Extra Tire

3 Rare Accessories Sold with Vintage Cars

Extra TireA Toyota dealership in Miami may offer vintage vehicles if available. In most cases, auctions are the best places to find vintage cars. Did you know that buying vintage cars can come with extras you never thought available?

Extra Tire

Not all auctioned vintage cars come with extra tires, which make replacing wheels easier. Among these vintage cars is the 1907 Daimler Type TP 45 Tourer with an extra tire secured behind the vehicle. Car details claim that the fourth Earl of Craven was this car’s first owner.

This vehicle is a rare find. The four-seater Tourer has 10.6-liter fuel capacity with plated steel frameworks and headlights. Its seat design makes the car look like a carriage running on wheels instead of horses.

Car enthusiasts need not fret if they want an extra tire. Toyota dealerships in Miami like Southdadetoyota.com say this is easy enough and they can even do the tire rotation for you.

Personalized Plate

Elton John joined the celebrity car auction after offering his Bentley Continental. The car has quite the background story, being the car used in the music video of his hit “Nikita”.

However, it gives the future owner an extra as it comes with the hit music maker’s personalized registration plate. The plate with “B20 ELT” registration is a great addition to a car owners’ collection, particularly if they are after celebrity vehicles.

Machine Gun

You read it right! A 1925 Phantom I Maharaja by Rolls-Royce hit auction with .450-caliber machine gun attached to its rear bumper. Its design alone implies high value from auctioneers as Maharaja vehicles come with unique and top caliber custom accessories.

As a ruling class, maharajas have the money to get their preferred design like a boss. The estimated price for this vehicle is around $500,000 up to $1 million.

Vintage cars have more features to offer, but even newer models can surprise you. Watch out for vehicles with customizable accessories that give more value to your money.

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