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5 Ways to Maximize Office Productivity

You can’t fit a crazy amount of work in an eight-hour workday. If you do try to impose this on your employees, you’re putting the company at risk of a poor retention rate.

Employee satisfaction is the key to maximizing productivity in the office. If you keep your people happy, your business will flourish. By making a few changes in the office, you can encourage productivity among your employees while increasing your retention as well. Here are some ideas that you can start employing:

1. A work-conducive office design

It pays to hire an experienced commercial interior designer for your Sydney office. Work-conducive office design can increase productivity in many ways. For example, a well-designed office can reduce stress by eliminating a dull environment. Moreover, an interior designer can incorporate stimulating designs that can increase motivation and inspiration. Not only will your office become attractive to more potential employees; it will also give your existing employees an ideal working environment.

2. Don’t micromanage

People get stressed out quicker if their manager is always looking over their shoulder. Instead of the micromanagement approach, you should encourage autonomy by managing from the background. Aim to have your employees learn as they work and correct themselves if they make mistakes. This way, employees will perform better and be more motivated to do a good job.

3. Incorporate recreation in the office

Recreation is not necessarily a distraction in the office. Let employees de-stress while they’re in the office so that they don’t burn out later on. To start, incorporate some recreational spaces in the workplace like a game room or a quiet room where your workers can take a break. On occasion, you can also spearhead fun activities that will help everyone blow off some steam, like a little office party in the pantry or after-work drinks.

4. Encourage and motivate

Positive reinforcement is used in many workplace settings because it works. Practice positive reinforcement by setting realistic goals for your employees, encouraging them to complete these goals, and rewarding them when goals are met. Rewards don’t have to be lavish. Gift certificates or care packages are great rewards for small to medium goals. For more substantial accomplishments, you can consider incentivizing employees with a free holiday or a raise.

5. Pay attention to your employees’ health

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Employee health is something that most companies overlook. However, it plays a big role in their performance. There are many ways you can improve employee health, such as:

  • Getting ergonomic workstations to avoid back pain and eye strain
  • Encouraging healthy eating by eliminating junk food in the pantry
  • Hosting fitness endeavors like a company marathon a or sports day
  • Inviting a nutritionist to discuss the importance of a healthy diet
  • Installing hand sanitizer dispensers to help prevent the spread of disease

Your employees are the most important part of your business. When there are no employees, there is no business; it’s as simple as that. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep them happy if you want to get their maximum productivity in return.

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