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Car Disposal: Ways to Get that Old Wagon Off Your Hands

Old CarCars have been a tool used by man ever since the first combustion engine was invented. It was even made popular by models during automobile shows. You may enjoy your current ride, but what do you do when it is time to say goodbye to it?

You may have been eying that new gasoline-efficient model your favorite automobile company is about to release, make space in the garage or simply cut costs. Whatever the case may be, you cannot just leave your ride on the side of the street. There are ways to dispose of it, and Donate a Car USA shares some of the most popular ones.


Selling your vehicle for one would get you a better profit as opposed to trading it in. This is because you get the whole profit from it. But, this would not mean you would get a better price than if you had traded it in, as most traders will also offer warranties and other services that you may not be able to. Selling the vehicle also repurposes it into outright cash. This is very useful if you no longer have intentions to keep a vehicle and instead need money to go elsewhere. Be wary though, as selling entails delays because you cannot get the money outright until you have completed the sale. Also, there are legal obligations that you have to fulfil, such as making sure it is in proper condition and complies with the local motor vehicle regulations.


If you, or your business is involved in philanthropy, charity is another way to get rid of your old vehicle. There are many non-profit organizations where you can donate your car for cash. These proceeds from your donation would be given to the organization’s beneficiaries. This is a good move for people looking to improve the public relations image of their companies. Sometimes, one can get a tax deduction for the donation. Be careful of fraudulent charities though, so do your homework if you decide to go with this method.

Trading In

If the vehicle still has some value left in it, trading it for another that suits your current requirements is useful. This has the advantage of a quick trade wherein you can get your new vehicle as soon as you sign the trade deal. Coursing the transaction through dealers also relieves you of potentially bogging legal responsibilities. Though trading in does not ensure that you will receive another vehicle of the same value, it is still a good way to get rid of your old ride and get a new one that suits you better.

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