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Oh, Wonderful Melbourne: Exploring the Vic Capital

Vacation in MelbourneNo matter if you’re a tourist or a long-time resident, Melbourne has a lot to offer to those who know how to look. From sports events to attractive locations and delectable food spots, you may never run out of things to do and places to visit. Here is a list you can follow, so you don’t have to plan everything out on your own.

Melbourne from High Up

When looking for a picture-perfect view, climb up to the Eureka Skydeck for a view overlooking Melbourne. An alternative is hot air ballooning over the city. You feel the fresh wind on your face; at the same time, you’ll have a different but still perfect view.

Sports in the City

The 2016 Australian Football League is in full swing. Get AFL West Coast Eagles tickets from different sellers and resellers in the city. Round 17 of the premiership season started on July 14. The Ticket Merchant says you still have until the end of August to catch the premiership before the finals start. Other sports events to watch are the Melbourne Cup in November and the Spring Racing Carnival in October.

Produce and Bargains

Looking for fresh produce? Look no further than the Queen Victoria Market. You will find great bargains for food that originate from around the world. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual dining experience. Other markets you can visit are the South Melbourne Market and the Sunday Camberwell Market.

Victorian Road Trip

When you have had enough of the city, take a relaxing road trip. Coasting down the Great Ocean Road can take you over 243 kilometres along the Victorian Coast. Rent a car, or take a coach tour or a small group tour.

These are only some of what Melbourne offers. Take the plunge. Even residents can increase their love of Melbourne by knowing everything about it. You can explore right now!

3 Family-Friendly Must Dos in Queensland You Shouldn’t Miss

Family-Friendly Holiday

Family-Friendly HolidayQueensland is a 1.7-million square kilometre land rich in heritage rainforests and a bunch of world class islands. It is home to the largest coral reef, as well. Here are some of Queensland’s most sought after family-friendly hotspots:

Explore Brisbane

Take a tour of Brisbane’s uber-cool shopping streets, charming city cruises and iconic landmarks. Families will enjoy a climb atop the popular Story Bridge, along with ‘Koala hugging’ photo sessions at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. Brisbane features many famous shopping areas, such as James Street. If you’re tired from all the shopping, Gerard’s Bistro and its locals say that it’s highly recommended to indulge in a savoury meal in its nearby upscale restaurants.

Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest and most iconic reef, the heritage-marked Great Barrier Reef tops the list of every marine adventure buff with its over 2,000 kilometres coastline. With its crystal clear shimmering waters and a treasure trove of marine creatures (manta rays, turtles and more), the reef beckons travellers of all ages for a memorable tryst with nature. Go diving with the sea creatures near Lady Elliot Island or snorkel at the waters off Port Douglas. From romantic flights offering a dramatic view of the reef or lazy sunbathing on the coastal islands, there are many spots to keep the family busy here.

Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo is one of the region’s most popular family vacation attractions. The zoo pays fitting homage to its quirky founder, wildlife buff Steve Irwin. Other than everything creepy crawly in true Irwin tradition, the zoo also houses a crocodile museum and a Tiger Temple. Other house favourites include gigantic tortoises, otters, camels and more. What’s more? You can cuddle up to a koala and feed a panda for the cutest animal encounters. Nestled a few kilometres away from Beerwah, it can be conveniently accessed from the Sunshine Coast.

Queensland is a collage of natural beauty, adventure, outdoor sports and buzzing cities. Its pleasant weather all year round coupled with a versatile topography makes it a great destination for family holidays. From the diving at the Great Barrier Reef to visiting the Australia Zoo to exploring Brisbane, the adventures here are virtually endless.

5 Most Important Things to Consider When Planning a Vacation

Planning a Vacation

Planning a VacationSometimes in our lives, an opportunity to take a vacation comes along. However, this opportunity may also pose a challenge. If you don’t have enough time to plan your holiday, the following checklist offers you some ideas on how to do it.

Consider your budget

A good way to remain in the confines of your budget is to try all-inclusive packages. But if you want to make independent choices, calculate the transportation costs, meals, accommodation—all the essentials—and subtract them from your funds. You may also need to consult a travel agent to maximize your choices, advises Cruise Lady.

Who are you traveling with?

If you don’t like the idea of going alone, and no one is available to accompany you, you may try an LDS tour, for instance, in a country like Israel. Consider checking out reliable tours and travel agents where you can be sure to tour safely and also find fun. This way, you will be traveling with a group, yet you will still be by yourself.

Choosing the best place for that time of the year

Finally, you need to consider the season and the weather conditions to help you choose the right place to visit. Other factors to include are the costs involved at the particular time of the year.

Prerequisites related to your destination

U.S Passports & International Travel recommends thinking about other requirements such as visas, travel insurance, and immunizations. Also, is your passport in order? Depending on your destination, your visa may take some time to process.

Are there friends and family abroad?

You may be having a closer-to-home hotel in mind, or may have decided to settle for a hostel-like accommodation, however, don’t forget the homes of your family, friends or acquaintances who live around the area. Inquire if someone you know in a foreign land is available. They may open their doors to you and offer you free accommodation.

Once you have planned your trip by carefully considering these tips, you can find a travel agent that can now help you plan a trip that is particularly suitable for you.