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Kitchen Décor: Getting Practical Decorative Pieces

The kitchen is the heart of your home. No matter how big or small your house is, it’s incomplete without a kitchen. It’s not only meant for cooking but for healthy conversations too. You chat with your partner while making coffee or think about life while getting a midnight snack. Therefore, you must make the kitchen beautiful.

Kitchen decor is not about bringing the most expensive decorative items that are just for show. A kitchen is a place of work so most things must have a purpose. Top interior designers agree that kitchen design requires commitment and intricacy. If you have a good sense of design and color, you’ll find these items easily. If not, here are a few tips and items to make your kitchen neat and pretty forever.

Keeping the kitchen clean and minimalistic

The cleanliness of the whole kitchen depends on your countertop. It is the center of your kitchen. It’s crucial to pick the right one for yourself. The perfect one would be minimal, not too bold, and right in your budget. A countertop made of granite works for most people. It’s strong and easy to clean.

Now that you know how beautiful minimal countertops can accentuate the look of your kitchen, it’s time to know what to put on them. Many people put unnecessary stuff on them like plates, sauce bottles, pans, or other items that they don’t use that often. This is the biggest mistake one can make with kitchen decor. It makes your kitchen look cluttered and messy.

Here are a few items to consider :

  • Pedestal Bowl

On your countertop, you must only put things that you use on a daily basis. A pedestal bowl not only serves as a beautiful item but also a useful one. You can keep your fruits and vegetables on it which brings out beautiful colors in your kitchen. It looks blissful. Pedestal bowls can be wooden, glass, or classic china. Choose one that goes well with your aesthetic.

  • Cutting Boards

If you’re in the kitchen, you’ll have to cut vegetables. It only makes sense that you keep a cutting board on your countertop. And no, not the boring ones. Cutting boards come in different materials, colors and shapes. There are the classic rectangle ones, circular, or tray style.

They are great when it comes to functionality as you can pull one out in an instant. If you look a bit harder, you’ll find the ones that you can use for serving purposes too. It’s a total win-win. People use cutting boards to hide outlets as they spoil the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. You can do that too.

  • Matching bottles for dish soaps

It’s common to have cleaning supplies like dishwashers and scrubbers, laying behind the sink. They look out of place. This spoils the look as they instantly catch the eye of anybody entering the kitchen. What you can do is get some matching bottles from the target and place them on a stone tray. It makes them look put together and clean.

The bottles look like they belong in your kitchen. You can use recycled glass bottles too as they’re environmentally friendly and they look chic. Some of these glass bottles are also mold-resistant, which is amazing as the space around the sink is not always dry.

  • Live plants 

girl with a cat staring at the window surrounded with plants

Plants are the kings of useful decorative pieces that’s why they’re the most popular decor pieces amongst many. If you don’t know much about a home or kitchen decor, just put in some plants. They add an element of freshness and liveliness to the surroundings. Flowering plants work even better. Looking at those charms each day and fills you up with positivity.

You can put basil, lemongrass, rosemary, oregano, or any herb that you use often. Imagine making tea in the morning and cutting the freshest lemongrass from that little plant to add in. Your tea never tasted better. There’s something about plants that brings happiness.

Mistakes to avoid while decorating your kitchen

  • Don’t overindulge in decorative pieces and leave spaces to walk around, especially in front of refrigerators and stoves.
  • Decide where you’re going to place electronics beforehand. This allows you to plan outlets and other equipment that you’ll keep in the preparation area.
  • Create a pantry cabinet close to your cooking space. It just makes sense as you can grab food and crockery whenever you want.
  • Keep your lifestyle in mind before choosing anything for the kitchen. For instance, if you have toddlers in your home, it’s best to cut down on glass decor. It may look fancy but it’s not practical in this case.

These were some tips and items that fit well in any modern kitchen. You decide on style and type according to your budget. These items look great and also make your daily life much easier. If you incorporate all these tips in your kitchen decor, your kitchen items will always be in place. This saves both your time and effort. Now, get ready for compliments on your design sense as you’ll be getting many of them.

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