4 Kids’ Party Hacks You Should Know

Kids At Birthday PartyIt is not easy to organise a children’s birthday party. It takes a lot of time and effort to put up themed decors, choose a venue, and create a programme that would entertain all the children who will attend the party. Whilst it’s convenient to hire an event planner, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. So, if you plan to organise your kid’s birthday party, below are a few hacks that may save you money and time preparing for the event.

  1. Use Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

The Spit Roast Catering Company and other catering providers in Hamilton can create a customised menu for a themed kid’s party. However, if you don’t cook professionally, you just have to be creative in making the food enticing for the guests. For instance, slice the sandwiches using a cookie cutter to make cool shapes that children will love.

  1. Prepare Ice Cream Using a Cupcake Tin

Scooping and handing out ice cream to each kid in the party may take up much time. It is better to prepare scooped portions of the ice cream before the party. Then put every portion in a cupcake tin and place it in the freezer while waiting for the party.

  1. Make Fruit Kebabs

As many desserts cost a lot of money and time to make, consider fruit kebabs as your party dessert. Just chop a variety of fruits before the party, and let the children have fun making their own fruit kebabs.

  1. Let the Kids Decorate the Cakes or Biscuits

If you’re serving biscuits or cakes, let the children do the decorating part. Just fill condiment bottles with coloured icing and hand these bottles to the kids. With this technique, you don’t only save time preparing the cakes or biscuits, but you’d also create a fun activity for the kids.

These are just four hacks that you can try, but if you’re creative, you’ll definitely find more ways to save money and time organising your child's birthday blowout.

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