3 Myths about Transponder Keys That Still Exist in the 21st Century

Transponder Keys in AucklandWhen you talk about auto safety features, a transponder key should be on the top of the list. This revolutionary device offers an effective way to reduce car theft risk. If your vehicle can’t read the transponder chip the key should contain, it wouldn’t unlock and start. As every transponder key is programmed to work to just one vehicle, only you (the holder of the key) can make your ride run.

But even if this technology was born in the 1990s, you have to wonder why many people still have some misconceptions towards it. Any false impression is detrimental because it can cause you to make poor decisions in the future, and possibly compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Unless you want to learn your lesson the hard way, Sail City Locksmiths and other experts recommend dispelling these myths now:

It Can Be Disabled Easily

If your transponder key were too easy to disable, it wouldn’t be called a safety feature in the first place. In reality, you can disable it if you have a high level of skill and specialised tools to work with. If you’re just an average person, however, it’s not that doable. But even if you’re a locksmith extraordinaire, disabling a transponder key is no picnic.

Any Locksmith Can Cut One

Only experienced vehicle locksmiths have the capacity to cut such an extraordinary handheld device. Because cutting and programming transponder keys require a certain skill set and particular equipment, you can’t just hire the first auto locksmith you come across with.

It’s OK to Buy One on the Internet

It’s only safe if you can be absolutely certain that the online merchant is reputable. If not, you’re running the risk of buying a low-quality transponder key that could break easily, if not downright defective. It’s always better to deal with an experienced locksmith personally.

Most transponder key myths are otherwise just common sense. While this technology may be straightforward, you would rather ask a bona fide auto locksmith to answer your questions.

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