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3 Objections You Have Towards Self-Storage That Shouldn’t Even Exist

Self StorageSelf-storage has always been a handy solution to get rid the excess, but not everyone seems to be a fan of this service. Many Australians never fail to find one reason not to rent a unit—even if they have more reasons to do it. It may be understandable if you’ve had some bad experience in the past, but not all facilities are the same.

To close your mind to self-storage is to deprive yourself from the conveniences it brings. Whether you still can’t forgive the previous facility that charged you hidden fees, or you just woke up one day hating the idea of self-storage, you should know better than to object to everything about the service. shares some of the most common misconceptions below:

It’s Hard to Get Your Stuff When You Need Them

This holds true you if move across the country or overseas without taking your belongings with you. But when it comes to accessibility, storage facilities these days are generally considerate. They’re in the business of de-cluttering your life, which is why they wouldn’t let a silly office hour to get in your way to living your life as you wish.

Many facilities offer round-the-clock access, allowing you to get a hold of your belongings whenever you please. They, of course, always have some staff on duty for your assistance 24/7.

Rodents Would Feast on Your Things

Most Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Perth storage units are already pest-proof. Then again, you must exercise your due diligence when choosing who to trust. Don’t rely on the pictures they show on their site alone; pay a visit, and see the facility with your own eyes. Any self-respecting facility would even encourage you to take a peek first before you sign on the dotted line.

You Would Forget You Store Your Items in the First Place

If this is your only problem, then write everything down and put it somewhere you can easily see. Actually, this may be more of a gift than a curse: forgetting about the things you don’t regularly need.

Self-storage is a useful service to eliminate the unnecessary—for now. It’s natural to have doubts sometimes, but never count out the truth it’s beneficial to you when the need arises.

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