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Caution or Brawn: Two Possible Approaches to Handling Google Search Engine Penalties

Google Search EngineGetting organic leads is good news to every website owner. It drives a tangible long-term traffic on the web, making it a true gold mine. With Google being the largest search engine, anything that violates their terms and conditions will have astounding effects on your search engine ranking and your share of organic traffic.

Search Engine Penalties are Unpredictable

Unlike other aspects of marketing and site optimization strategies that remain constant over time, Google search engine penalties will occur with every search engine algorithm update. What was white hat SEO a few months ago could easily turn into black hat SEO once an update goes live.

Playing It Safe

With little or no clues about what Google will deem illegal with the next update, most SEO experts will advise you to use the most conventional and natural SEO techniques to rank your website. For instance, avoiding the use of very persuasive meta descriptions for your content could save you in case of another rush algorithm update.

Working With the Experts

Disavowing a couple of blacklisted backlinks and cleaning up over optimized links in a small website should be simple. If you have many posts on your website, however, the work becomes more tedious and almost impossible without the help of a professional. says a penalty removal expert will not only get rid of the problem, but also help you re-enlist your site and get back the organic traffic.

A more subtle approach to the matter is in working with the current rules and hoping things will not turn against you in the future. This is reasonable since you will compete more favorably in the current organic search pool.

As the prospects of a simple mistake putting your site on Google’s naughty list are real, monitoring every optimization you do on your site will make things easier when you have to do penalty removal.

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