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3 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

Car owners know how important it is to keep their vehicles in good condition. While cars today are more durable than ever, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore basic maintenance. If you have a new car, then it probably runs flawlessly. But as it gets older, its performance might start to slow down. If you want to keep your vehicle running like new, then you need to perform basic car maintenance.

Don’t wait until something happens to your vehicle before taking action. You can get a clear bra for cars to protect the paint from everyday wear and tear. There are also simple tasks you can do to safeguard your vehicle from the elements. Doing your own maintenance work goes a long way in keeping your car safe and reliable.

1. Check the battery

You won’t be able to go anywhere with a dead battery, so make it a point to perform a quick inspection and the occasional cleaning of this critical component.

Check the battery terminals for any signs of dirt or corrosion at least every three months. If you see dried battery acid, you need to disconnect the cables from the terminals, starting with the negative cable.

The best way to clean corroded terminals is to apply specialized corrosion removal fluid on the terminals and brush away the dirt with a wire brush. If corrosion removal fluid isn’t available, you can mix baking soda and water to make a cleaning paste.

Afterward, pour distilled water on the battery terminals to rinse off the fluid and dry it off with a clean cloth. Once the terminals are dry, you can then reattach the cables, starting with the positive cable.

2. Replace the wiper blades

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A dirty windshield isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Your road visibility will be substantially reduced if the windscreen is covered in ash, soot, or dirt. If you can’t see what’s ahead, you can’t drive safely. It’s as simple as that.

If the wiper blades begin to leave streaks and skip certain parts of the windshield, that means it’s time for a replacement. Another indicator is if you hear the blades making a squeaking noise. Even if your wiper blades work correctly, you still need to wipe the rubber strips on occasion to remove any dirt and debris. Inspect the strips for any signs of damage.

3. Check the fluid levels

Many newer vehicle models have automated indicators on the dashboard that help you monitor fluid levels in the engine. But technology can fail on occasion, so it’s still best to manually check the engine fluids regularly.

Do this at least once a week and before going on a long-distance road trip. Checking the fluid levels only takes a few minutes and gives you some peace of mind when driving. Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a level surface to ensure that the readings are accurate.

These three pointers will help you keep your car running like new. Smooth operation is essential, which is why you need to do some maintenance tasks yourself. Another thing you can do to keep your car in good condition is to park it in a safe and enclosed space. Don’t forget to visit the auto garage at least once a year for a comprehensive inspection.

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