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Temperature-Controlled Transport: What You Can Carry in a Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated Truck Anyone who wishes to transport perishable goods will identify with the fact that the entire trip must be completed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Refrigerated trucks provide this. However, the industry is rapidly evolving. Today, refrigerated trucks are being used to transport items like pharmaceutical items, antiques, and even catering services. The importance of temperature-controlled trucks has increased with the advancement of technology.

Other than transporting perishable goods, West Coast Carriers shares how refrigerated trucking companies are also being utilized to transport other items. Here’s a look at some of them.

Pharmaceutical goods: The trucks are ideal for transporting specialized pharmaceutical goods like insulin, vaccines, oxygen tanks, and many other such products. These products need to be transported not only in a temperature-controlled atmosphere but also needs a contamination-free environment, which is provided by refrigerated trucks.

Artistic creations: Artistic productions like paintings, sculptures, antiques and other similar products need to be an environment that is not humid and temperature needs to be around 70˚F. This has to be maintained even when the products are transported over long distance. As refrigerated trucks provide such an environment, these are ideal to transport antiques and paintings.

Catering services: If you are organizing an outdoor event and need food to be transported to the venue, you can hire the services of a refrigerated trucking company. The temperature control in the trucks will ensure that the food does not get spoilt and the volume of the reefers will allow you to stock up sufficient quantities of food.

Reefers can also be used to transport special chemicals, engineering fluids, medicines and other such products. Hence, the unique feature of temperature and environment control facilities provided by refrigerated trucks has found many applications other than simply transporting perishable goods.

Buying Used Vehicles: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Used Trucks

Used TrucksDo you want to get a new vehicle but do not know where to start? Buying a used vehicle has a lot of benefits, especially if you buy one that suits your purpose and fits your budget. If you do not want to get overwhelmed with the choices, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Identify the main purpose of the truck.

Take some time to consider the truck’s use and determine its main purpose. Are you going to use it for hauling heavy equipment or for travelling through difficult terrains? For business-related car or truck purchase, take the advice from The Sydney Morning Herald:  put the vehicle in your books.

  1. Identify all the specifications that you require.

Once you have a clear purpose, list down all the specs that fit your criteria. When checking out possible options, you must also find out as much information as you can about how the previous owner used the vehicle. This could greatly impact the performance of the vehicle later on. With this information, you can assess if the truck can still live up to your expectations.

  1. Look for the best choice that is within your budget.

Do not get distracted by the wide array of used trucks that you can choose from. If you already have a specific brand, model and make in mind, you can easily narrow down the choices. However, if the vehicles you have in mind are not available, find alternatives that have the specs needed.

Pickles Auction says there are industrial auctions for trucks and trailers almost every month, giving you plenty of opportunities to find what you need. Make sure to stay within your set budget and do not rush into a sale.

Buying a new truck could be enticing. Get the most out of your money and avoid getting hit by the significant depreciation in car value. Find a used car that matches your requirements and falls within your budget.