Swimming Pool In Perth For Your Home

Swimming PoolHaving your own pool at home can be a great source of joy and relaxation after a hard day at work. Imagine wading in the pool to cool down during hot days. If you have the funds to build a pool in your backyard, you might want to check the companies that specialise in fibreglass swimming pools in Perth.

Deciding on the right pool

You have two main choices if you want to build your own outdoor pool at home. One can be a pool that is above the ground. Another option is a pool dug at the ground level – or as they say – an inground swimming pool. Experts such as Guardian Industries say that a pool that is built by digging the ground has more durability and less maintenance requirements as compared to one that is just above the ground.

An above ground pool is easier to make and install but requires more maintenance as it is not durable and permanent. A pool below ground level may be preferable for some since it can last longer and is a permanent fixture in the yard.

You can plan the area accordingly with additions such as Gazebo, Deck, BBQ area and have the zone finished. It also enables easier access to the pool without the need to climb a ladder.

Preparing for installation

Once you have completed the layout of your backyard with desired positioning of your swimming pool, you can now start to investigate the various shapes, sizes, designs and colours of pools available. Depending on a number of factors, including what your budget is and your preferences you will need to decide on the pool type – concrete, fiberglass or vinyl.

The greatest advantage of fibreglass swimming pools in Perth is quick installation. The time frame may only depend on how fast the excavation and electrical works are completed if the pool design you have selected is in stock and available in the right colour and finish.

4 Ways for a Smooth Move

Relocating to AustraliaHiring a professional moving company is always the best solution for all the hurdles that arise during moving. For example, if you are moving to Australia from New Zealand, a professional moving company that offers over-the-border moving make a great option. Such companies take away all the burden and stress of the moving process from you. They understand how to do it, what permits to acquire, and how to keep your belongings safe.

Before you hire a removal company, you have to do your part for the move. Here are ways to make your move smooth and easy:


Several months before moving to a new home in Australia from NZ, it is important that you go through each room of the house and pick out items that you will not be bringing with you to your new residence. Every item that you bring with you costs you time, money, or both. Therefore, you have to make sure that each item you will be bringing with you is worth your penny.

Start Packing Early

Pack the things that you do not often need or use several weeks before your move. You can take these items to a self-storage unit for easy planning and retrieval. Early packing helps reduce your stress, as you can see the progress you are making slowly without pressure.

Label your boxes for easy identification

Packing in boxes makes it easier to arrange your belongings and identify them when unpacking. Make sure you label each box well, with items that are closely related being in the same boxes.

Use sheets, towels, and other soft clothing as padding

Your fragile items need protection during the move. Towels, bedding, pillows, and even t-shirts and jeans can act as padding for your fragile items.

Moving can be easy if well planned and executed. Remember, a professional moving company is a guarantee of a smooth moving process.

Choose Building Design and Construction Methods that Embody Aussie Ideals

Home Builders in AustraliaBuilders in Australia face the challenge of coming up with homes that fit the Australian lifestyle perfectly. Aussies thrive in dwellings offering a good balance for rest and play. Don’t you want to live in a home where you can also indulge your love for the outdoors?

Today, evolving design concepts and construction methods are influencing the construction and home-building industry. The features and styles of newly built homes showcase modern architecture and building strategies. There are a few trends to learn as you embark on the planning stage to build a dream home.

Pre-fabricated and modular approach to construction

According to house builders from McCarthy Homesresidents are demanding not only reliable services but also innovative solutions.

In response, builders offer pre-fabricated construction as an alternative to the tradition on-site building approach. Pre-fab construction is more efficient in many ways. The risks are minimal because of the factory environment. As such, there are no delays due to sudden changes in weather conditions or location-related issues. In the meantime, permanent modular construction allows for quick assembly of buildings onsite as soon as separate modules are completed in the factory. These approaches save time, as well as labour expenses. By going for pre-fab and modular construction methods you also contribute to resource conservation.

Open-plan home interiors

These days, bringing the outside is another trend that remains strong in the residential construction industry. New homeowners are favouring the open-plan interior over the traditional layout of a house. Nobody wants to live in a box-style home with the conventional division of living areas anymore. The integration of interior and exterior living areas appeals to the Aussie’s love for the sunshine and fresh air. More homes and buildings in Brisbane have bi-fold doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, one-walled kitchens, and alfresco areas. Moreover, designs that expand the visual reach of living areas are gaining in popularity.

