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Lovely Wedding Rings With a Long Lasting Charm

Wedding ringWedding rings are symbols of love between spouses. This is why many couples carefully choose their wedding rings. They go for unique designs to better symbolize one of the most important days of their lives.

When you think of wedding rings, what immediately comes to mind are wedding bands made of gold or silver. Wedding Ideas Mag stated that platinum, gold and silver are the most common materials for wedding rings. But did you know that there are wedding rings available in different stylish designs? If you want to make your wedding truly memorable and special, a lovely wedding ring exuding with lasting charm might help. For sure, you will love to wear this beautiful ring for a lifetime. These are some of the styles available for you.


One of the most popular stylish wedding rings comes with small, yet beautifully crafted, roses made of gold. Oftentimes, the band they are attached to is made entirely of gold with a traditional hue of the precious metal. The roses, on the other hand, have a slightly pinkish or rose gold hue, allowing it to stand out from the band. The design also varies from a ring with only three roses and diamonds in the center to another with roses intertwined around it.


You can also get a diamond encrusted wedding ring shaped like tulips intertwining and forming a loop. Some of them are made of 18-karat gold while others are created using pure silver with petals covered with small diamonds. Other designs available are two lemniscate or infinity signs bent together to form a ring and flowers sitting on meeting points of the sign. If funds are not enough for custom-made rings, try visiting jewelry shops, as they sometimes have vintage wedding rings for sale.


If you want a unique wedding ring to mark an important special day, then you can go for the knotted styles. Most of these types have no encrusted stones on them and simply look like wide or tight never-ending knots forming a circle. Some of them come in two-toned design, with one band made of silver while the other is made of gold. There are also those that instead of intertwining bands, they are made of a single wide band engraved with crisscrossing designs.

Diamond Encrusted Band

A traditional golden wedding band, made special by encrusted diamonds circling its entirety, making it more elegant and charming. Usually, these rings have a recessed center where diamonds are then placed. You will definitely love to wear this ring on your wedding day and beyond. After all, diamonds are the hardest known substance out there, which could symbolize a love that lasts.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how a wedding ring should look like. While it has been customary for a long time to wear simple wedding bands, this does not mean that your ring should also be like it. You choose a different style and design, making your wedding more unique and memorable. For all you know, you might just stumble upon the very style and design that you are looking for.

4 Unique Proposal Ideas to Ask the “Marry Me?” Question

marriage proposalIt’s not every day you’ll get the chance to ask the love of your life to be their forever. That’s why when the time finally comes, you would want to make it memorable and special to show how true and sincere you are in expressing your true feelings.

Once you’ve worked up the nerve to ask that million-dollar question, you might as well come up with a creative and romantic way to pop it. To help you, here’s a list of unique marriage proposal ideas that will leave a big impression on your special someone.

A Look Back to the Past

Have a trip down the memory lane and take your sweetheart to the same place where you first met and dated. Reminisce the fun times, and then do a little reenactment. When the time is right, you can finally pop the question and give her the ring to close the deal. They will surely appreciate all your efforts to set up the surprise proposal.

Take Advantage of the Holidays

Holidays are for spending the fun and good times with the people you cherish the most. This can also be the right time to propose. You may either hang the ring’s box like an ornament on the tree or make it look like one of the gifts underneath and wait for the big reveal. As soon as they open the box, both of you might be too overwhelmed to react or do anything, but don’t forget to ask the most important question. This is indeed the most unforgettable holiday present you can ever give to your lover.

A Special Massage Service

Another unique way to make a sweet and sincere proposal to your significant other is by giving them a personal and sensual massage. Don’t forget to save the left hand for last. As you finish off, slowly slip that precious custom-made engagement ring you’ve bought from a Salt Lake City jewelry shop and be ready to do the spiel and deliver your proposal speech. Whatever diamond it is, AAA Jewelers says that a ring on itself can leave your dear beloved speechless and awestruck.

Play the Game of Questions

The card game “Cards against Humanity” is pretty much a trend right now. Other than a fun way to pass the time, this can also make a great marriage proposal idea. After enjoying two to three rounds of the game, you may start including words and phrases related to the wedding until the card of “Will you marry me” finally appear. This time, reveal the card and the ring that you have and give it to your partner then repeat the question yourself. This will indeed leave your sweetheart clueless until it’s time to say it.

Whatever proposal gimmick you choose, the most important part of a marriage proposal is to convey your true feelings towards your special someone. Proposals are not entirely based on money you’ve spent or how grand it looks like, it is more on the expression of how much you want them to be part of your life from here on forward.