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A Couple’s Guide to Post-Engagement Plans

“YES!” was probably your answer to your partner’s proposal and now you are so elated and overwhelmed at the same time about this big event. It is understandable because this may be a dream come true to many individuals out there but it is also important to think about your next steps and execute them strategically to make the most of your engagement. Here are some tips that should help you to plan the days and weeks following your partner’s proposal.

Enjoy and Celebrate

The first and most obvious thing to do after getting engaged is celebrating. As you have given your blessing to your partner’s intention of marrying you, the day (and the ones following it) should be cherished as a milestone in your relationship. And as with any milestone, you both deserve to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime commitment.

Most newly engaged couples share those first moments in an intimate dinner. With just the two of them, they can enjoy each other’s company in private without feeling the pressure of the pre-wedding plans that have to be done in the near future. Some couples will organize small get-togethers with their closest family and friends before breaking the news to everyone else.

It can be beneficial for you if you keep everything small in the beginning so that you can truly savor that moment. Remember to take many photos while celebrating as these will become good memories to look back on someday.

Tell Your Closest Family and Friends

If you haven’t already, you should tell your closest friends and family about the engagement. This step should be done only when you and your partner are both ready to share this intimate news with others. The first few people that you tell about your engagement should be some of the most important people in your life who you think deserve to hear about it first.

There are many ways to break the news to these loved ones. But telling them in person or through real-time calls instead of just through text or email will make it more special both to you and to them. Your official statement of getting engaged may come later once you’ve decided as a couple to let the news out.

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Ready the Ring

The ring should also be given some love during the first few days after the engagement. If the fit is not perfect for your ring finger, you can consider having it resized. It is necessary to make this adjustment early in the process so that you can wear it well and keep it on you for longer. Whether you have a gorgeous diamond engagement ring or another kind of statement ring, it probably costs a fortune so you should take precautions and have it ensured. This will help you when your ring gets lost or damaged.

Post a Ring Photo

Taking a picture of you wearing your engagement ring is very popular in this age of social media. As a way of telling the world that you promised yourself to someone, your ring photo can reach all of your online friends in just a couple of minutes. Preparing this social media post about your engagement can start with self-pampering that includes a manicure for that photo-ready hand modeling. Some rely on their own photography skills to capture their ring but some go as far as having a professional shoot for the couple themselves.

But if posting a flashy ring on social media is not your style, you don’t have to feel pressured just because everyone is doing it. Announcing your engagement can be done in much simpler ways and told to fewer people if you put a lot of value in your privacy.

Take a Break and Think

After doing the previous steps, you should take a break and try to calm things down a little. Because of much celebration, most couples feel like they immediately have to start planning for a wedding right after telling the world that they are engaged. But this is all up to the two of you, depending on when you are both ready to prepare for your new lives. You can opt to rest for a moment and savor your engagement for as long as you want.

Good communication between you and your partner will help you decide on what to do next and when to implement them. But once you feel like you are ready, you can start getting inspired by your partner about making decisions for your wedding.

This next step in your life can be enjoyable and long-lasting if you carefully plan things ahead of time. Having deep conversations with your partner during this stage is crucial for your new lives as this will also be your best way of connecting with each other once you officially tie the knot.

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