7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Maintain a Beautiful Yard

William Kent said, “Garden as though you will live forever,” and Utahans took it seriously!

Utah and scenic beauty are synonymous. If you have been to Utah, you cannot possibly deny the Serotonin boost driving past pristine softwoods, mountains, and desert beauty. Being home to 44 state parks and five national parks (popularly known as Mighty Five), people in Utah have an innate penchant towards divine nature.

The majority of the population maintains their lawns or backyards and invests big bucks in tree care services. Homeowners believe that the best time to begin your yard maintenance is in the fall. To make sure your yard looks pretty in green in spring, here are some tips you can follow:

Mowing Is Right

Mowing follows the ride-or-die rule in the yards. The better you mow, the better your grass grows! If you cut it too short, the grass turns brown as it begins to use energy stored in roots rather than using it from photosynthesis, thereby hindering the yard’s capability to withstand snow.

If you mow it too less leaving it long, it serves as an open invitation to fungi. Thus, follow the rule to keep your grass an ideal two and a half to three inches, an overall healthy height. Remember that you should not mow more than one-third of your grass.

Don’t Let the Autumn Leaves Do the Talking!

To rake the autumn leaves might not sound like a happy element for your soul. We know a carpet of autumn leaves defines beauty, but it might cause more harm than good if left in contact with grass.

The leaves serve as an impenetrable mat: blocking light, trapping the moisture, and turning into a breeding ground for fungi. After all, you cannot let fungi interfere in your yard!

Experts suggest that you continue raking corners of the trees and not wait for the leaves to fall.

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Testing Your Soil

Being an amenable yard owner, you need to check what went wrong last fall that affected your green carpet’s health in spring. The idea is to scrutinize pH levels to fertilize with an appropriate quantity of nitrogen and other minerals.

As this might sound a bit technical, you can catch up with some excellent tree servicing options in Utah. Trust us, Utah has everything for your yard care!

Aeration Is the Key

Soil health is the prime factor for your green carpet’s health. With time, the soil gets covered with a thick layer of roots, stems, and debris. Consequently, it blocks the light and acts as a barrier for nutrients from reaching the soil.

The best way to prevent it is to aerate the soil using a core aerator, which you can easily rent from tree servicing teams. The self-propelled machine tugs the dirt and other impurities, thereby loosening the soil.

It would be best to hire servicing teams to use core aerators as larger yards require more professional operations.

Fill in Bare Spots

Bald or bare spots often arise in yards due to excessive pet urine, traffic foot flow, and contamination by pests. However, it is not as easy to fix such spots as usually the cause of the problem cannot be apprehended by homeowners and necessarily screams for professional help.

A lawn repair mixture used by the tree servicing team can be spread over the grass in thick layers. The catch is to mix the correct quantity of water and the repair mixture to get the best results.

Weed, Weed Go Away!

Weeds are no alien to any yards or lawns. Worrisome as hell, it is equally essential for homeowners to fight back with the batch. To eliminate weed seeds from sprouting, you should use pre-emergent herbivores. Remember, they are helpful as long as seeds haven’t grown.

What if you can already spot the seeds in your yard at the moment? It’s not the end of the yard world yet; you still fight back with clingy weeds. You can use a gas-based Primus Gardener Weed Destroyer to kill annual weeds without killing your grass. To stick to more traditional options, you can use the tool (a spade) to pry the weed upward, but be careful with pulling off the roots.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of the yard is no less than taking care of your baby. Love, responsibility, and awareness under specific time constraints are paramount for the health and beauty of your yard. All the solutions presented above can only be beneficial when executed at the right time.

If you are too busy to handle everything yourself, several tree servicing options can help your yard job done with ease. The experience of service teams can work wonders for your yard’s health as they know best to read the problems and provide the most suitable solution. Don’t wait and get your trees fixed right away!

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