Can We Still Save Our Planet?

The winter of 2017 in Australia reached its warmest temperature after more than a century. This record-breaking phenomenon caused some bushfires and heatwaves that have damaged crops as well as other severe weather disturbances. Climate change is the culprit, and it’s slowly killing the earth.

It is a challenge for most of the world to join forces and stop the brutal effects of global warming and environmental destruction. It doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t do anything about it.

Change the Way We Treat Water.

Let’s start with the source of life — water. To treat sewage systems, we need energy that, unfortunately, negatively impacts our environment. Businesses use it so they can distribute clean water. However, Naturalflow reiterates that there are alternative ways to treat wastewater. An example is using power-free natural aerating processes. Doing away with water bottles is another solution. The manner manufacturers produce them contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Turn off Unused Lights.

Walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car, insulating your home, unplugging electronic devices and even turning off the lights when not in use can lessen carbon emission. The more you can downsize your space, the better. Why? It lowers utility bills. Small spaces also mean fewer items for disposal. And if you need to buy appliances, choose energy-efficient models. Most appliances come with an Energy Rating Label to help you know how much energy you can consume.

Know What You Eat.

CNN released a report about climate-damaging foods, and it does include some animal-based products. Even eating shellfish contributes a big percentage of CO2 to the environment. Reducing these products (including dairy) and the consumption of processed items can already do a lot for the environment.

It’s never too late to make a change, so be aware and get involved. It’s the only way to prolong the life of our only home.

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