3 Ways to Cover Your Sofa Beds

Open Sofa BedSofa beds are a non-negotiable nowadays. This is particularly true if you are receiving guests frequently. Sofa beds are a multi-functional piece of furniture it accommodates the additional headcount when the rooms and space are limited. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects related to having a guest bed is its comfort. Have you ever looked at the bedding of your sofa bed where you let guests sleep? Is it comfortable enough? If not, it is high time to check what bedding best suits your sofa beds.

Here are three ways to cover your sofa bed:

1) Mattress pad

The most common bedding is the fitted mattress pad. As the name implies, it provides an added padding. But, it also offers another layer of protection to the sofa sleeper. There are fold-out and futon mattress pads to choose from. If you chose a futon pad, you'll need a customized futon cover.

2) Sheet

Your choices of bed sheet are regular and fitted sheets. Simplistic, thin sheets are best used for coverage during the summer. However, for additional protection from wear and tear, which may happen regardless of the season, your best bet is to use a fitted sheet. Fitted sofa sleeper sheets, particularly those that are made from cool fabric, can keep the guest comfortable throughout the night despite the heat retained on microfiber or leather sofa sleepers.

3) Comforter

During the winter, it is best to put a thick comforter above the built-in foldable mattress. It doesn't have to be that bulky though so storing it will be easier for you. Elaborate comforters are heavy too. Your guest might not like the idea of having something weighty above them while sleeping.

Comfort is important, so never compromise. Keep these items handy, but invest on the highest quality beddings that you can afford. Your guest will surely appreciate the gesture when you let them sleep in an ultimately cozy and warm sofa bed.

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