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No Other Metal: A Quick Guide to Stainless Steel and Its Versatility

Stainless Steel

Stainless SteelStainless steel is one of the most versatile of metals. It is used extensively in different residential and commercial applications, as well as in various industries.

Here’s a short guide to stainless steel composition and its uses in different fields:

What is it made of?

Stainless steel is a type of iron alloy that is combined with other elements with useful properties. Chromium, for instance, is one of the key components of stainless steel. It gives the alloy a “passive layer,” a thin layer of oxide that prevents corrosion on the surface.

Other metallic elements mixed into the iron alloy include nickel, molybdenum, copper, and titanium. These elements are added to produce an alloy with essential properties like strength and formability. Non-metallic elements such as nitrogen and carbon are likewise added for enhanced structure.

Where is it used?

According to Activemetal.com.au, stainless steel fabrication makes a huge industry due to the big demand for stainless steel products. The construction industry, for instance, use it for various residential and commercial applications, thanks to its impressive flexibility, strength, and durability. In homes, it is used as stylish and long-lasting balustrades, fences, and gates. For bigger properties such as commercial establishments and buildings, it is used as a roof, cladding and facades.

The metal is also highly useful in the medical field. Most surgical and dental equipment are made of stainless steel due to its hygienic, rust-free, and easy-to-clean properties. It is also used in everything from the smallest implants to bigger furnishings such as orthopaedic beds and cabinets.

The food industry also uses a wide array of stainless steel products. They use stainless steel equipment for the production and storage of different types of food and beverages.

Many architects and artists also find this type of metal very useful for different sculptures, artworks, and architectural installations. Designers also like to use this material for architectural stairways and other similar design applications in homes and businesses.

Stainless steel is truly a versatile and highly useful metal. No other metal can potentially beat it at that.

Chain Grade Basics


ChainChains are among the most intimidating tools that a person can lay eyes on. But, beyond the image that these implements inspire, there’s nothing really remarkable about them. They’re just metal rings that are linked together – or are they?

There’s actually an intricate science that goes into the manufacture of chains, and there are several studies that go into improving the process. Before anyone can begin learning about the complex procedures that go into the production of chain fittings, however, they need to learn the basics first.

Whenever anyone begins selecting their chains, they need to consider three things: the grade, diameter and coil. Experts argue over which of these three is the most important element in determining the strength and durability of a chain. But, the fact of the matter is that a chain needs all three of these factors regardless of expert opinion before it can do its job.

For now, we’ll be talking about chain grade, as it’s the most technical factor of the three. The chain grade refers to the tensile strength of the metal used to create the chain. The grade number indicates to the maximum load the chain can take, or its ultimate break strength – assuming all the links are the same metal.

The parameters that determine the tensile strength of a chain can vary depending on the metal. Galvanized steel, for example, relies on the amount of carbon present in the steel. This makes it possible for one metal type to have multiple grades. But, people shouldn’t make the mistake of confusing chain grade with metal grade.

The chain grade is expressed in newtons per square millimetre, and is measured by the grade of the metal multiplied by the two cross sections of a link. This is the part where everyone pulls out their calculators and input the correct values into the applicable formula. Discussing all that, however, would need an entirely new article.

Chain grades aren’t a simple matter that people can master overnight, which should make everyone realise the kind of work that goes into making something most people take for granted every day.

Highly Durable Equipment for Different Needs with Metal Fabrication


FabricationIt can be very easy to overlook the value that metal has in people’s lives. Perhaps it is only when you need it that you start realizing its many uses. If you’ve forgotten, many different infrastructures are made of or supported by metal.

The great thing about this material is that it possesses a very strong quality, especially when compared to other choices like plastic and wood. Another thing to note is that metal can easily be forged into different objects, which would have their respective functions. If you are in need of certain products whose durability is unquestionable, CypressMetals.com shares that metal fabrication is something for you to consider.

The metal fabrication industry serves both big businesses and individuals with certain requirements. Here are couple of ways going to a metal fabricator will benefit you.

Get Personalized Metal Products

Once you’ve decided to make something made out of metal, the next thing you have to do would be to find a reliable company to do the work for you. By providing your own design, trust that you will be able to get a one-of-a-kind piece that is strong and stylish at the same time. Save yourself the trouble of scouring stores for finding that perfect piece by just having it made to your preference.

Get a Reasonable Quote

One way to go about this would be to look for a company that adheres strictly to being on time when accomplishing your request. Moreover, the price should be reasonable. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of by being charged a high price if you want to get the work done sooner.

Take the effort to find a company that will give you a good deal while ensuring your convenience and satisfaction. Whatever your purpose for needing metal fabrication, be sure to have them done well so as not to put your money to waste.