Fort Wayne

Becoming a Hoosier: Some Reasons to Stay in Fort Wayne

Fort WayneOne of the first things you want to know when moving is if it is a good place to live in. Moving to Fort Wayne and becoming a “Hoosier” may have some merits to it. If you are into a rockin’ lifestyle, then you will love it there.

Here are some reasons that finding homes for sale in Fort Wayne a great idea:


The Embassy Theatre is a long-time venue for concert tours and community events. Five hundred events happen there on any given year, including performances from the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra and Broadway musicals.


There is a lot of water in Fort Wayne, so it is the perfect place for the Three Rivers Festival. It includes the standard parade and fireworks, but what you really want to see is the bed race. It is a race with actual beds on wheels. It is quite an amazing sight.


Barbeque lovers, rejoice! You have found the right place. The annual BBQ RibFest is testament to the love of grilled food that Fort Wayne residents have. Teams compete to cook the best-tasting ribs every year, using up more than 20 tons of ribs each time. Fort Wayne is also the home of the best hotdogs on that side of the Mason Dixon line.

Street Performers

New York has its share of street performers, but they do not have the same as buskers in Fort Wayne. The stilt walkers and mimes that throng the streets in June during the BuskerFest are a remarkable sight. Speaking of sight to behold, it is noteworthy that Dottie Wiltse Collins, the central figure in the movie “A League of Their Own” came from Fort Wayne.


Minor leagues may seem like small potatoes, but one thing leads to the other. Fort Wayne specializes in minor leagues, and people from all over the US flock to the area to watch their games. Soon, it may have its own pro baseball team, too!

Fort Wayne has a bevy of attractions that make people fall in love with it the first time they set foot on its soil. Still, Fort Wayne is one of those towns in the US that you visit for the sights, and you stay for the people.

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