Best Autoclave Products for Your Lab

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Autoclaves are indispensable equipment for laboratories, whether medical, educational, or scientific in nature. An autoclave machine uses high pressure and temperature to get rid of spores and microorganisms in certain liquids; solid waste; metals; laboratory, surgical, and medical equipment; and other materials. Autoclaves help sterilise and disinfect a lot of things to guarantee the safety of people using them and those whom they might be in contact with.

If you own a laboratory, then it’s a no-brainer to invest in an autoclave regardless of your location in Australia. This machine may cost quite a hefty sum, but its benefits will more than make up for your financial investment. There are companies that supply high-quality autoclave machines, so it should be easy for you to get one soon.

Here are the different autoclave products that you may consider when buying:

Horizontal bench-top

Bench-top autoclaves come in different models with unique performance specifications – from simple processes to state-of-the-art sterilisation procedures. They are available in seven sizes and can accommodate anywhere between 23 to 200 litres of load in the chamber. These autoclave machines accept Erlenmeyer flasks and media bottles with ease and can be programmed to handle different tasks automatically.

Horizontal floor-standing

This stand-alone autoclave variation can accommodate much bigger loads than bench-top autoclaves – anywhere between 65 to 1,580 litres. They come in at least 16 sizes and can handle even the most sophisticated process of sterilisation. They are lightweight and compact and can be fitted with accessories for validatable processes.

Vertical floor-standing

Vertical floor-standing autoclaves can accommodate 40 to 150 litres of load and come in eight sizes. These are top-loading machines that have a high chamber volume and small size. The top-of-the-line model could also handle sophisticated sterilisation processes just like the other autoclave options.


A pass-through or double-door autoclave machine is capable of accommodating 90 to 1,580 litres and can be bought in 13 sizes. It can be used for every imaginable application in the laboratory, so it’s a pretty versatile and highly capable autoclave product. Accessories may also be purchased for validatable processes and can be used to separate sterile from non-sterile locations.

Media preparators

Media preparators can be used to prepare, sterilise, and sterile-fill various liquids including peptone water and agar culture media. Preparators come in seven sizes and can accommodate 10 to 120 litres of load. Options for documentation are available plus options to create and save up to 100 programmes.

Mediafill plate pourer

A mediafill plate pourer is used to dispense and pour microbiological culture media into Petri dishes with diameters ranging from 35 to 90mm. Dispensing and pouring of media can be automated to have the right dose and fill to avoid mistakes. It can have a carousel with enough room for Petri dishes with sizes of 220, 400, and 660. This product is known for its simplicity and intuitiveness and can also be configured to suit a wide range of applications.

With these autoclave options, you should be able to see which one best suits your lab’s specific needs. You may also contact a trusted supplier of autoclave machines near you to get professional advice as to which one of these products is a perfect addition to your lab. Happy shopping!

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