Clinical Negligence: Make Your Claim Run Smoothly

Medical NegligenceWhilst Britain’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, there are times when things still go wrong. Lack of knowledge or experience, as well as poor levels of staffing can contribute to clinical negligence, particularly in underfunded hospitals. If you are unfortunate enough to have been injured as a result of medical negligence, you have a right to compensation.

Law firms like Secure Law Limited say clinical negligence is a complicated area, so it is important to seek the help of a lawyer with an experience in this field. The medical practitioner or hospital will surely hire an experienced lawyer, so it is best that you get the same level of advice. It is also important to act immediately and take a few steps to make your claim run smoothly.

Record and Write Everything

Write down the things or recollection of events surrounding your injury and treatment. Your record of events will serve as evidence and help prepare your witness statement. Make sure to ask family and friends about their important memories of events and write those down, too.

Don’t forget to record the effects of your injury and how it affects your ability to do daily tasks. It is best to keep a diary or journal of the things you need help with on a daily basis, or ask the person who provides help to keep a record of what they do. This person could be your personal nurse or medical care provider.

Inform Your Legal Provider

Keep your solicitor aware of all the changes in your medical treatment and on-going health. It is also a good idea to keep them informed about the changes in your financial circumstances, as this can affect how you claim your compensation.

Preserve All Documents

Keep all documents safe even if you think that they may not be in your favour. This is because they might be necessary to show to the defendant during the course of the claim. Documents also include other important materials stored on computers and electronic devices. Don’t forget to keep records of receipts and other additional expenses that may arise because of your injury.

Clinical negligence is a complex matter, so you need legal help to make your claim successful. Writing a recollection of events and preserving significant documents are also important to help it run smoothly.

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