3 Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless steel watches are beautiful and can instantly add that much-needed flair to your outfit. However, getting it dirty and rugged is sometimes just inevitable, especially if you wear it on a daily basis.

Thankfully, there are ways to clean your DC luxury watches. It can be done at the comfort of your home, which means that you would not have to spend a lot just to have it cleaned by a professional. Here, we will discuss how you can clean your stainless steel watch and keep it that way at all times.

Wipe it Down

Before doing anything to your watch, make sure to grab a non-abrasive washcloth and carefully wipe the surface of your watch. There might be smudges and traces of dust and dirt on it, which you should definitely pay attention to.

Take a clean washcloth and wet it with water. Do not fully wet it — just getting it damp enough to clean the surface is enough. Simply take your index finger, wrap the washcloth around it, and wipe the face of your stainless watch in circular motions. Do not be too harsh when doing this step, as you might accidentally ruin your watch in the process if you do.

Detach the Watchband from the Face

You should always clean the watchband separately from the face of your watch. If you can, then make sure to detach the watchband from the face. To clean it, take a small amount of stainless steel cleaner and put it in a cup. Take another clean washcloth and dip it in the stainless steel cleaner solution.

wristwatch being cleaned and repaired

Next, take the washcloth and wipe the watchband with it. It might take a couple of strokes for all of the dirt to disappear, so make sure to rub evenly. If there are hard-to-reach crevices and spots on your watchband, then grab an old toothbrush and dip it in the stainless steel cleaner as well. Gently brush your watchband with it and see the dirt go away.

Keep the Face from Getting Wet with Water

Most stainless steel watches are not waterproof, which means that you will have to make sure that your watch doesn’t get wet during the cleaning process. While the band can be drenched in water, the face shouldn’t have to go through the same, which is why it would be wise to detach the band from the face of the watch.

Take another clean washcloth, or rinse the one that you used earlier. Simply wet it with only water (damp only, not soaking wet) and wipe the face of the watch with it to get the cleaner off. Let the watchband dry completely before proceeding to reconnect them to each other.

If you are unsure about keeping your stainless steel watch clean, go ahead and ask a professional to do it for you. You would not want to ruin your watch just because you do not know how to clean it, so leave it to the hands of the experts instead. Good luck with cleaning your watch!

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