Buffet Restaurant: What Etiquette Should You Know?

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If you are planning for a food trip one of these days, you may want to try eating at a buffet. For one thing, going to a buffet is one gastronomical experience everyone will surely love. All of your favorites are there – from the appetizers, main courses, soups, and down to the desserts.

You can also have your own buffet at your upcoming event. Some suppliers of catering in Salt Lake City, Utah, offer their services for all kinds of events. Undoubtedly, your guests will love the food selection you have in your affair. Contact a reliable supplier so that no one goes hungry and the food is of good quality during your event.

Buffet etiquette 101

Dessert in buffet

There’s something about buffets that can be enticing to a lot of foodies out there. As mentioned, a buffet is a complete meal – from appetizer, main course, meat for carnivores, veggie dishes for vegans, desserts, soup, and beverage of your choice. It sure will leave your tummies full and satisfied.

But as much as we love buffets, we should know the basic buffet etiquette. No matter how much we look forward to eating in a buffet, we should also think about keeping our poise and ensuring that everyone enjoys their meal without hassles. Here are some tips to remember before indulging in a buffet.

  • Wash your hands before heading for the buffet table. You would not want to put your dirty hands on the food you and everyone else is about to eat. Never use your bare hands when getting food, even if it is fried.
  • Use the right serving spoon or tongs provided per dish. Avoid using it on the other plates. Doing this prevents cross-contamination. After getting the food you want on your plate, return the serving utensil on a plate provided on the table.
  • Wait until you are out of the line so that you can indulge yourself. Avoid eating while you are lined up in the buffet line. Doing this will avoid holding up the others waiting for their turn. If you are not sure if you want the food, you can get a small sample on your plate. You can go back to the buffet table for more servings anyway.
  • For more servings, get a clean plate if you want another helping of food. Leave your used eating utensils on your table or put them on top of unused tissue or napkin. Better yet, get a clean spoon and fork.
  • Make sure to roll up your sleeves when getting food on the buffet. Doing this will prevent your clothes from touching the food and possibly contaminating it.
  • Accompany your child when getting food in the buffet. It’s not also too early to teach them basic buffet manners. It will also avoid any possible mess.

Who doesn’t love buffets? Some may not eat that much, unlike others. But the extensive food selection will be worth it, no matter what kind of food you like to eat. Everyone can leave the place with a full tummy and a satisfied heart.

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