Bath, Bed, and Beyond: Why visiting Bath can be your perfect relaxing retreat

Roman Baths and Bath AbbeyThe city of Bath is best known by most for its namesake: the Roman baths. There is, however, more to the city than taking a dip in its well-known spas.

What’s beyond the Bath?

While the general idea for what can be done in Bath would involve a restful getaway visiting one of the local spas or checking into a hotel with spa services and facilities, you may want to look into other activities that can give you as much of a break as a lovely hot soak.

For tourists interested in learning more about the sights in and around the city, there are self-guided and professionally guided tours. You may even want to take tours that can cater to specific interests like bike tours and walking photography tours. You could also venture out of the city and see one of the nearby attractions like Stonehenge.

Fancy food over tours? Bath has several restaurants, cafes, and other establishments that can provide you with the gastronomic experience you seek, including the Saturday Bath Farmers’ Market. And make sure to get a taste of the local delicacies such as the Bath Soft Cheese and Sally Lunn Bun!

Of course, there is also the pricier means of relaxation: shopping plus a taste of the nightlife to cap off the day’s exertions. Bath offers a wide array of independent shops, high street retailers, and the seasonal Bath Christmas Market.

Where to stay in Bath

Choosing a hotel that best suits your needs can be crucial in making your stay the perfect one.

Bath city centre hotels will often be the best choice as they will be within easy reach of everything the city has to offer. Many of them can also provide you with equally satisfying culinary treats. If your budget is limited, you could try staying a youth hostel or if you want your vacation to have a home away from home feel, why not choose accommodations at a bed and breakfast or self-catering property?

Whatever arrangement you choose, Bath will certainly have the right fit for you.



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