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4 Ways to Avoid Stress When a New School Year Comes

new school yearGoing back to school is always an exciting time for all students. They get to shop for new school supplies, learn new things, and see their friends and schoolmates again!

As a parent, here are a few ways for you to help out your child before the first day of classes.

Gradually Make Changes

The school break will change your kids’ habits, and you should help them to gradually ease back to their school year routine. It often takes two weeks to re-introduce an earlier bedtime and re-establish a study habit. You can start with as small as half an hour earlier bedtime and half an hour study time per day.

Create a Calendar

A school year is full of different responsibilities and schedules. That’s why it’s vital to have a calendar for each member of the family to plot their commitments. You can use this to know when all family members would be free so that you can schedule family activities all year round. Even one day off with the whole family can bring you closer together.

Plan Before Shopping

Don’t just go to the mall and shop to your heart’s content, counsels Perm-A-Pleat. You must know which school supplies your kids need and which one you can skip. This includes Australian school uniforms, school shoes, lunch box, writing supplies, notebooks, reference books, and more.

Prevent Morning Madness

Usual weekday mornings can be hectic and stressful for a family if they don’t know how to keep everything organised. Avoid manic Mondays by having a method of doing things. You can teach your kids to prepare their bags at night to avoid panicking in the morning. Prevent ‘bathroom wars’ by making a bathroom schedule and sticking to it.

Avoid stress by making sure you’re ready for the start of a new school year. Help your children adjust by following the tips above.

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