Car Mural Installation in 3 Steps

There are two major reasons car owners sign up for a car wrap service. One is for personal reasons — some people just want to wear their aesthetic loud and proud.

The other is for advertising. Ads on wheels have become a rather smart and cost-efficient solution for brands out there looking to increase their visibility exponentially.

If you are looking to subscribe to a full-service car graphics in Dallas, TX, here’s how the process works.


This is where it all starts — a good design that will encapsulate what you wish to communicate. This is the part of the process where you need the help of an artist to render whatever ideas you have going in your head.

It does not stop there. Your car mural designer should also be well-adept in terms of the technicalities of the process. Considering your design will not be plastered onto a flat surface but on a three-dimensional model, your designer must know concepts such as scales and bleed area, among others.


The second step in the process is printing. Here, your main consideration should be the quality of printing resources used by your chosen service provider. Within the printing industry, this certification is tantamount to unique and consistent quality.


The last step in the car wrap process can also prove the trickiest. This is all about precision. It starts with washing your vehicle with a combination of water and soap. The vehicle should then be left out to dry for 24 hours before the actual installation can take place.

Your car wrap provider should be equipped with all the necessary tools, from cold rollers to silicone killers to finish the job efficiently.

When choosing a car wrap service provider, consider every step mentioned above. The important thing is you pick one that scores high regarding their expertise in all those steps above.

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