Crucial Questions to Ask the Pest Control Company Before Treatment

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Is there damage to the woodworks? Are cables always nibbled on? If you’re a first-time homeowner, some signs indicating the presence of pests might not be so visible. Therefore, the first time you sense their company in your property, contact a pest control company for a timely rodent or termite inspection for your Virginia Beach house right away.

If they confirm your suspicions, what then? Pest control isn’t as straightforward as many would imagine. Read on to know what you should clarify once pest control arrives at your location.

Will pests be exterminated for good?

Even after treatment and maintaining proper hygiene, pests can still return. There is a couple of reason that may explain this.

The first and more obvious is the pest control company’s competency. If they aren’t good enough in tracking down the pests, there’s a good chance they’ll come back.

The second is a particular pest’s resistance. There have been cases of bedbugs resurging even after treatment due to being resistant even to the most potent chemicals. Thus, you have to stay vigilant.

How long will the procedure take?

Just inspecting your home can take the entire day. But it’s nonetheless necessary because pest control procedures, such as yard assessment, moisture inspection, and entry point examination, tell you what you’re specifically up against.

Then, if your property needs to be fumigated or be treated with a chemical, that takes up about three days to accomplish. Then, it’s about a week for the toxic components to disperse. Plan your temporary quarters.

Which parts of the house get treated?

Even if the pest problem is centered around a specific area of the house, it’s safe to say that pest control treatment will likely comprise your entire property.

That means you have to protect every single possession that might come in contact with the chemical. That includes clothes, furniture, kitchen cutleries and cookware, plants, your bathroom tools, and even your pet’s litter box. Store whatever is small enough to be stored in boxes, and unplug any appliances.

Should I notify my neighbors about it?

It’s a common cause of alarm when neighbors see a fumigation tent around your property, so you might need to tell them this ahead of time to quell their worries.

It should be noted, though, that pest control treatments are meant to exterminate the problem at their source, meaning neighbors shouldn’t worry about pests infesting their property afterward. However, you should communicate the same sense of vigilance to them, as these pests still have to come from somewhere.

Pest control worker

Do I need to do anything afterward?

Exterminators cannot stress the importance of follow-through enough. However, that doesn’t mean you should DIY all counteractive measures from now on. Stay in touch with your pest control treatment provider should any similar problems come back.

Aside from keeping contact and staying on schedule, following through means inhibiting all possible sources of re-infestation. That includes leaking pipes or uncouth kitchen conditions. Install weatherstrip at all entry points, and keep your yard clean at all times.

Sometimes, recurrent pest control treatment is required to eradicate pests like rodents and cockroaches. Don’t be disheartened—always act with foresight and consult with pest control companies even before the problem arises.

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