4 Things to Do On a Yacht to Make Your Mediterranean Getaway Memorable

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We’re now in the middle of winter, which means a lot of people may already be sick of the snow. If you’re one of those people but you can’t simply fly to a tropical country on a whim, why not plan a vacation to the Mediterranean once spring or summer rolls around?

The Marvels of the Mediterranean

According to the UN Word tourism Organization’s 2015 Tourism Trends Snapshot, the Mediterranean Sea—and the 29 countries around it—is the world’s leading tourism destination. With the region’s mild climate, rich history, and array of cultures, it welcomed 342 million international tourist arrivals that year.

If you want to enjoy the sea and the European sun, the Mediterranean is a perfect destination. And what better way to tour the region than by going coast to coast on a chartered yacht? Despite the sun and the gorgeous coastal views, though, you might become bored or grow restless on deck while waiting to dock on the next coast.

So, why not increase the fun factor and include the activities below in your Mediterranean getaway planning?

1. Get a Mediterranean tan

Apart from various knickknacks, you can go home with a Mediterranean tan as a reminder of the grand time you’ll have there. Whether you’re docked on the Italian Riviera or between coasts on your yacht, there are plenty of chances to lounge under the Mediterranean sun and get a glowing tan. Just remember to be generous with the sunblock.

2. Go fishing or angling

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the world’s most diverse and abundant waters, with more than 500 species of fish thriving in its blue-green depths. If you want some downtime, the Spanish coast is an especially great area for recreational fishing and angling. So, don’t forget to pack your tsunami fishing rods along with your sunglasses and catch yourself some fish.

3. Read or write

The endless sun, warm breeze, and the sound of waves are what heaven is made of for many readers. If you’ve been putting off your to-be-read list because you’ve been too busy working back home, this vacation is the perfect time to binge-read.

If you’re the writer type, on the other hand, there’s no better setting than the Mediterranean coast. Whether you want to pen a summer romance novel or write a thriller about a mystery that unfolds at every port, the sea breeze, scent of salt, and the many types of people you’ll meet along the way will surely fuel your creativity.

4. Keep a travel vlog

have a travel vlog

You’ll find the most stunning views while you’re sailing along the Mediterranean. From colorful buildings stacked on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean to lush mountain backdrops, there are plenty of views worth capturing on camera. Even if you won’t share them online, take lots of pictures and videos. This way, you can enjoy the historic rivers and other sights along the Mediterranean through the lens of your camera. Apart from that, documenting these views is a fantastic way to preserve your experience.

There are a dozen more activities you can do to keep yourself even more entertained while cruising along the Mediterranean—have a boat party, go snorkeling, watch the sunset. The open sea is a playground for your senses, so start planning this sun-kissed escape now.

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