Divorced parents fighting for child custody

A Guideline on Child Custody Matters for Spouses Undergoing Divorce Proceedings

You may be divorcing from your spouse, but your children will still have two biological parents. There are no replacements for a kid’s father and mother. Accepting your role as a parent and your responsibility to always prioritize what is in your child’s best interest should always be on your mind.

Despite the challenges you have to face as the divorce proceedings move forward, you should never neglect your parental responsibilities, especially when they may shape your child’s future.

Disturbing Statistics and Increased Risk

Studies have revealed that externalizing behavior in children and teens can be predicted by parental divorce. Use of alcohol, tobacco, and prohibited drugs are some of the associated behavior, along with delinquency in school.

Comparisons of outcomes in families between parents who are divorced and married spouses reveal children belonging to the former category at a disadvantage. Their academic performance suffers, some live in poverty, and these children are more likely to be incarcerated.

Your Attitude and Actions

The transition a child will undergo could traumatize children if you do not make the effort to help them adjust. It is especially important for them to see a cooperation between their parents—a mutual respect that will help them adapt gradually to the new family situation.

The kind of relationship you will establish with your soon-to-be ex-spouse would determine whether or not your children will come through intact. If you cannot become friends with your former spouse, at least do not behave as if you cannot stand to be in the same room. Be civil with each other, and always keep in mind the welfare of the children you’ll be raising, hopefully still with unified goals and aspirations.

Ensuring a Bright Future for your Children

Smiling child with her parents and lawyer in the backgroundIf you want to ensure your children’s needs will always be fulfilled as they are growing up you must work with an experienced legal team to formulate a custody plan that will benefit them most. With the guidance of a child custody lawyer in Murray, residents undergoing a divorce can shake off the emotional baggage they carry around and start planning a bright and promising future for their children.

One Step at a Time

It might seem difficult to achieve maintaining a civil relationship especially when there are lingering doubts and accusations. It is always tempting to push the other’s buttons. Always remember that you will only be serving your needs if you always take the confrontational attitude.

You do not have the right to destroy their lives just because your marriage could not be saved. If you have to discuss a critical issue that usually involves a flare-up of emotions prepare yourself well and consult with a lawyer on how to best respond to questions that may be thrown your way. Do not engage in argument for argument’s sake. Be calm and be objective. That is the frame of mind you should choose whenever you are in the same room with your former spouse.

Your children deserve loving parents. Focus on figuring out the details of a new life you are building for your family, and work together as parents to ensure your children’s needs will be met adequately.

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