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Dental Practice Management Hacks: Three Things to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Insurance

Dental InsuranceJoining a PPO network can help you increase referrals, as the insurance provider would direct patients looking for dental services to practitioners in their network. You can always use apps to streamline the management of your dental practice, but there are things that you just have to take care of yourself – one of which is the insurance reimbursement process.

When it comes to insurance reimbursement, you’re likely to encounter certain issues. Some dentists even need to write off certain items because the reimbursement schedule from the provider doesn’t match the data sheet they use for their office.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you negotiate dental fees and deal with insurance providers:

1. You won’t lose anything by asking.

Many providers include a no-negotiations clause in their policies—you’d be surprised to know that some insurance companies are willing to work with you. Some companies also allow negotiations every two years.

Despite having a negotiating power, keep in mind that insurance companies are still running a business and profit is still their main agenda. Be realistic with the terms. Don’t make unreasonable demands or rile the other party, especially if you wish for your practice to remain in business.

2. Double-check the bills.

The claims process shouldn’t end with you handing the bill to your patient. Sometimes, Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs) have inaccuracies, so you should compare the bill with the EOB. Check if the insurance company bundled charges accurately. If you find discrepancies, contact the insurance provider right away.

3. Get help from experts.

You might not have the time to do insurance market analysis, especially if you’re running a busy practice. You may research on your own to determine the best plans available. If you need tailored solutions, consult experts who can help you negotiate dental fees. Multiple insurance providers may send different offers, so you need to be thorough with the PPO plans.

The secret to a hassle-free reimbursement process is open communication. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when it comes to maximizing your insurance reimbursement.

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