The design and construction concepts we have discussed above characterise the modern Australian home. They are gaining favour amongst couples and families because they embody Aussie ideals.

Building a Home Extension: Benefits & Preparations

Home Extension in Perth

Home Extension in PerthMoving is the first thing on most people’s minds when they need more space. This is not the only option, though, as there is a more cost-effective course of action: building an extension.

If done right, a home extension in Perth from Granny Flats WA is sure to have a positive effect on the value of your property. Other benefits that come with such a project include:

  • Spending less money when compared to building or buying a new and bigger house.
  • Staying in the same address.
  • Keeping familiar spaces in your property (important if you or a family member is sentimental).
  • Having the opportunity to fine-tune your creativity, so if you ever have to build a new house you’ll know what you want.

Before building an extension, whether outward, upward or downward, do some research on the types of remodelling options that are allowed in your area. You’ll be in big trouble if you start building and the authorities stop you and make you pay a fine. Additionally, your taxes on your property are likely to change, so be prepared. If you are planning to sell the house in the future, find out which home extensions usually sell faster in your area. Family-centred extension ideas usually don’t fit an area where most of the residents are yuppies and singles.

Next, talk to your contractor about the project you want. They will give you an idea which ones apply to the type of soil you have, the weather and the position of your house. They will also provide suggestions on the extensions that fit the type of your house. You don’t want your new extension to stick out like a sore thumb. Remember to ask about how the extension will affect your living costs. For example, a conservatory may cost you more on heating or cooling in the long term. And finally, know which materials will work for your project based on aesthetics, practicality and cost.

Fast Cash for Houses: The Benefits of Dealing with House Buyers

House Buyers

House BuyersYou have a hundred and one reasons for selling your home immediately, so waiting can actually worsen the situation. Given this predicament, you may want to consider calling ready house buyers for your real estate needs. Here are more specific benefits for you to think over:

Reduce the Long Wait – If you are in the middle of a crisis and need to have finances on hand as soon as possible, the last thing you need is for your home to be bought through the regular real estate processes. If you want to have fast cash without waiting for a buyer, consider offering your home to a house buyer immediately.

Remove Red Tape – As long as you have your papers intact, the sale can proceed without having to file any additional documents. House buyers can also facilitate and expedite paperwork on your real estate sale. As FasterHouse adds, this saves you time and effort under certain situations.

Eliminate Third Party – You don’t need to talk to your agent who will look for a buyer, who will give a counter-offer, which your agent will communicate to you, and so on. You speak directly to a house buyer who can make offers and counter-offers within the date if necessary. They truly mean it when they say, “We buy houses fast for cash”.

No More Renovations – House buyers are willing to acquire properties in their present “as-is-where-is” state. Admittedly, it won’t get you that high a price. But, if your priority is moving out and starting fresh, this is your best option. Moreover, there are a number of house buyers in the market today; you can still choose the highest offer without worrying about shelling out money to renovate your home.

If these reasons aren’t enough for you to decide selling your house to cash buyers, go back to your present situation. It won’t hurt if you weigh your options. In fact, this will give you more insights to make informed decisions.

Keeping the Kids in Mind When Choosing a New Home

New Home

New Home in AustraliaOnce you’ve decided to buy any one of the houses for sale in Chatswood, you would definitely have to consider the whole family’s needs and not just your own. Do consider that young children can “love” your house to death if you don’t choose carefully. Check the list below for sound advice on choosing the right home for your kids.

Children Are Active – If you want a home that will fit your children’s activities, find a house that can take their running up and down the hallways, stairs, living room, dining area, bedrooms and practically every place possible. Check the floors and doors for stability just so you know your children can be safe even when they are, literally, on the go.

Children Love Tech – Computers, game consoles, tablets, LED TVs, MP3 players and the like all get their attention. They also love playing around with them if given the chance. It’s best that you new home has provisions for hiding or securing your electrical sockets and wires. Hide them or protect them with socket covers and wire binders. Check for a house where you can screw down appliances or mount them on walls.

Children Want Space –
A large yard or play area inside the house would be a great way of keeping them happy, like the spaces in Ashbury Armstrong Creek. See if the play area inside the house can be extended straight into the yard. Check for house extensions that can become play areas such as porches, a conservatory or a sun room. If there aren’t any, see if the yard is big enough to put in a playground, tree house or even a mini-camping site.

When you’ve narrowed down the possible choices, bring your children along for the final verdict. Let them see the possibilities with you and even plan a little. Make it clear though that the grown-ups have the final say but you promise to consider their input. That way your house can really be called your family’s own.

