Bead Blasting Your Guns: Is it a Good Idea?

Bead blastingAbrasive blasting has earned a place as a fine yet abrasive cleaning procedure that couples the thoroughness of sanding with the power of mechanisation to yield an effective and adaptable cleaning technique. The intensity of the clean varies depending on the material used. Quartz sand or tiny metal filings are perfect for heavy duty tasks while fine detail projects like gun polishing use spherical glass balls, silicon carbide or stainless steel.

Why Bead Blasting

Bead blasting guns will give you the reliability of abrasive blasting without gauging out the detail on the gun. This makes it a perfect approach to cleaning expensive collector guns that have either corroded or gathered tough dirt over time.

Bead blasting will not only retain the patina but also keep the high precision components of the gun in the right dimension. This is especially important to collectors who intend to keep the gun around for longer and each abrasive clean would count in the long run.

Different Bead Blasting Options

The most common approach that will work on your gun could be air blasting with the beads. Even though it needs more energy than its counterpart, wet bead blasting, the fact that you leave your gun dry is a plus in fighting corrosion.

Post-Blasting Cleaning

The tiny beads tend to remain lodged in the cleaned item calling for a thorough cleaning before reassembly and using. The regular gun cleaning procedure is efficient in removing regular grit and dirt. This should be more than enough to rinse off any remaining beads and leaves your gun usable.

Since bead blasting is easy to scale up, most gun owners would prefer blasting multiple guns at a go. In this way, you might land a discount from the cleaner. Moreover, you should consider working with a contractor who has experience in cleaning guns. Having bead blasting equipment isn’t guarantee that he or she will do the job right.

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