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Dear New Moms, Please Don’t Overwork Yourself And Go Catch A Break!

Parenting is tough, and that goes double for new mothers who work around the clock to keep their babies cared for and attended to, from breastfeeding to changing diapers and even making sure they fall asleep soundly every nap time. In fact, many would most probably agree that motherhood is one of, if not the most, difficult jobs on the planet, given the fact that you’re caring for a little child’s life and holding their hand through every new discovery they make each day.

However, one deeply concerning issue is that many new mothers overburden themselves with work and responsibilities, surrounding themselves in an environment with unnecessary and copious amounts of stress. And so, today, we want to put a stop to this self-destructive trend that’s been plaguing new mothers for quite a while now and to teach new moms why and how they can lessen the load of their day-to-day chores and responsibilities.

Too Much Work-Related Stress Will Only Backfire

Of course, there’s no denying that stress is but a natural side-effect that comes with motherhood, and you’ll find plenty of evidence across the internet and experiences of other mothers that you should be resilient. However, overburdening yourself with too much work-related stress is an entirely different behemoth to handle and, in this case, will only backfire on you no matter how you look at it.

  • Clouds Your Mind With Negative Thoughts: Although there are good forms of stress that come from voluntarily pushing yourself to test your limits, there’s also the direct opposite which only works to cloud your mind with negativity. And instead of making sweet and a lifetime’s worth of memories as a new mom, you end up remembering only the bad stuff that will only fester and get worse.
  • Puts Your Mental Health & Well-Being At Risk: Amid this Covid-19 global pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly important that we value our mental health, and when we override this importance through too much work-related stress, it ends up compromising our overall well-being. In a time when we must learn to be kinder to ourselves, the stress this places on new mothers only sets them up for constant doubt and building a regretful temperament.

Here’s What You Can Do To Start Relaxing

mother and baby

Therefore, given all those reasons above, it’s important that any mother would do away with too much stress and give themselves at least one good break from all of their responsibilities now and then. And to help identify some areas in your life that could provide you the reassurance of relaxation, here are some excellent activities to start implementing into your life as a new mother.

#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Ask And Look For Help When Possible

Firstly, don’t try to carry all the weight of being a parent and mother all by yourself alone because it’s perfectly normal and rational to ask and look for help when possible. For example, any cleaning chores can and should be delegated to someone else, whether it’s your romantic partner or hiring cleaning services whenever you have a tad bit too much on your plate. Sure, being capable of multi-tasking is certainly a must-have skill for any mother, but it’s also very taxing on the body and something you should only use when necessary.

#2 Never Slack On Your Sleep Schedule

Secondly, we know how tempting it can be to crunch a few more hours at the dead of night once you’ve gotten your baby to sleep, but understand that you need sleep just as much as your newborn child. Sleep is what keeps us strong, healthy, and ready for the day ahead, and the last thing you want happening is having to go through the same routine of chores with less energy than the day before. So, we recommend sneaking in a couple of naps here and there, preferably syncing up your sleep schedule with your baby to help keep things more optimal.

#3 Give Yourself An Honest Reset Every Week

Lastly, don’t forget to indulge in some self-care at the end of every week and give yourself that honest reset to work back all the stress you’ve accumulated over the past seven days. Remember, any effective women’s healthcare program would always tell you to value self-care, and that goes extra for new moms who are still navigating through the stress of caring for their children. So, don’t deprive yourself of massages and some personal time for your hobbies whenever you get the chance.

Motherhood Should Be Exciting, Not Stressful

In conclusion, motherhood should be an exciting journey, and the stress that comes with it should never override the memories you’ll be making along the way. Remember, you only get to become a new mom once, so don’t go wasting this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by overworking yourself to the bone!

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