Bring it On! 3 Ways You Can Nail a Cheerleading Tryout

Cheerleading TryoutsWhen you know how to do basic, awesome gymnastic moves, there’s a chance you can be a great cheerleader. However, cheerleading is not just about back handsprings and pyramids – it is a sport. So, like in other sports teams, you need to pass a tryout and beat other hopefuls in order to land a spot on the team.

If you’re planning to attend a cheerleading tryout, here are a few tips for you:

Be Creative

According to, excellent cheerleading teams always have creativity and originality. Generally, cheerleading teams will look for creative individuals to join them. In tryouts, you’ll need to perform a little audition and it is the perfect opportunity to show how creative you are. Days before the tryout, plan a unique routine and try to think of fresh cheers to impress the screeners.

Practice your Vocals

If you want to be a cheerleader, you need to learn how to amplify your voice for cheering. Practice cheering using your diaphragm instead of your throat muscles. This way, you’ll have a deeper and louder voice without straining your throat too much. With this skill, you can show your future teammates that you’re a right fit for this sport.

Show Confidence

Cheerleaders smile a lot, no matter how hard their routine is. How can they smile when they know they’re about to get tossed high? It is because they’re confident. They‘ve practiced their moves and they know they have the skills to perform their routine. As a matter of fact, in great cheerleading teams, you’ll rarely see a member who is unsure of their stunts. So in tryouts, you need to show confidence as it is an important quality of a great cheerleader.

Following these pre-audition tips can help you better prepare for your tryout. More importantly, you can go a long way in a cheerleading team once you learn how to use this advice to your advantage.

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