FHA Loan: The Door that Leads to Home Ownership

Be a Home Owner

Be a Home OwnerAlthough a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make, home ownership easily outweighs being a tenant, renter, or lessee. It will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you have made a long-term, financially sound investment.

One way to make the transition to home ownership is through a loan offered by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). FHA home mortgage loans have already helped millions of U.S. citizens purchase affordable homes, so consider applying for one to finally realize your dreams of owning a home.

Why FHA?

FHA loans are some of the easiest loans to qualify for, since these require minimal down payment. Even borrowers who have less-than-stellar credit scores can apply. Compared with other types of mortgage, those from the FHA only require a down payment of 3.5 percent. According to Military.com, the FHA and VA loans have some similarities.

What You Need to Submit

The FHA needs to obtain many details during the application procedure, and proof that you provided accurate information. You need to provide the following information dating back two years from the time of application:

  • All your addresses
  • Name of your employer(s) and their address
  • Gross Monthly Salary
  • W2 forms
  • Income tax forms

Get these prepared prior to your application, so that you can submit them all at the same time.

Set the Record Straight

Your credit report means everything to you during loan applications, and more so for an FHA loan. Even the tiniest error in this documentation can already lead to a spike in your interest rate, so you should make certain the record is straight and there are no mistakes. There’s no additional expense, so there’s no reason for you not to obtain a copy.

Once you have everything ready, take the first step to an FHA-financed home purchase.

Those Clogs In Your Gutter Will Make Your Wallet Thinner

Gutter in Utah

Gutter in UtahAlthough gutters may not often be the focus of common home repairs and improvements, maintaining them is just as important as repairing other parts of the home. These structures prevent numerous costly damages, such as leaky roofs, excessive indoor moisture (that usually leads to mold development), topsoil erosion, and unsightly markings on your walls and pavements.

Retrieving blockages from the rain gutters

A key step to proper gutter care is to remove any material that may cause blockages. This includes leaves, branches, stems, dirt, dust, and others form of debris. This way, rain water can flow freely, and will not have to overflow over the gutters’ sides.

Cleaning your gutters: how often should you do it?

Experts on gutters recommend cleaning and clearing out these systems at least once a year. Homeowners who have a lot of trees around their home should clean the gutters more often. Inspect them during the spring and fall. When replacing gutters, Dtiutah.com recommends replacements with a corrosion-resistant finish.

Installing additional gutter protection: hoods vs. screens

Make things easier by installing gutter protection products. Two of the most popular are hoods and screens. Keep in mind, though, that the latter, while cheaper, is less effective. The hood, on the other hand, delivers optimal protection, minimizing the need for constant and intensive maintenance.

Failure to clean your rain gutters will ultimately lead to problems, particularly leaks. Debris causes the components of the system to take unnecessary pressure and stress, weakening their structural integrity.

Once you notice any overflow or inefficient rain water draining, repair or replace your gutters right away. You don’t want to waste more money by delaying repairs, so act quickly.

Building from Scratch: Learn More about Container Homes

container homes

It is costly and time-consuming to build a house from scratch. It also requires a longer construction period and coordination with home builders. Container homes in Perth provide alternative housing solutions in Western Australia.

container homesAdvantages of Container Homes

The idea of living in a container home may seem unusual for some, but this housing solution has several advantages.

Sustainable housing specialists from Gran Designs WA say that sturdy materials make the container home more resistant to disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes and fire.

Second, they are less expensive compared to typical houses. You also do not have to pay a high amount for real estate fees. If you do not have sufficient budget to construct a home from scratch, container homes are suitable alternatives.

Shipping container homes are also easy to construct. In fact, companies that offer rentals would only require a compartment, backyard and some deliverymen.

Finally, container homes provide an environment-friendly option. There is an increase in the supply of empty cargo containers from other countries left unused in docks and other platforms. Some companies offer reusable containers to conserve construction materials. For instance, they use steel to build parts of your home.

Modify Your Home Based on Your Style

Container homes give you the luxury of selecting a style that is based on your preferences. It provides an easy method of incorporating your own designs in the compartment. Most individuals merge different styles in their homes to reflect their passion and personality.

Several companies currently offer sustainable housing solutions with the construction of container houses. These cargo container homes provide sturdy and affordable alternatives to traditional houses without sacrificing quality. Realise the Australian dream of homeownership with this choice.