Gastronomic Delights

Aussie Awesome: The Things That Will Make You Love Australia

Gastronomic DelightsAustralia is one of the countries that a lot of people love to pay a visit, but never get the chance. After all, for most travellers, a holiday in Australia means long flights. So, they would just choose another destination that is only going to take a few hours. Some also think that fares and the cost of living can be quite exorbitant. But, the thing is, there are plenty of reasons this country should make it into your list of must-sees, all of which makes the travel time and the expense worth it.

So, if you are still looking for more reasons to fly to Australia, The Alliance Hotel shares three of the best ones that are surely going to make you start packing your stuff now.

1. Fascinating Flora and Fauna

Koalas, wombats, and of course, kangaroos –these are just some of the creatures that you are going to see in what may be a whole new kind of ‘regular’ basis. It is normal for Australians to see these fascinating animals every day, something that you probably have never imagined happening in your own country.

2. Gastronomic Delights

‘The Lot’ Hamburger, the Burger Rings, the Chiko Roll, the Bacon and Egg Pie, the Potato Cakes – the list of gastronomic delights that only the Australians could have invented can go on and on. There is one more – the steak. Australia produces some of the best steaks in the world. Of course, finding the best steak in Brisbane, or in any other part of the country requires a bit of research, but by reading the right reviews, you definitely are going to find it.

3. The Music Scene

There are plenty of music festivals that happen in the country all year round. If you love and adore music, time your holidays with one of the most popular Australian music festivals and you are sure to have one of the best cultural experiences.

Hopefully, these three reasons are enough to make you want to visit Australia. Of course, there’s more, but you can explore them yourself once you’re there.

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