Commercial Signage

A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Signage

Commercial SignageIn today’s business landscape, exposure is always one of the top three things owners prioritize when starting their own enterprise. In addition to traditional newspaper ads, brochures and flyers, through the people’s rapid use of the Internet, they can now advertise on top websites. After much strategising and examining of social media analytics, your company is out there for Internet users to see.

That said, Internet marketing may still not be as practical a method of advertising as, say, signage. Ever since P.T. Barnum’s Museum displayed the first gas-lit sign, it has been a straightforward and practical method of getting people to pay attention and, if successful, patronise your business.

Commercial Signage, an Australian signage company, states that there are things you need to know before jumping the 175-year-old bandwagon. Here are some of them:

1. Signage is Inexpensive

As a smart businessperson, you should know how to maximise your budget. Having signage made is cheap and on it, you can include your contact information and location. In a good location, it will provide details to people who may want to visit your establishment.

2. Be Bold!

It could also be applied to your business strategy, but when you’re having a signage made, don’t bother with small letters. Make sure it contains all the necessary information in big, bold letters for everyone to see.

3. Short-term and Long-term Signage

The materials chosen for your signage can actually determine how long you’ll be using it. Signage in vinyl banners or signage made with corrugated plastic are the short-term ones, while metal signs could last for a long time. One thing you don’t want is a decrepit signage when your business is still relatively new.

4. Locations Matter in Choosing Signage

If your business is located where there’s a lot of foot traffic, sandwich boards are perfect for that location. Don’t just choose an awning-type or a pole sign; consult with a signage company first to avoid mistakes.

5. You Won’t Go Wrong With Banners

Versatile, long lasting and easy to transport, banners are the safety choice in signage. Whether you want to put it in front of your business or at a festival, it’s simple enough to setup and remove.

There’s also digital signage that take advantage of visual prowess of monitors, LED televisions and other modes of visual display. Put this in your list of signage since it’s very trendy and people seem to like it very much.

When you’re looking to promote your company, always put signage in your choices. Practical, cheap and proven, and for a business proprietor, what can be better than those three in one thing?

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