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4 Unique Proposal Ideas to Ask the “Marry Me?” Question

marriage proposalIt’s not every day you’ll get the chance to ask the love of your life to be their forever. That’s why when the time finally comes, you would want to make it memorable and special to show how true and sincere you are in expressing your true feelings.

Once you’ve worked up the nerve to ask that million-dollar question, you might as well come up with a creative and romantic way to pop it. To help you, here’s a list of unique marriage proposal ideas that will leave a big impression on your special someone.

A Look Back to the Past

Have a trip down the memory lane and take your sweetheart to the same place where you first met and dated. Reminisce the fun times, and then do a little reenactment. When the time is right, you can finally pop the question and give her the ring to close the deal. They will surely appreciate all your efforts to set up the surprise proposal.

Take Advantage of the Holidays

Holidays are for spending the fun and good times with the people you cherish the most. This can also be the right time to propose. You may either hang the ring’s box like an ornament on the tree or make it look like one of the gifts underneath and wait for the big reveal. As soon as they open the box, both of you might be too overwhelmed to react or do anything, but don’t forget to ask the most important question. This is indeed the most unforgettable holiday present you can ever give to your lover.

A Special Massage Service

Another unique way to make a sweet and sincere proposal to your significant other is by giving them a personal and sensual massage. Don’t forget to save the left hand for last. As you finish off, slowly slip that precious custom-made engagement ring you’ve bought from a Salt Lake City jewelry shop and be ready to do the spiel and deliver your proposal speech. Whatever diamond it is, AAA Jewelers says that a ring on itself can leave your dear beloved speechless and awestruck.

Play the Game of Questions

The card game “Cards against Humanity” is pretty much a trend right now. Other than a fun way to pass the time, this can also make a great marriage proposal idea. After enjoying two to three rounds of the game, you may start including words and phrases related to the wedding until the card of “Will you marry me” finally appear. This time, reveal the card and the ring that you have and give it to your partner then repeat the question yourself. This will indeed leave your sweetheart clueless until it’s time to say it.

Whatever proposal gimmick you choose, the most important part of a marriage proposal is to convey your true feelings towards your special someone. Proposals are not entirely based on money you’ve spent or how grand it looks like, it is more on the expression of how much you want them to be part of your life from here on forward.

After The Love Has Gone: Why Do Marriages Fall Apart?

Marriage Falling in the United StatesWhen does a relationship end? The foundation of a stable marriage is the strength of the relationship between two people.

LifeCraft Counseling LLC notes that the current marriage climate in the United States is increasingly alarming because more and more couples are cheating on each other, experiencing a falling out, and resenting each other.

It’s not just the ordinary people who are going through such a mess, but celebrities, too – and celebrity divorces are far from uncommon. So, why exactly are marriages falling apart?

When one of you starts resenting the other

When the mere thought of them or their presence shakes you to your core in a negative way, then there’s something definitely wrong. You might think that this is kind of extreme, but it does happen and it’s not uncommon. When you start to resent your spouse that just looking at them makes you less enthusiastic, then take this as a sign that there’s something wrong in your relationship.

When you have become selfish

Relationships, in general, isn’t just about one person’s wants and needs. It takes two to tango and when it comes to a point where you only care about yourself and not your spouse, then your marriage is definitely falling apart. Remember, you’re not in this relationship alone.

When you try too to make it seem like the ideal marriage

Not all marriages are happy, as they can get rocky at times. If you keep chasing a fairytale marriage, you’ll only end up being unhappy because you’re going to keep expecting things to be perfect.

Your bond with your spouse entails growing up and learning to better people, not being elated all the time.

When all you feel for them is indifference

If you start feeling like not going through all the trouble of doing something for them, then it’s time for you to address this with your spouse. This also goes for the time you start not caring about how they feel or what they’re doing.

Marriage is about committing to your spouse no matter how you feel. Romantic feelings may fade, but that sense of togetherness and that bond that brought you together doesn’t have to.

LGBT Family Law: Why You Should Adopt Your Partner’s Child

LGBT Family Law in Albuquerque

LGBT Family Law in AlbuquerqueLiving with a partner of the same sex is not an issue. When your partner has a child, the situation could even be more complicated. Especially if you and the child have become close and mutual respect and love are present in your relationship, you should take legal steps to protect that relationship. Here are some important pieces of advice you would do well to follow.

Marrying Your Partner

Marriage is a good and viable option if you and your partner truly love each other and there are no foreseeable legal problems that may result from your marriage. It protects your relationship and gives you rights to each other’s property or estate should something happen to one of you. If you’re married, you can legally adopt your partner’s child.

Adopting Your Partner’s Child

  • The procedures for adopting your partner’s child when you’re married are largely similar to the procedures involved in a heterosexual marriage. As same-sex marriage was not included when the laws governing adoption were written, it is best to choose a family law firm in Albuquerque, NM that has experience in LGBT adoptions. Getting a LGBT family lawyer will help protect your rights and those of the child.
  • Before an adoption can take place, the biological parent should renounce their parental rights to the child. This should not be a problem especially if the biological parent has played no part in the child’s life. Again, a LGBT lawyer will know the procedures to make this happen faster.
  • Another advantage of adopting your partner’s child is in the case of divorce, you can still enjoy the right to be with your adopted child as you are the recognized stepparent, not the child’s biological parent. The child will also have rights to your inheritance if something happens to you and a will is not present.

To help ensure that the adoption takes place, get a lawyer skilled in LGBT family law, and focus on giving the child a chance to have a complete and loving family.