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Easy Tips for a Successful Baby Shower

Baby ShowerThrowing a baby shower for a mum-to-be friend can be very taxing. With all the planning, arrangements and gift-buying, you can definitely run out of time and ideas, and cram days before the big day.

The traditional baby-welcoming ceremonies, notoriously known as a female-bonding ritual, entail labour tales, child rearing tips and gift giving. The more modern celebrations now include the would-be-dads and other male friends. In general, these are avenues to pass tips on making motherhood less stressful than it already is.

Here are some tips that make the preparations more practical and less nerve-wracking:

Find Cool Baby Shower Venues

Add more fun to the celebration by taking the party to your favourite girls’ hang-out. Reserve a venue that can accommodate the number of guests invited. The Fiddler, for example, offers spaces for social functions and may be asked to provide baby shower customised services and menu.

Innovate in the Activities Department

Activities can get creative during baby shower without costing too much or require too many preps. One nice game includes asking your guests to bring their baby pictures and, later on, gather these and have each other guess who it was. Another is to have the guests guess the pregnant mom’s waistline and have them cut their yarn to this length. The mum wraps the yarn around her belly and whoever has the least dangling spare yarn wins.

Grab a Smart Gift

Onesies, bibs and burp cloths are out-dated. Browse some genius gift ideas that will not only make for a good fun topic, but will also be useful for the parents. Some of these baby shower gifts could be a crying baby analyser, a vest with an attachment for a bottle or a stroller smartphone holder.

Throwing a successful baby shower is both fun and rewarding. The right preparation coupled with due diligence will make the event very memorable and less stressful.

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