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Child Safety Know-how During Home Renovations

Living in your home throughout a whole renovation can get plenty stressful. It takes a lot of moving around and making sure things are accounted for while also making it as comfortable as possible despite the disruptions. Then there is the concern of safety.

Renovations always come with safety concerns, especially when you have one or more active children who love to run around the house. Children naturally love to explore. Without the proper instructions and precautions, they are sure to wander off into areas they probably shouldn’t be in.

You need to make rules very clear to keep your kids out of trouble. Here is a great way to approach that.

Knowing What Has Changed

You will need to make a number of adjustments when renovations begin. Keep track of these changes and relay them to your kids.

What home items can you not use?

Some appliances and amenities might be unavailable during your reconstruction, which means that you should be prepared for any inconveniences. This way, you and your kids can have a game plan ahead of the start of renovations.

For instance, large-scale remodeling may keep your HVAC systems from working like they usually do. Temporary heating rentals can alleviate that stress, but it will still mean changes to your daily routine.

Give them a rundown of which of your stuff is and is not functional for the time being. Then, instruct older kids on using whatever tools you have brought in to respond to the lack of those items. When they are informed, it discourages them from poking around unfamiliar things they find.

Which places can you not access?

Since you won’t be able to use some amenities and areas in your home, you will need to compensate for whatever is missing. For this part, coordinate with your contractors to set up alternative passageways, temporary living spaces, and other necessities while your renovations are underway.

Physical barriers can deter kids from going into areas that are under repair. You can also lock certain rooms to keep them from accidentally entering these places. Designate areas to be your makeshift kitchens, dining rooms, and offices, and make sure kids know where to find what they usually need from these parts of the house, such as their snacks or school supplies.

Note These Safety Hazards for Kids

Renovations will also entail some health and safety risks for your kids. Take note of these to avoid injuries and illnesses.

There will be a lot of dust

The chaos of reconstructing certain parts of your house will also mean more dust particles in the air. This can aggravate dust allergies and asthma in your kids. To prevent dust buildup, you need to do frequent cleaning in the house.

When no work is happening in certain areas, clean up by wiping surfaces and vacuuming affected spaces. It is best to do this as often as you can. You should also seal off your vents to keep dust from getting into them and circulating further into the other parts of the house.

Builders will have power tools

Kids are naturally curious people. If they see something new, they will want to check it out. This is usually a good thing, but it is a recipe for disaster for power tools lying around construction areas. Instruct contractors to keep power tools in their proper storage when not in use to avoid accidents. Tell them to turn off, unplug, and even remove batteries from equipment.

Waste materials can be a safety hazard

As your contractors break down and build up different parts of your home, they will also leave behind various scraps and debris. These, too, entail some safety risks for your kids.

For example, the trash produced from a day’s work could include sharp pieces of glass and nails, which can cause cuts that easily get infected. Keeping unused wood lying around can also cause splinters.

Another thing to be careful about is the possible presence of toxic chemicals in the waste from your renovations. These could make your kids sick if inhaled or ingested. Avoid these issues by ensuring that waste is placed in the right containers and in an area where children won’t have easy access.

Communicate with Contractors

The best way to make your home as child-friendly as possible during renovations is to speak with contractors about your home situation. When you are on the same page, it will make it easier for you and them to plan well for a safe and worry-free remodeling project.

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